July 19th, 2014

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 3-14 Long-Distance Call

Here I go again on the review of our next episode of Season 3. Long-Distance Call. We actually only have 2 more episodes after this. WOW. I am planning to do our end-of-season games/quizzes and Season Poll at the end as I always do but I'm still trying to think how and when because I will be up in a cabin with no internet for part of that week. If anyone has some new ideas for the games, let me know! I just thought of something... if we held the games at my comm, I could give posting access and whoever wants could all take turns giving out quizzes, which might be fun... hmmm... I will think about it.

Anyway, this episode is somewhat pale in comparison to some others. I don't know why, except it reminds me A LOT of Houses of the Holy, and if I remember correctly, that episode was one of those that people weren't too excited about too. They are almost exactly the same in that one of the boys is so obsessed with salvation/redemption that he can't see what's right in front of him; the other knows how he feels (and there are some excellent expressions and scenes here in both eps) but insists they have to look at all the facts; and the episode ends with it all being a false hope but they reaffirm that they have each other(again an excellent scene at the end). Collapse )