October 10th, 2014

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 4-9 I Know What You Did Last Summer

Here I am with a  review of our next episode ... and this title is way too long to be writing over and over like this... I Know What You Did Last Summer.  There.

Awesome episode and what I like to think of as the first part of Heaven and Hell (they should have just made the title Heaven and Hell Part I, and we wouldn't have so much trouble).  Finally we find out - not all, not the most important bit, but - most of what has been going on with Sam while Dean was gone and why he is buddy-buddy with Ruby.  Plus we get our first introduction to our rogue angel, Anna, who probably changed Cas' life forever. The introduction of Anna also gives the viewer the hope that possibly there are rogue demons as well. Maybe Ruby IS different from other demons. Maybe she is a rogue demon? (hahaha....)
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