July 11th, 2015

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 6-2 Two and a Half Men

AAAAAHHHH!!!! DAMN LJ! What do you mean OUTAGE?!!
I'm sorry to anyone who saw my unfinished, uncut post on their feed. I was completely helpless for 30 minutes. Did everyone else have an "outage" while I did? What exactly happened??! I think it's ok now...?

I'll have to say that the title of this episode is pretty easy to remember - at least if I hear it, I remember exactly what the episode is about because of the movie it is named after. I rated this one a bit lower at "Good" because I don't like the Campbell/alpha monster hunt bit as much as other monster eps. I'll have to say also that there are a few scenes that are tough to watch - basically Dean's struggle as he tries to protect the people he has put in danger, and also Dean's show of distrust in the Campbells and in (Soulless) Sam. Maybe on later rewatches or even just after talking about it with you these scenes will make this episode "great" or even "awesome" to me. Let's wait and see :D Most importantly, there are quite a few scenes I really enjoy and look forward to watching so the episode will never go below a "good" for me.

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