June 13th, 2014

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 3-9 Malleus Maleficarum

I'm back again, again... in my attempt to rewrite this post which I erased by mistake. Really. I had more than half done. This week's review is on Malleus Maleficarum which I found out means The Witches Hammer and it is actually a guide book written in the middle ages for how to recognize and deal with witches during the inquisition. Here is a translation if you are interested. If we know any history, we know without even reading that it is full of BS - used to kill of many many many innocent women. But this is Supernatural and in the Supernatural world, BS is real! So this is our first episode of witches or... witch wannabes? But that's not all its about. It is of course going to include a lot of Winchester angst. Especially Sam's.

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