June 12th, 2015

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 5-21 Two Minutes to Midnight

The second to last episode of the season and things are really heating up! This episode is so packed full it almost seems that it could be made in to at least 3 episodes. It's not often we get two monsters in one ep. I'd have to agree with Pestilence that despite how gross things seem to be around him, it is not pestilence itself that is disgusting. He is a very interesting monster. And then Death. How amazing IS he?! Dean in awe - it is not something we often see. This episode is also interesting in that every single member of Team Free Will gets the spotlight. Cas stops Pestilence and saves the boys, Sam shows how courageous he is to Bobby in their raid of the pharmaceutical company and convinces Bobby that if anyone can do it, he can, Bobby makes a deal with Crowley to help the boys and gets the use of his legs back, and Dean of course has his scene with Death. Now that I've pretty much summarized the whole ep... let's get started!

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