August 5th, 2014

rabbit's foot

Season 3 Review Poll

I'll be back in the land of computers and internet later today! But I've scheduled this entry so it'll catch you at the regular time. The usual final poll of the season.

I'm presently thinking of starting the quizzes/games from Friday, ending by Sunday (or earlier depending on how many people are interested...) and starting our new season on Tuesday next week (I love being regular and I really can't wait for the next episode either:P)

So here we go!

If you need help remembering the ep, here are the links to all the reviews.

The poll was made so you can rate them from 1st(your most favorite) to 16th(your least favorite).
When trying to rate the episodes of Season 1 and 2, I found that I had to decide on common denominators, whether it be just simple enjoyment or emotional involvement. The episodes all have their good parts - I like them all in that sense. But this time around I based my ratings on how much the episode moved me rather than how much "enjoyment" I got from it. Feel free to comment on what you based your rating on as well :)

I am sorry the post becomes rather long when the results are shown. If you have another idea for future polls, I'd love to hear it. So, here we go -

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