March 28th, 2014

I'm sorry

Rewatching 2-21 All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1

We are nearing the close of Season 2. Before I get into my review, I want to let you in on what I am planning after we finish this Season. As with last season, I am planning a poll on rating all of Season 2 and a week of speed answer quizzes on Season 2 episodes which may or may not include a special present for one or more of our main participants (If you have any ideas on that... a small gift from Japan, a virtualgift, an icon/gif/banner gift...let me know!). I will be continuing the rewatches into Season 3 and beyond (can't wait!!) so hope you stay with me for a long long time ;)

All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1 is the most shocking of episodes since Season 1 finale. So shocking that it is hard for some Sam girls to watch. For Dean girls as well, this is the most heartbreaking episode, and yet so worth watching for that exact reason. The last scene is possibly one of the most painful but best scenes of the whole series for me at least.

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