January 13th, 2014

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Rewatching 2-10 Hunted

So you want my reaction after my first rewatch? OMG, OMG, OMG....OMG! I think I made a mistake in rating this one at 5th. It is definitely my 3rd favorite episode so far in Season 2. Croatoan was just preparation for this - everything was in preparation for this.

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2-11 Playthings Poll

The Marathon has officially ended and I'm back to my regular schedule. Thank you to all who participated during the Hiatus. I appreciated your comments so much. I hope you will continue to enjoy Season 2 with me. To those coming back after a holiday, comments on previous episodes are ALWAYS appreciated. To those wondering if I do any comments on the present season, I do but they are much more simple and laid back than the rewatches. They can be found at supernut's chat room (in the link list) along with some icons, gifs and other stuff I enjoy making. You are welcome to visit and make it as lively as you dare.

I'll be writing up my rewatch comments for Playthings this weekend so I'm putting the poll up now. I'm looking forward to your thoughts and rating as always!Remember, this is a poll rating the episodes of Season 2 - from most favorite (1) to least favorite (10) . If your rating is below the 10th favorite episode, rate as 10. The list of Season 2 episodes can be found HERE

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