November 9th, 2013


Rewatching 1-20 Dead Man's Blood

Very few votes this time around, which makes me think that a lot of people just don't remember this episode very well.

I would urge anyone who may not have a very good image of the episode to try it again. It may surprise you with its importance and maybe some really cool moments. I was telling a friend today how the episode had surprised me, and she said "SPN episodes do tend to do that." Yes, they do. And that is why I am here chugging slowly through them all again. What a rare thing, to be able to enjoy episodes of a TV show over and over and over and get new insights from them each time.

In this episode, the boys finally are working together with their dad again - I guess that is what Dean wanted all this time. To find dad and work together again, as a family. BUT, as we have noted before at the very end of "Bugs", Sam and Dad can never seem to be even a few minutes together without them fighting. We also know that Sam ran away after a big fight with dad over college. So we find out in this episode why Sam was always rebellious. We find out why Dad acted the way he did. And well we are going to see some really difficult and also very good relationship moments. And don't forget, we are dealing with a new monster too... THE VAMPIRE! Which is also interesting from a rewatch point of view. So let's get started.

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