December 6th, 2014

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 4-17 It's a Terrible Life

So let's get started on this before I get swamped by RL. This episode is to On the Head of a Pin as In My Time Of Dying is to Devil's Trap, or Lazarus Rising is to No Rest for the Wicked. I just have to watch the one after the other because otherwise it's just too painful and unfinished and basically leaves a hole where my heart was. This episode is also one of my most memorable - if not most favorite - episodes of Season 4 because it's what made me remember the show and go search for it two and a half years ago. One thing I can say from this rewatch... there is something about watching the boys rediscover hunting while experiencing a version of normal life that is really refreshing as well as thought provoking, and boy, is it fun!

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