October 31st, 2014

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 4-12 Criss Angel Is a Douchebag

Another week, another episode.  This is not an episode I remember with fondness. Maybe because the story is not as exciting as others - it is in a way similar to our last episode - but maybe also because I subconsciously remember the pain and heartache involved.  There is way too much of that this ep. But when I do rewatch it, I appreciate it and am glad I did.  I see two major themes addressed here.  The first is the question of what is right and wrong?  What's more important, not letting your brother down, or saving people you might not even know?  The second theme is Sam and Dean's different ways of looking at life - their goal oriented and process oriented views of life can be seen quite clearly and influences Sam in his important decision at the end of the episode.

So let's get started!

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