January 30th, 2015

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 5-2 Good God Y'All!

I think this is my favorite horseman episode among the three besides Death himself :P And come to think of it, I guess that is how it should be. I mean, who loves pestilence or plague, right? They are not only awful on the inside, they look awful too. The thing about war is, it is romantic - it looks cool on the outside because of the reasons we put to it. Freedom, prosperity, revenge... It is only the people who experience it first hand that know that whatever side you are on, war is just a living hell. War, in this episode, drives a red mustang and gives people a purpose - killing the evil that hides among them. But in actuality, what they think is evil, is not. It is their family, their friends... just human beings like them.

I've had lots of chances to think about war and terrorism this past week or two, with the stuff in France and the two Japanese civilians being taken hostage by the ISIS so, this episode is making a lot more sense to me than it ever did before. It never changes. It never ends does it. I wish we could go to all those crazed people and shake some sense into them. "It's WAR! The horseman! You are HALLUCINATING!" OK. *deep breath* Sorry. Let's get started.

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