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Rewatching 8-6 Southern Comfort

First, I have to note that I failed to mention that our Vengeance theme of the season was again seen in Blood Brothers(that was last episode), as Benny going after his nest and “father.” Come to think of it, Benny’s vengeance toward his nest may be very similar to why Dean feels he needs the quest to exact vengeance toward demons at this point. It is certainly hard for both of them to get back in the swing of things topside. Benny especially is starting to feel like he didn’t appreciate Purgatory enough, and that maybe he belongs there. The vengeance was almost an excuse to get killed and go back but also something he could concentrate on accomplishing in a world where he didn’t feel he belonged. But he finds out that his wife had actually been alive and his vengeance didn’t mean as much as he thought. What if Dean has similar feelings? Maybe this quest for vengeance is giving him a reason to keep going. Interesting to compare that to Sam, whose reason to keep going is the normal life at the end of it… or as he says later, the light at the end of the tunnel. I wonder how Dean thought when Sam said that. I really doubt Dean (has ever) wanted a “light at the end of the tunnel.”

I had to mention the above because we have a vengeance episode, again. This time, it at least seems to be about Dean’s feelings of betrayal toward his own brother. He’s been holding in his disappointment for a long time, and finally this supernatural force makes him spout it out and almost makes him kill Sam for it.

There have been eps in the past where a monster or supernatural reason has made Sam or Dean act on their unhappiness with each other to the extreme. One is Asylum, where Sam is influenced by a ghost into almost killing Dean for being too bossy and always doing what dad says instead of being his own man (as Sam sees it). This situation is very similar to Southern Comfort because the doctor’s “cure” to vent anger in Asylum actually makes the “patient” angrier and angrier and do things they wouldn’t otherwise, just as the ghost in this ep makes his victim angrier and makes them act and say things they would not normally.

Another time that I remember especially is the Siren in Sex and Violence, where both Sam and Dean vent their frustrations with each other, and which leads to a fight to the death on the Siren’s suggestion. The siren doesn't exaggerate their frustration, but does give them an order to "have it out" and the winner takes all, which ends up with them fighting to the death.

I’ve been thinking about this ep a lot over the past three weeks, and the more I think about it, the more I feel that this ep seems to be more about Sam’s anger and feelings of betrayal than of Dean’s, even though it is Dean that is influenced into vengeance.

All the scenes other than the "possessed" scene focus on Sam's anger and frustration with Dean (and jealousy toward Benny), and I’ve always had a hard time watching this episode because of it. I hate Sam being angry. I also hate Sam looking sick. Don’t ask me why. I love it when Dean is those things. But Sam, I guess I’m looking at him through Dean’s eyes, and it’s just damn painful. So, Season 8 is just full of uncomfortable eps and this is one of them. Sam is angry all episode - first (he says) because Dean is keeping his silence about Benny and at the end (he says) because of what Dean said under the influence. Notice I’m clarifying that this is what Sam SAYS… because I’m not convinced that this is the whole reason.

The only time Dean is angry in this ep is when he is under the influence. Otherwise, he is apologetic and pleading the whole time. The exaggerated anger shows us he is still bothered by Sam not saving him, which he may have been holding in to some degree, although I do get the impression from what Sam says later that he harped about it to Sam many times and I can think of several instances where we heard him talking about Sam "hitting a dog" to others.

Sam says he is upset because Dean still hasn't explained how he got out of Purgatory, or how he came to trust Benny so much. Why isn’t Dean explaining what he went through in Purgatory? It could partly be because of his guilt about letting Cas go. If he explains Benny, then he has to explain about Cas too, and he cannot. He is blocking everything to do with Purgatory.  Maybe he also thinks that Sam in his present mind would not understand. I think that Sam’s reaction to Benny makes Dean feel ashamed of his friendship with him too.

Shame and Guilt… I remember studying the difference in high school when we studied Japanese culture. Shame is when you feel bad for what you did because of how other people perceive it, while guilt is when you feel bad about what you did according to the law or rules or whatever you think is bad or good. On the side, we were taught that Japanese people feel shame a lot because their group identity is very important, while Westerners tend to feel guilt more because religion and personal morals are more important.

In Season 8, both Dean and Sam are ashamed. Sam has his reasons for not going to save Dean - he’s not feeling guilty about it. But he is feeling shame because of how Dean perceives what he did and reacts to it. Dean also has his reasons for befriending Benny to get out of Purgatory and he sure isn’t going to apologize for it, but he is feeling shame because of how Sam perceives and reacts toward it.

But going back to the anger and betrayal issue, these can be seen in the parallels used in the ep: One of a husband who “cheated” and his jealous wife, and two, the various aspects of war and two brothers caught in the middle of it.

So, let me begin. The episode starts with a wife coming home from the store, after getting a haunted penny (stolen by students from a grave and used to buy something) from the storekeeper, and running over her husband with the car he was fixing.

Then we go to Dean having found another (this) job and Sam being angry that Dean has not said a word to him since Prentice Island. So they talk.

SAM:...You haven't said a word to me since Prentiss Island? And now, what? You want me to shut up and ride shotgun and act like nothing happened?
DEAN:You want to talk about Benny? Fine. Let's talk.

We find out that Dean has not said a word about Benny since we left last ep. I’m imagining Sam growing more and more irritated with Dean as their night turns into day and they leave the motel and the silence on the subject continues.
SAM:Okay. How about he's a vampire?
DEAN:He's also the reason I'm topside and not roasting on a spit in Purgatory. Anything else?
SAM:Don't pretend I don't get it. I know you had to do what you had to down there.
DEAN:I highly doubt you get anything about Purgatory.
SAM:But you're out now, and Benny's still breathing. Why?
DEAN:He's my friend, Sam.
SAM:And what about my friend, Amy? She was what? 'Cause you sure as hell didn't have a problem ganking her.
DEAN:Well, I guess people change, don't they? We let that werewolf Kate go, didn't we?

SAM:She was different. She – you think Benny's different? He tell you he's not drinking live blood, or something? And you believe him. Wow. Okay. You know, you're right. People do change.
Sam’s first point - Benny is a vampire. And this produces a “So?” with huge question marks in my mind because of the whole lesson Sam taught Dean in Blood Lust and the fact that even in Season 6, they were reluctant to kill Lenora despite her having killed humans again and warning them she could not stop it this time.

Sam’s second point - So Benny is Dean’s “friend” but Dean killed Sam’s friend Amy, why let this vampire live? Isn’t he being hypocritical? He could have just not brought him back, or killed him once he had returned, which is a question Benny also had for Dean. Dean again doesn’t explain why he trusts Benny. He instead admits that maybe he’s changed, case in point his having let Kate go.

When Sam asks if Dean believes Benny’s verbal promise that he has not killed, Dean does this weird lip biting nod that is so small you hardly see it, but looks very sexy as a gif...

and Sam is disgusted. Sam himself is pretty sure that Benny is guilty and Dean just can’t see it because he cares for him. Dean sure has changed, and for the worst. To that, Dean answers with, well, I may have made a vampire friend, but you ignored your responsibilities for a year.

This is kind of Dean’s defense mechanism, don’t you think? He’s being pressured by Sam, and pushed into a corner, so he brings out his own defense. And of course Sam feels that is unfair.

This gives me the idea that neither of them really know or trust each other anymore - Sam has serious worries about how Dean has changed in Purgatory. He can’t be sure that Dean is making the right decisions as he used to. If they were still in tune with each other, Sam would have believed and trusted Dean, I think. Instead, he is angry.
DEAN:Yeah. I got a vampire buddy, and you turn your phone off for a year.
SAM:Don't turn this on me.

Dean, on the other hand, does not know this Sam who would throw his responsibilities away “for a girl.” Sam may have thought he had explained things sufficiently but obviously he has not. He cannot, just as Dean cannot explain what he went through sufficiently.
DEAN:Look, Benny slips up and some other hunter turns his lights out, so be it.
SAM:But it's not gonna be you, right?

And Dean can't answer that - however, we know that in a future episode Dean goes to Benny prepared to kill him so, at least he feels responsible to do so if Benny is guilty. I'd say that if he had voiced his thoughts, it would have been, "I hope I don't have to, but I will if it comes down to it."

Back to the story. Sam and Dean have arrived at the house where the incident happened and Dean is filling Sam in regarding the details. Sam, of course, thinks it’s not supernatural. It must just be insanity. And to that, Dean has an interesting response.

SAM:So, how does that make this our kind of thing?
DEAN:Because, Sam, Kevin's in the wind, okay, you're sulking around like a eunuch in a whorehouse, and I can't help but ask myself, when is decapitation not my thing?

“Like an eunuch in a whorehouse” seems like something we could possibly take literally, especially after our next flashback.  Maybe Dean feels that Sam's anger is not all about him and Benny.  Maybe Sam is taking it out on Dean because he misses his normal life with Amelia.

After seeing this screencap, I had to make this gif...

So, they go in and find Garth - a Texas Ranger - already on the case :D Love the slow motion again as he takes off his hat!

Garth, as usual is good at leading and telling people what to do. Sam and Dean see that he has several phones in his inner pockets and is giving other hunters advice.

DEAN:And since when is giving advice your job?
SAM:Hold up. Are you the new Bobby?
DEAN:You shut your mouth.
DEAN:You shut your mouth! What?
GARTH:Bobby was gone. You two were MIA. It was a weird time. Somebody had to step in and take up the slack. All right. Let's just get back to work, and we'll talk about this later, all right?
DEAN:Did Garth just tell us what to do?

So, don’t you think it’s interesting that Sam doesn’t think anything of Garth being “the new Bobby”? The fact that he’d even phrase it like that is totally weird, but it kind of shows that he has basically healed from Bobby’s death, while Dean has not. Being in Purgatory he really had no time to spend on his grief, and what Sam says, and what Garth says both sound like sacrilege.

We find Garth showing his unique aptitude for hunting as he steps on the Ectoplasm and tastes it to confirm that it is what they think. He has also got the coroner to contact him and finds out that the wife has carved the husband’s chest with the name.

I have to stop here and mention that I read a very informative review of the ep (live) by galwithglasses, and how the various props and even the clothes the boys wear show the civil war conflict in the area, the historical background of Missouri and Kansas during the civil war that are possibly referenced and also the parallels between Sam and Dean and the brothers that fought on separate sides in the war. It is fascinating, and I definitely recommend a read. I am not going to go into that here because that is definitely not my area of expertise.

I will also mention that I watched several interviews with Jared and Jensen regarding this ep and Season 8 in general, and Jensen also says something very interesting about Dean and Benny’s relationship, equating it with a foxhole relationship of soldiers in a war, which goes with the theme of this episode too, I think.

Dean really can be thought of as being at war for a year, while Sam lived in his own little pocket of peace, a little dream world in which he could ignore "the fighting." Dean coming back from Purgatory is like a soldier coming back from war, where he had a close bond with his fellow soldier who had his back in a very dangerous situation of life or death. A brother who stayed behind would not understand what he’s been through or why he’d become so close to a fellow soldier whom he would not normally be friends with.  I guess you could also equate it to the two brothers in the civil war chosing different sides.  Both brothers would be upset with the other for chosing the side they did and not understand why they did so.

Dean, coming back from such a situation, cannot help but think of his war buddy as more trustworthy than his brother because they kept each other alive every moment of every day in a place where he felt that Sam had left him to rot.

But, I’m rambling. Here’s the interview with Jensen.

So first they go talk to the wife, and find out what the “Alcott” was that was carved into her husband’s chest. It was the name of a woman who had gone to the prom once with her husband. I never noticed before, but this situation as explained by Mary the wife is very similar to Sam and Dean’s.

MARY LEW:My husband, Chester, and I were going steady in high school for a few years already when we had a big fight.
DEAN:What about?
MARY LEW:Something stupid, I'm sure. It was around prom, and so he took Sara Alcott as his date instead of me.
GARTH:So, this Sara Alcott was a rival for your husband's affections?
MARY LEW:Sara had one night with him, whereas I was with Chester for 37 years.

And I can't help but look at this from Sam's point of view because of his constant anger this ep.  Sam and Dean have been together hunting for a long time but when they are separated, Dean hooks up with Benny. It’s only for one year, as opposed to the 30 something years Sam and Dean have been together, but Sam sees Benny as Dean's betrayal.

We could also look at it as Sam being the husband and Dean being the jealous wife, since Dean does talk about Sam betraying him for a girl .  The difference is that Sam takes it out on the girl (Benny), almost to try to prove to Dean that Benny is not good enough for him and definitely to "keep Benny away from him." That's very much like Mary this ep.  Is it just me, or do you also feel the Wincest vibe here? I mean this is a fic just waiting to happen.

Anyway, they need to go talk to Ms. Alcott, but Dean’s hungry so they’re off to get something to eat. Garth has to ask Dean where he was the past year.

DEAN:Why don't we save what I did on my summer vacation for another time?
That seems like a purposeful reference to I Know What You Did Last Summer by the writers doesn’t it? Sam and how he got hooked up with Ruby because Dean wasn’t there to keep him away? And I am being reminded of that sex scene… My brain is making funny wincest connections between the two again :P Especially after this next reference -

DEAN:All right. I was in Purgatory.
GARTH:Like the Purgatory Purgatory?
DEAN:No, the one in Miami.

The one in Miami, of course is a Lesbian bar.

After this, we have Garth using “Balls” the wrong way and Dean getting upset about it. Garth changes the subject and asks how Dean got out, Sam looks pointedly at Dean like, “Yeah, Dean, how DID you get out?” and Dean doesn’t want to go into Benny and Cas? with Garth so he changes the subject to the civil war stuff in the bar. Garth tells them about how Missouri was a border State yada yada and Sam and Dean are like, wow you know a lot, and Garth’s like I went to college and on the side, I went to dental school and my first case was the tooth fairy and I feel bad about it. What I gathered from that conversation is that tooth fairies are not bad but they are guys - Garth did call it an SOB :P  Every time I hear “tooth fairy” I get the image of that “tooth fairy” in I Believe the Children are Our Future, but that’s just supposed to be how Jesse imagined him right? I wonder if he really saw the tooth fairy… *muses*

Again, back to the story (I’m rambling a lot this ep)...

While they are eating, the son takes the coin from his mom’s purse to go to the store, becomes infected and there kills the guy that used to be his business partner and got them bankrupt because he used money he shouldn’t have. While the three hunters are checking out the crime scene, we have another little scene where Garth is wearing Bobby’s cap and Dean doesn’t like that Garth has it on “wrong.”

When they look at the surveillance, they find that it has white lines going through it, hiding Scott’s face. Dean’s like, well what should we do now… and Garth butts in giving orders again. But Sam quickly has a counter. He will go check out Mrs. Alcott while Dean and Garth should go do some more research. It reminds me a bit of Party On, Garth, the way Sam kind of pushes Dean and Garth together, Dean gives him a “face” and Sam has this satisfied little smirk that he pulled it off.

So, Sam is at Sara’s and I just had to include this conversation too, although I’d never thought much of it before, because it seems to be very foretelling of future eps between Sam and Dean, and Benny/Amelia.

SARA ALCOTT:[laughs] Yeah. Well, yes. Yes. Me and that old tomcat, Chester, we went to prom together. That's about it.
SAM:And that's all?
SARA ALCOTT:Well, I wasn't exactly a good girl, if that's what you mean. And after that, I-I thought that Chester and I were gonna be hot and heavy. But it just wasn't meant to be. And, uh, a week later, he eloped with Mary.

Translation: Dean and Benny are “a thing” because of their time in Purgatory, and Sam and Amelia were a thing, and maybe Benny/Amelia thinks it’s going to be “hot and heavy,” but in a few eps, Dean and Sam will be “breaking up” with them to “elope” with each other. :D

SAM:Did you speak much to Mary or Chester again after that?
SARA ALCOTT:Well, I'd see them about, you know – picnics and such. But... Mary kept Chester on a pretty short leash. Honestly, I'd moved on, but it seems she never did.
SAM:And why do you think that is?
SARA ALCOTT:Well, I guess in her mind, I was a reminder of Chester's betrayal.

So, isn’t this interesting? To Mary, Sara was a reminder of Chester’s betrayal, even though it was because she had had the fight with Chester that Chester took Sara to the prom instead.

In the same way, to Sam, Benny is a reminder of Dean’s time in Purgatory, and Dean taking Benny as his friend, letting him live and even helping him, feels like a betrayal to Sam - even though it was because Sam didn’t look for Dean that Dean relied on Benny in the first place. This parallel is not as strong the other way around, with Dean feeling that Amelia is Sam's betrayal, just because Dean never actually meets Amelia and never tries to keep Sam away from Amelia either - it is Sam that gives the ultimatum.

Then we have a flashback by Sam, maybe brought on by the barking dog, but also by what Sara said. And wow, again with the parallels. Sam and Amelia after sleeping together. Finally Amelia tells Sam whom she has lost. Her husband, in Afghanistan.

AMELIA:Yeah. We were together forever. Or at least it seemed that way. Then one day, Don just enlists. Didn't ask me, just said something about wanting to do the right thing. Next thing I know, he's off overseas and I'm all alone. I got a couple letters, some phone calls, and then a knock at the door. Just like that. And everywhere I looked, all I could see was judgment and pity and just this constant reminder of Don everywhere. So I moved here... and became even more of a hot mess than I already was. And you hit a dog.

Huh… So Don just all of a sudden enlisting (talking about doing the right thing) and disappearing overseas is very similar to how Dean was thinking when he went at Dick, and how he suddenly disappeared isn’t it? And if everywhere Amelia looked she saw reminders of her husband and judgement and pity, now much more so Sam? How could he hunt alone after all those years hunting together? Hunting was Dean, and Dean was hunting. Everything he did would remind him of Dean. Sam would have felt responsible for not having been able to save Dean, and would have felt that pity and judgement too. That was why Sam stopped hunting and just ran. :’(

Another parallel, of course is that Dean came back unexpectedly when Sam thought he was dead, and Amelia’s husband Don also came back unexpectedly... and they both try to go back to the life they had before and have a hard time doing so.

Back to Dean and Garth. Garth calls Dean an idjit, but Dean doesn’t like the way Garth says it.

Now Garth starts to think that Dean being angry with Garth is not just about Garth trying to copy Bobby. Maybe it has something to do with Dean’s relationship with Sam.

And, that just reminded me of Sam and Dean right after John died, in Everybody Loves a Clown: Sam wanting to talk about what John would have wanted him to do, and Dean taking his grief out on Sam because he is angry with John for having sold his soul for him. Dean tells Garth here that his relationship with Sam is none of his business, and when Garth suggests he would like to help with anything just like Bobby used to, Dean gets upset again and tells Garth that he is never going to be Bobby so just stop trying. Isn't that similar to Sam's conversation with Dean later on by the Impalla in ELaC?

Dean lays off of Garth and tries to be nice when he realizes he’s said too much. But the question that remains is, what is bothering Dean here other than grief? Sam being angry at him or even leaving him "to rot in Purgatory" hasn't made him this crabby in past episodes. I think it must be Sam's anger toward him, and his shame, but I can’t really prove it.

Going on, Garth gives them the heads up on the unnamed soldier (again his knowledge a surprise to Sam and Dean)
, and the three hunters go to burn the bones of the soldier.  Actually through this little history lesson and the props throughout the ep, we get the idea that this one unnamed soldier's grudge is actually one that is still felt and celebrated in States such as Missouri, through reenactments and posters and can even be seen in home decorations.  And through his words at the tomb, Dean shows that it's just as deepseated on the other side.

At the tomb Sam finds the piece of thread that used to be tied to the penny, and Dean burns the bones  -

DEAN: We won.
- and next we see one of the police officers, who has a grudge against the Sheriff, accidentally touching the coin in Scott’s bag and killing the Sheriff with his rifle. Then, another officer picks it up and goes to the hospital to get his vengeance. Dean goes to the hospital on his own, telling Sam and Garth to go see what might be missing from the grave that they hadn’t picked up on. Ha!  This time Dean is able to stick Garth on Sam :P

Sam and Garth are walking to the library when Garth tells Sam that if anytime he wants to talk, he’s there.
GARTH: I mean, it just seems like you and Dean are talking but nobody's listening to each other.
And as he walks off, Sam has another flashback, possibly because of the “everyone’s talking, no one’s listening" line.

This time, Amelia is the one doing a lot of talking, but she’s not really listening to Sam.

She is so wound up in her own issues of thinking everyone is pitying her and her own grief that she can’t listen to Sam and what he really thinks. And that is maybe how it is for Sam and Dean now. It’s not one trying to be understanding and listening, like Sam was trying to do for Amelia, but it is both of them dumping all their hurt and grief and all that at each other’s feet without really looking at what has been dumped at their own feet.

I really think Garth and Sam should have been running to the library - since there was another life on the line...not walking, or stopping to daydream LOL They do find out about the unnamed soldier's grudge, and the object that was haunted - the penny.

So  Dean gets the penny (love this close up) and when Sam and Garth come back to the motel, Dean has black ooze coming out of his ear and his first words are,

DEAN: You should have looked for me when I was in Purgatory.
Dun dun…That is an awesome commercial break line :P

SAM: What do you want me to say? That I've made mistakes? I've made mistakes, Dean.
GARTH:That's not Dean, Sam.
DEAN:Shut up! Mistakes? Well, let's go through some of Sammy's greatest hits. Drinking demon blood, check. Being in cahoots with Ruby. Not telling me that you lost your soul. Or how about running around with Samuel for a whole year, letting me think that you were dead while you're doing all kinds of crazy. Those aren't mistakes, Sam. Those are choices!
SAM : All right. You said it. We've both played a little fast and loose.
DEAN: Yeah, I might have lied, but I never once betrayed you. I never once left you to die. And for what, a girl? You left me to die for a girl?

OK, this first part about “not telling me that you lost your soul” or “running around with Samuel” are just so weird.  Dean actually says very similar things at the end of the season where the only excuse to me seems to be is that he is doing it on purpose, mentioning things Sam had no control over, and making a joke out of it to try to lighten the mood. Here though, Dean is possessed, so I would speculate that it’s the specter using all the stuff in Dean’s brain to put together a list, not caring that these were not actually Sam's choices.

The key point of course is the betrayal of not having looked for him and “leaving him to die for a girl.” which makes us come back to the married couple type grudge. As with the first “mistakes” , it is not really Sam’s fault either, just as it wasn't really Mary's husband's fault that he had to ask another girl to the dance. Sam thought Dean was dead, and his relationship was built on giving each other comfort after losing their loved ones. But Sam takes it seriously because he feels ashamed. Sam is down, and Garth gets in the middle of the two brothers to try to talk some sense into Dean or get the coin out of his grasp, one or the other.

GARTH :Come on, Dean. You do not want to kill your brother. You – you've been protecting him your whole life. Don't stop now.
DEAN :He left me to rot in Purgatory!
GARTH :All right. All right. Maybe he did. I don't know. I wasn't there. But I'm sure he had his reasons.
SAM :Just like you had your reasons for Benny.
DEAN :Benny has been more of a brother to me this past year than you've ever been! That's right. Cas let me down. You let me down. The only person that hasn't let me down is Benny.

GARTH :I know you're angry. But, man, you got to fight this thing. Do not do this! Just let it go. Come on, Dean.
Another question is why would he talk about Cas letting him down when we know that he is feeling guilty about letting CAS down. What if… Dean blames himself for these things? What if it’s really, “I let Cas down, I let you down, the only person I haven’t let down is Benny” ?? Maybe that’s going a bit far, but I still don’t think the specter has Dean's feelings quite right here, especially considering Defending Your Life, and how Dean blamed himself for all that Sam had been through.  Dean blaming Sam for everything doesn't really make sense.  It makes more sense that the specter is trying to create conflict here - feed Sam's feelings of being betrayed.  It did a good job at that, don't you think?

Garth then punches Dean and releases the penny from his hand, picks it up himself because he’s fine with it, and burns it. The next scene we see is of Dean sending him off. Dean asks Garth how he was able to pick up the penny and Garth tells Dean that he let go of all his grudges because they were in his past and he couldn’t change them. Then he uses “idjit” the right way. Angrily :D:

GARTH :Stop being a idjit! With Bobby dead, you and Sam are all each other has. And that's not so bad, man. Now, you know what's coming next, right? Come on.

Then, Dean takes out Bobby's cap that he took from Garth previously, and carefully puts it back on Garth's head.  It's like an anointing, or something LOL  "I, Dean Winchester, deem you worthy of Bobby's cap."  It's interesting as a contrast from the first scene of Garth and his cowboy hat too.

Then Garth goes back to his car and finds it doesn’t start. We have him using “balls!” right as well ;)

Dean goes back to Sam, to apologize for the stuff he didn’t remember saying - and he really doesn't except for bits and pieces, maybe the physical actions, but not his own words if we are to believe all the other victims.  But Sam has been having a flashback in the meantime.

Of him talking and Amelia listening.

So, Sam decides he’s going to talk to Dean. But again, we have Sam doing all the talking and not doing any listening. He starts off with being honest and talking about his life with Amelia but when Dean butts in, tells him he doesn’t remember what he said and tries to apologize, Sam explodes and tells Dean that he might be the one to kill Benny, so be ready for that possibility.

SAM :For the record, the girl – her name's Amelia. Amelia Richardson. She and I had a place together in Kermit, Texas.
(Wow, that reminds me of Metamorphosis...  How Sam was bothered by Dean talking of the guy without using his name.)
DEAN :Look, man, I don't even remember what I said, but, uh –
SAM :But what? But you didn't mean it? Oh, please. You and I both know you didn't need that penny to say those things.
DEAN:Come on, Sam.
SAM :Own up to your crap, Dean. I told you from the jump where I was coming from, why I didn't look for you. But you? You had secrets. You had Benny. And you got on your high and mighty, and you've been kicking me ever since you got back. But that's over. So move on, or I will.
DEAN :Okay. I hear you.
SAM :Good. You know what? Hear this, too. I just might be that hunter that runs into Benny one day and ices him.

DEAN:I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, won't we?
SAM :Yeah. Yeah. You keep saying that.

(Those look like exactly the same faces as we saw at the start of the ep, don't you think?)
He does have a point that Dean had been bitching about Sam not coming to get him while keeping secrets about how he got out with the help of a vampire, and if it had ended with Dean's "OK I hear you," I may have believed it, but obviously that's not the (only) issue here. Sam is jealous of the relationship, feeling that Dean doesn't care about him as much as he does Benny - still taking what possessed Dean said to heart and will secretly continue to be bothered by it until the end of the season - maybe especially after finding out that Benny was different, just as Dean had said.  So... it seems like Sam is the one who needs to let go.

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