October 18th, 2014

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 4-10 Heaven and Hell

I'm back everyone! and it's time for my review of Heaven and Hell.   One of my all- time favorites and, as I mentioned last episode, what I like to think of as part two of a two part episode along with IKWYDLS.  We've got lots of comparisons with the last episode.  While Sam tells Dean most of what went on while Dean was gone in our last episode, Dean also finally confesses all that he has been keeping from Sam in this on.  While Sam has a couple of hot moments with Ruby last ep, so we have hot moments between Dean and Anna here.  Sam with demon Ruby and Dean with angel Anna.  And, we also get a battle between angel and demon, which turns out to be disturbing and prophetic.

OK, here we go. (As usual, all pic and gifs are linked to larger versions ;) )

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