February 8th, 2014


Rewatching 2-14 Born Under A Bad Sign

Hi Everyone! I am back for my rewatch review of Born Under a Bad Sign. Sam was awesome as Meg in this episode. We had some great scenes and also good reminders of Devils Trap aye? Boy was it a hard episode to write about though. The good parts of the episode for me were the great expressions by Sam and the way he acted throughout his dialogue... not necessarily the meaning behind the dialogue. Dean's reaction was expected and consistent throughout - his insistence to himself and to Meg/Sam that it "wasn't Sam," and his refusal to kill Sam. Jo's expressions and reactions to Meg/Sam and his revelations and to Dean later were potent and great to watch. We get a little bit of new information, about how Jo's dad really died, the fact that Sam and Dean will now be warded against demons, and I guess that Meg is now out from Hell and she doesn't really care about her "dad's" plan.

First the music!

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