August 14th, 2015

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 6-7 Family Matters

Family Matters.  I've always thought this title meant "things that families deal with."  But now I think it also has the other meaning of "Family is important."   This is another one of those episodes that asks the question: What is family, and it actually (surprisingly) has a bit in common with Weedend at Bobby's.  Sam, soulless as he is, can only view family from the physical perspective.  He looks on Samuel as family because he is blood.  But he also has his old memory and the teaching that his dad ingrained in him -   Family matters.  Family is trustworthy.  Family members are the only people you trust.  Because they are the only people you can count on.  As we see in Weekend at Bobby's and in a future episode, Soulless Sam also understands that people can be family without being blood related.  He views Bobby as family and as his second father.  BUT, he doesn't realize that blood doesn't always mean family  - that family which you can trust and count on as taught by dad.  That is what Dean ends up teaching Sam and reminding the viewer in this episode.  So it is a continuation of Weekend at Bobby's in that sense. But there is actually another underlying story of Cas here, which can really only be caught on a rewatch unless you are very perceptive.  Cas, like Bobby, is keeping his problems and "family matters" a secret from Dean (and Sam) and trying to deal with them himself, choosing to work with Crowley instead.  We have heard him give hints to Dean of how much "shit" he's in (just like Bobby did) but Dean (as in Weekend at Bobby's) doesn't take these very seriously because he is so wrapped up in his own problems and I'm sorry to say still seems to think that the world revolves around him and Sam.

Other than that, this episode is where Dean finds out the truth about quite a lot of things.  Sam, he finds out, is soulless.  Samuel is Crowley's bitch (although he still doesn't know what strings Crowley is pulling) and is searching for Purgatory, and that Crowley had been protecting his investment through Christian's demon possession. We all knew there was something about Christian, right?  The monster plot itself is not that strong and it is not an episode I am overly excited about it but it is definitely important.

I'll try to make this short.
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