August 15th, 2014

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 4-1 Lazarus Rising

Our first episode of Season 4! How exciting is that! I find that every time I finish rewatching Seasons 1 through 3, I'm just dying for the angel/demon story line. The timing for me is just perfect. Just thinking of the many new recurring characters is totally exciting. The premier episode itself is one of the best episodes ever for me, with every scene (as I mentioned before) being just perfect  I was trying to explain to the hubby what I like about this episode. No, it isn't just because the boys are so handsome... although that is a big part of it... it's the awesome choreography, the fast pace, and of course those scenes that pull my heartstrings... HUGS!!! Another exciting aspect is the boys acting separately with their various secrets and the deception aye?! Which, actually, totally reminds me of the first few episodes of Season 8 which I have a hard time with... huh.  Maybe time will make those episodes just as "thrilling" too.

Anyway, lets get started!

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