May 30th, 2015

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 5-19 Hammer of the Gods

So, Hammer of the Gods, which I have found is not everyman's favorite.  I'm curious though.  Is there anyone who loves Gabriel... but doesn't like this episode? I have a theory that opinion is divided between Gabriel lovers and non-Gabriel lovers, because really, he's the most important character of this episode besides Sam and Dean.  He dies the hero's death, one of the few angels to profess to being on our side (and what a speech!) killed by his own brother Lucifer.  Of course there is always the possibility he is not dead, that he won that one against Lucifer and is just in hiding again.  We got mixed messages on this in Season 9 so it is still possible.  Another thing I  enjoy about the episode is that it shows us how "lesser" (or as they would insist) "older" gods might feel about the Judeo-Christian apocalypse and how possibly they might react with their godly self-righteous wrath. They are shown as being just as stuck up as the angels and just as stubborn as humans.  An interesting combination.  Except for their tendancy to eat people, I find them quite adorable :P

Sam and Dean? Well, they are caught in the middle, trying to get out in one piece but also considering the possibility that the gods might be able to help them gank Lucifer.  It is fun how they go from plan to plan as each one goes to pot and most importantly, they find out how to at least contain Lucifer at the end, making this a very very important episode.

So let's start.
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