August 8th, 2014

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Season 3 REVIEW WEEK - Review Quiz

How much of Season 3 do you remember? How fast can you find out the answers?
You may only post one answer at one time. The fastest one to get the answer wins that round. You may check the rewatch comments for the answers. As with Season 2, if you find a mistake by me - any mistake other than grammer - I will also give you a point for that.

I will only use stuff that is in the comments unless otherwise indicated. AND I will keep posting on and off until I fall asleep Sunday night (Japan time.. so Sunday morning USA time) - depending on people's interest. Whoever gets the most correct answers will get a little present - an icon, banner, a strap from my vacation in Yamagata Japan or virtual gift whichever they prefer.

The first quiz is...

Which episode is this from and what is Dean saying?

rabbit's foot

Season 3 REVIEW WEEK - Review Quiz

Quiz #2

Here's a challenge ...

The below scene was seen in a Season 3 episode as well as an episode in Season 1. Which two episodes are they?

(hint: if you find the season 3 episode, the answer is in my comments of that ep.)
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Season 3 REVIEW WEEK - Review Quiz

Just a reminder

*CHEATING IS ENCOURAGED for ALL QUIZZES!* All the answers are in my comments for the ep and you can use anything you want (google, superwiki, etc.) to get the answer. You can also guess twice or thrice or... as many times as necessary as long as you post them separately.

Quiz #24

In which episode of Season 3 do we hear Women's Wear by Daniel May and where did we hear it previously?