October 11th, 2013

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 1-16 Shadow

Calming down after our first episode of Season 9, here are my thoughts and comments on Shadow - way back at Season 1 Episode 16. The story itself is dark and not as exciting as some others I can think of. However, this is a pivotal and important episode: 1) John finally appears to the boys and they are together again - if for a short time, 2) they finally get a lead on the yellow eyed demon- although it is a trap, and 3) we get to find out Sam and Dean's feelings about hunting and particularly Dean's feelings about his family/Sam. Dean and Sam both hold to the feelings mentioned in this episode all through to the end of Season 8. It is one of the constants of the show, and a tough one for me. Everytime I watch this episode I get depressed for Dean - which is why it is not one of my favorites - I've found I tend to avoid situations where there is painful emotion involved, just because it is tough, and I am a coward. But this is where I understand how Sam feels. It is something I have to wade through, in hopes of the light at the end.

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