December 4th, 2015

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 6-21 Let It Bleed

We are nearing the end of the Season and things are really heating up and getting exciting!  We have two stories going on this episode related of course to eachother, but then also completely unrelated.  Cas and Crowley are getting pretty close to figuring out how to open the gate of Purgatory and they don't want the boys to be stopping them so Crowley decides he's going to capture Lisa and Ben as insurance. Dean is completely done in by Lisa and Ben put in danger - blaming himself for even spending that one year with them.  He has to find them and rescue them if it kills him, and Sam won't let him do it alone.  He is with his brother all the way to try to get the two back.  BUT, they can't let Crowley and Cas get ahead of them either, so Bobby is left in charge of figuring out what they need to open the gate and try to stop them.So this ep, we have Sam and Dean trying to get Lisa and Ben back, while Bobby chases after Cas and surprise of surprises, finds out that an old friend is actually a Purgatory resident who escaped through the hole that Lovecraft made those many years ago.  This revelation leads to some events in the next episode, but the most painful this episode is Dean's decision at the end.
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