December 26th, 2014

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 4-20 The Rapture

This episode is not particularly one of my favorites but it is an important episode - firstly because we find out for the first time that the demon blood is addictive and after being drained by the ghouls Sam is going into withdrawl. We see Sam actually craving the blood and his rational mind suffering for it. Secondly is the change in Castiel after he was rewired. It plays a vital part in how Dean and Sam are pretty much forced to the paths the angels (and demons) want them to go down. We also find out more about angel possession, Jimmy Novak the person, and his family. And actually, this turns into an interesting parallel with Sam and Dean and the importance of family. So it wasn't really an emotional episode but a very thoughtful one.

Oh, also just a "quick" note on the title... As far as I know, it is based on the movie of the same name. The explanation in Wiki doesn't really make me think of this ep except for that it's about the end of the world, so I'm not sure why it was chosen. If anyone's seen the movie and has some thoughts, please share!

Supernatural Wiki is out again so I've written this while actually rewatching the episode (again) to get the necessary quotes.

Let's begin!
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