January 16th, 2016

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 7-1 Meet the New Boss

As with Season 6, this season tends to be controversial.  The season is divided between Sam's mental health and the Leviathans, and maybe they were working with too much at once.  But I like both archs and wish we could have concentrated on them separately.  Sam fighting a battle within himself was very nice to see.   I also really liked the Leviathans.  Those big mouths  were horrible and very well made considering the small budget SPN is always talking about.  I was reminded of them recently in a Japanese anime and movie "Kiseiju" or Parasyte, the anime of which I also enjoyed watching with my son. But, the computer graphics for the live action movie is not half as good as the Leviathons on SPN in my opinion.

Before we can start on the Leviathans, however, we have to get rid of the previous (or present) big bad - which is Cas.  Boy is he a dick this ep!  It's truely hard to watch him in the first few scenes.  And yet I rated this episode as "great" because I'm starting to think that the scenes that make me cringe are actually some of the best acted/written scenes in the episode.

So, let's just get this over with get started.
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