June 28th, 2014

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 3-11 Mystery Spot

I'm back again for my rewatch review of the week. Thank you all for participating in the poll! I knew that the episode was a favorite but what a turn out! Hugs to all! I am sorry for the delay in posting.  The more gifs I make, the longer it takes to finish and I'm sorry to say I was a bit too greedy this episode.  (And I still didn't get them all... :P)   The icon posting at the comm will be delayed as well.  Pretty much all the pics and gifs are linked to larger versions.

I had a lot of feelings while I watched this episode. So many humorous scenes but all laced with horror and tragic desperation and PAIN. I felt that keenly this time around as I took note of the changes in Sam's expressions within the episode. It is also interesting to think about the lesson the trickster a.k.a. Gabriel wanted Sam to take away from this hellish experience (and why) , as well as catch a glimpse of what Sam will actually become without his brother. Dean's impending doom looms very heavily on this episode.

Let's get started!
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