July 31st, 2014

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 3-16 No Rest For the Wicked

It's Thursday -- one day earlier than usual -- but time for my recap of No Rest for the Wicked.  Our last episode of Season 3 and one of the most devastating episodes of the whole series. itsnotmymind and I have been discussing "the righteous man" and what that means in the comments for Time is On My Side. The question was... WHY HIM? Why Dean? weren't there other righteous men in hell? I'm presently of the mind that it had to be Michael's Vessel. Just as the last seal had to be broken by Lucifer's vessel. So "THE righteous man" equals "Michael's Vessel." But of course it's not just that. He is still "righteous" in the full sense of the word aye? And Dean's "righteousness" is a key theme in this episode - from the argument between brothers in the beginning (tying in with Dean's decision in TIOMS) to Dean's dying wish at the end *rubs heart*.

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