August 22nd, 2014


Rewatching 4-2 Are You There, God? It's me, Dean Winchester.

Thank you everyone who answered the poll and added your comments! This is the kind of episode that is the most interesting to discuss because there are so many differing views. There are some episodes that the majority LOVE, and there are some that the majority DISLIKE and we get lots of agreement on those. BUT these episodes which have a wide range of opinions? These are the ones where we can find out other interesting views and ENJOY FANDOM! Not only that, but we can get some new insights that we would not have if we hadn't had these discussions! So YAY!

Just a note again for newcomers :  All gifs and pictures are linked to larger versions so if you want to see bigger versions of for example, Dean asking for his pie or Sam swishing past Dean and getting dressed? Just click on the picture ;)
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