March 27th, 2015

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 5-10 Abandon All Hope...

I thought I had a meeting to go to so I started this early - then found out I didn't have to go after all, so you know, a ton of gifs :P  Recently, everytime I switch from visual to HTML editor, LJ has been erasing all my gif links to the bigger versions. I think I've finally found a way to link them properly :) I really hate this new scrapbook system by the way (GRRRRR)

This is probably the second saddest episode next to Swan Song in Season 5.  It seems that way at this point anyway.  I have many feelings for Ellen and Jo.  Ellen as a mother who didn't want to see her daughter go into the life that her husband died for, who found that if she couldn't stop it it was better to accept it and be with her daughter than not accept and lose her forever, a mother who, in the end, accepts her daughter's decision to give up her life to save others and decides that she would rather be with her till the end than survive without her *cry* and Jo - the girl with the crush on a guy who would only look on her as a sister (well until today anyway), as a daughter who was constantly fighting to get her mom to see that she was an adult and would make her own decisions - sort of like Dean and Sam with John - and as a hunter with the courage to sacrifice her life for the cause and do what she could to help Sam and Dean defeat Lucifer.  Unfortunately, their deaths do not save the world from Lucifer - only save Sam and Dean once again, building on the guilt piling up within Dean as we see in a future episode.

Then there is Cas - caught in a circle of holy fire by Lucifer and tempted to Lucifer's side, staying strong and loyal to Sam and Dean - as expected. We can't forget his interaction with Meg either.  Is this the first time they meet?  Sam also has another talk with Lucifer, in which Lucifer says something very reminicent of The End.  We meet Crowley for the first time and of course DEATH makes his appearance... to Lucifer :P and makes us look forward to future eps!

So let's get started.

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