February 21st, 2014


Rewatching 2-16 Road Kill

I'm back for my review of Road Kill. This episode is not a favorite of many and it is not a very important episode either. It is a simple MOTW with a little twist. However, it also happens to be chalk full of hate, love and hope and I enjoy it for the qualities it has. It reminds me a little bit of Born under a Bad Sign in that they both tell us things about Sam and Dean that we already know. BUABS focuses on Dean's love for Sam and his Refusal to Let Go of Sam. This is a theme that has been stressed from Season 1 and was no surprise. In this episode, we are going to be pounded on the head with Sam's Compassion and Hope. That is the theme here. We have seen it many times before and we will see it many times again, and we know it well, but I never feel it as much as I feel it here in this one insignificant episode. And of course we have a few lessons on life... and death... and holding on. But first, the music.

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