April 5th, 2015

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 5-11 Sam, Interrupted

First of all, thank you so much, you wonderful people who noticed this post wasn't up at it's usual time and took the time to send me a note. Writing this post has been my one constant for almost two years and I felt like banging my head against the wall when I could not finish on time, but there was stuff happening in RL that took up all of my time and energy and I could not. It was a wonderful thing to find that there were other people that cared and missed the post. I promise, I intend to do these posts until the show is over (may it never end). I owe a special thank you to wind_storms for being there.  I would have been a wreck without you.

I've always liked this episode but there are several things I noticed this time around that I hadn't really thought about much before. The first I found out while I was getting screencaps. This episode has loads of dialogue. Which means lots of closeups on the boys faces.  The setting is always the same. Hospital grey/white and blue gowns except for in the very beginning and there is really not much action at all. It takes a lot more effort to make an episode like that interesting, but they pull it off. Another thing about this ep is it's similarity to Folsom Prison Blues not only because of them both being in an institution where they have to go out of their way to be admitted, but the hunts are on the request of people in the institutions. Folsom, on the request of a guard, and here, on the request of an "inmate" but both who had somehow saved John's life and whom Sam or Dean thinks they are obligated to help. It is also a rare episode in that both Sam and Dean are affected by the venom and we are able to have a taste of the hidden fears/issues of both Sam and Dean. I'm really looking forward to delving into it all!
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