October 17th, 2015

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 6-15 The French Mistake


Truthfully, I didn't think the episode had much meaning at all when I first went into this review - just a funny episode full of inside jokes.  Fun to watch but boring to write about.

I did scrounge up a couple of serious points as I went - one obviously to do with the theme from last episode - the burden that the boys carry and the horrible things they have been through.  What if they didn't have to push it down and bury it all any more.  What if there was an out?  Would they take it?

Another, I guess, is to do with how the war is going upstairs.  How Cas has all the weapons of heaven at his disposal at the end of the episode, and how Balthazar's words will come true as only we as rewatchers know.

The multiple universe/realities aspect of this episode, and how that might relate to time travel in Supernatural are quite interesting as well.   The idea is  that there are many universes - some universes within others - like in the Dark Tower series by Steven King or even Horton the Elephant: both with the interesting idea of a world inside one little flower.

SupernaturalWiki explains how the episode was named after a scene of Blazing Saddles, when the main characters break through a window and find themselves in the "real world" - the actual set of the musical in which the song, The French Mistake is being performed. Characters of a story finding out that they are actually characters in a story is called "breaking the fourth wall" which is what they literally do in both shows.

Of course, the real world as portrayed in the show is not really real either - many of the people played by different actors, and all are different from the actual people in some way. It's just another universe within the "writers' brain."  If you think of it that way, the future in The End can also be considered an alternate future/ending imagined by the writer.  (In which case... there is no reason to puzzle over whether or not it is possible to change the future.  duh).  Characters with power or the right spell (like angels) then have the ability to jump from one story idea to another, connecting them and kind of making them part of the Supernatural story, like bunches of brain neurons making new passages to connect different parts of the brain :D  *muses*

We also see various references to other shows in this episode. Most notably the Wizard of Oz. If I go into those, I think I will have to write the whole script so I won't. If you get them it's sort of fun, if you don't, you're not really missing anything.

ANYWAY, let's get started.
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