April 11th, 2014

scene by water

Season 2 REVIEW WEEK - Review Quiz

Lovely Friends, I think I will be ending this one day early because I want to count up the answers before starting to prepare for Season 3 next week and I have an Easter picnic this weekend (yes, I know Easter is really next weekend). But I want to end with a bang so here is my next to last post.

Question 41:

Let's make a OPT post together! List the times we see Dean's OPT (One perfect tear). It doesn't have to be in one post. One point for each time ;) AND one point for each gif(I'm pretty sure I have gifs for all of them) found from my post and pasted in the list. (One person can list the episode/scene, and one person the gif or one person can post both at once.) If you want to post your own that's good too.
rabbit's foot

Season 2 REVIEW WEEK - Review Quiz

Thank you soooo much everyone for participating in this little review of Season 2. *so many hugs* I am very sorry for clogging up your fpage for so long. I really enjoyed hearing from ALL of you and it was sooo much fun!!

Our last review quiz for the season...

Question 42: I don't want to end on a sad note with Dean's tears, so I'd like to do a funny moments posting too. How many funny moments can you find in Season 2? First person to post the scene gets the point but feel free to comment on it too. The more the merrier!