November 12th, 2013


1-21 Salvation Poll

First, I must warn you - I intend to continue my rewatches into Season 2 and beyond and I am counting on you all to do it with me. But before I go on to Season 2, I will be going back to evaluate the poll results from all the Season 1 episodes and then giving all of us an opportunity to go back and rate all the episodes of Season 1 as a group. If you are unable to see what you voted in previous posts and would like to know, please let me know and I will get that to you (let me know if you want them in the comments or as a message). Hopefully I can also include a week of little quizzes to see if you recognize pictures, songs, clothes, quotes from each of the episodes. It should be pretty easy if you have been reading the comments.

1-21 Salvation. I just rewatched it once for pictures and I've got to tell you, this was/is a most emotional episode. As a culmination of all we have seen through Season 1 and all that we know from the future seasons... Just the scene from the banner picture alone... OMG...*cry* But I'd like to hear what you think so before I write my comments at the end of the week, please help me by rating Salvation against the other episodes of Season 1 and if you have the time, tell me your thoughts in a comment!

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