January 17th, 2014

scene by water

Rewatching 2-11 Playthings

I've just been thinking again how much I enjoy these rewatches. Going through and picking just my favorites might be good too, but looking forward to watching those later, finding out that those episodes I wasn't so keen on were actually quite good - and sometimes way up there at awesome - increasing my collection of gifs, banners and icons on the way... then being able to share it with you is ....just, heaven. By the way, all banners, gifs and screencaps are mine - painstakingly made by hand one by one. Comments on those will make me love you forever and using them with credit will make me weep with joy.

OK, so this is one episode that maybe a lot of people don't like as much as some others? Because despite a slow coming back of our rewatchers after the holidays I've had VERY few reactions to the poll! If you don't like it, tell me that too!! I'll be honest and say that the ten rating in there is mine. There are 22 episodes aye? You've got to rate some lower than 10. And the reason? Hmmm, maybe just because it wasn't as intense as some others?

But, even such episodes make up for it with some funny scenes and some meaningful ones and this episode is important to understanding Sam's state of mind after the awful revelation by Dean which has brought all his fears from before to a forefront. And I didn't notice, being more interested in Dean's face*blush*... but there are some rather nice Sam scenes in this one that a Sammy-girl might go crazy over. Thankfully I got the heads up on that and did my best to show those.

So, let's start with the music!
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