May 9th, 2015

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 5-16 Dark Side of the Moon

It's Friday again, and I have the house to myself for the morning/afternoon to write quietly so hopefully I'll get this done early and have time to actually reread it properly(not!). Thanks everyone for reading these and for your comments. I know I sometimes do an awful job of it. This episode is very special to me and I will do my best to tell you why.

The main outcome of the episode is that Dean's insecurities of old resurface and discourage him so much that, finding a dead end in the search for God, he gives up completely, while Sam actually has a chance to see things a bit more from Dean's perspective which, in combination with the warning by Joshua, helps him deal with Dean and help turn him around in future episodes.

There is an underlying theme here about normal life as well, and how Dean tried to provide it for his own family, while Sam looked for it elsewhere because he had grown up without having experienced a mother's love at all. We see a bit of longing by Sam for what Dean had had.

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