January 23rd, 2015

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 5-1 Sympathy for the Devil

It's Friday again, and I'm finally ready to do this. (Way too many gifs this time around guys...) Yay on starting Season 5. There is a whole bunch of heartache coming our way (as usual...). Looking forward to some awesome episodes and the finale to the main story line of our series. It never gets better than this. So we start with an episode that finds Sam dealing with the consequences of his choice (which is where the major heartache comes in) the introduction of Dean's role in the fight between Michael and the obvious (from a rewatch point of view) secrecy of the angels regarding Sam's role, and last but not least the introduction of Lucifer. Boy oh boy, there is so much going on here and the FEELS!! Bobby, Dean, and SAM... especially Dean and Sam.
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