March 20th, 2015

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 5-9 The Real Ghostbusters

I'm starting this early because I have a graduation ceremony to go to on Friday. Hopefully I get enough done to finish in time. Three things I especially enjoyed about this ep. First, the fact that the fans were able to help Dean appreciate the life he had and give him a moment of peace, second, that it is the fans that save the day(as with a recent episode), and thirdly the MoTW itself. The whole episode, including the various convention stuff, was light-hearted and yet thoughtful. A good combination.

The fact that the convention participants in this ep are almost all male is often remarked upon. I don't know what the reason for this was, and I haven't found any interview or explanation by Kripke on this fact but I was curious so first, I did some research on how many actual conventions had already been held at this point. Supernatural's first convention with it's stars present was in May of 2007, in London (Asylum 1) although there seem to have been conventions held by fans before that according to SuperWiki. The ep itself was filmed right before Salute to Supernatural Chicago 2009. I also found out that Jensen was asked about fan fiction in the first convention and knew about "Wincest" already at that time (Kim Manners had told Jensen and Jared). Jensen also mentioned at Asylum 1 that Kripke's gay references stem from this knowledge and are made to show how ridiculous the idea is. (Thank you stir_of_echoes for your report ;) ) We do know from the recent ep though that the writers/Sam&Dean have given fans their blessing in the writing of whatever fan fiction created from our various imaginations and I think in a way this ep is trying to say something similar as well.

OK! Let's get started!

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