April 19th, 2014

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 3 - 1 The Magnificent Seven

On to an exciting new season! Thank you to everyone who participated in the poll. As I understand it, the common consensus is that the episode definitely has at least some (or more) favorite scenes although it might not be the most dynamic of season premiers. I felt that the most important themes of the episode were the reaction by both Dean and those around him to Dean selling his soul, and of course the possible things they had unleashed on to the world with the opening of the devil's gate(and all the exciting episodes we have waiting for us!!) We know in a rewatch that Dean's flippant attitude and suicidal tendencies come partly from his fear of what is to come. This episode also reminds us of the emptiness Dean had been feeling for all of Season 2, since Dad had died for him and the reason he sold his soul in the first place. To make things right. Sam feels guilty for being the reason for the deal - just as Dean did with dad. He's trying to be extra nice to Dean but Dean's doing his best to frustrate those attempts. There are some correlations with Season 9, so I'd like to go into those as well. It might help us deal with our present season better too aye? Well, let's begin!

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