August 30th, 2014

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 4-3 In the Beginning

There is so much in this episode. So much worry, so much heartache, so much awesomeness as Dean spends some time with his maternal grandparents and his parents. Not to mention time travel is a favorite genre of mine. I've just loved especially going back in time to earlier periods and seeing what life might have been like then as well as enjoying the characters discomfort and various trials from all of a sudden being dumped in a totally different situation than they are used to. Starting with the Japanese anime series Time Bokkan when I was a kid, to Quantam Leap, Back to the Future... anything with time travel in it, I'm definitely lov'in it! So what is there not to love in Dean being able to meet his young mom and dad and his grandparents and try to make a difference? Disappointing of course is that Sam is not there with Dean. Wouldn't he have just loved to be there?! But the Angels have their strategies - very complicated layers of strategies involving Sam, Dean, and even the lower angels like Castiel, and they have their reasons for Dean being on his own. So with the expectancy of seeing Sam more in our next episode I'm just going to sit back and enjoy those gorgeous Dean scenes for now because there are plenty!

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