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Rewatching 8-4 Bitten

Supernatural loves it's parallels and I believe there are never any "just filler" episodes. The more I think about it, the more I feel that this is an episode explaining how Sam perceives his worth in relation to his relationship with Dean through Brian and his relationship with Michael.

I don’t know why Brian and Michael are friends - maybe their families were close, or they’ve just been friends since they were small. Maybe Michael just has a thing for “helping/protecting” geeky guys in exchange for favors and likes the feeling of being the good guy. Maybe he thinks Brian is interesting and just sees the worth in his strengths. He is emotional, sensitive, and acts the good friend... and yet that's really all we see of the character.  He is very two dimensional and boring. However, all the characteristics we see are obviously parallel to Dean's.  Brian is more interesting.  We can tell from his expressions and actions that there is much turmoil going on in his mind. Brian both loves and hates Michael. He gets protection and respect by being with him and maybe, most importantly, he gets the feeling that he is in the “in crowd” by being with him. And yet, deep down he is also jealous of Michael’s physical attributes and leadership ability. He wants to get out of Michael’s shadow and be in the spotlight. He wants to be the one to get the girl.

Kate is the survivor and she is the main character in that sense, but she is just as boring a character as Michael. She’s is only important to the plot as as the object of affection in the love triangle. I guess we can see parallels between her and Benny in that sense. But as the storyteller, Kate has a very important role. She creates a very melancholic video, showing how all their hopes and dreams were shattered by this one event. It pulls at (Sam and) especially Dean’s heartstrings and makes them not pursue her. Maybe it reminds them a bit of how they were forced into the life they lead as well and show how similar the hunter and the hunted are. This sympathy for the monster, along with Brian’s conversation with the pureblood, is important for setting the background vibe for the season with regard to Benny.

Anyway, let’s go through this piece by piece, so I don’t miss anything.

"What's the Matter" by Milo Green
(plays at various points in the episode)
"These Days" by Fairechild (plays when Kate and Brian talk about film)
"Waiting on Nicky" by The Muddy Reds(plays while the group talks about their future)
"Get Alone" by The Broken Remotes(plays when Michael tests out his new abilities)
"Bathtub" by The Muddy Reds(plays when Brian sets up the cameras in the house)
"I Lie" by The Leaning Eaves(plays when Sam and Dean question Brian)
"Turned Tables" by Should (plays when Brian and Kate are talking about Michael)
"It Took a Long Time" by Koko Taylor(plays in the diner while Sam and Dean are doing research)
"Barricades" by The Outdoors(plays as Kate and Michael pack to leave)

First we have a scene of Sam and Dean coming into the apartment and finding just a bunch of body parts and blood splattered all over the place while a song is on eternal loop on the ipod. They find the laptop that has a little post-it on it saying “play me.” So they sit down and start the video with the words, “This should never have ended this way.”

Interesting sentence actually. Why not, “This should never have happened?” Why the emphasis on the ending? I think though as I mentioned earlier, this ep has a melancholic theme of “what these people could have become and ended up as if they hadn’t been forcefully introduced to the world of monsters.

The video then goes to the first introduction to our three main characters. Brian (introvert geek guy) trying out his new camera in the cafe with his friend Michael (who - how typically named! - is blond hulk extrovert guy ). Brian is first to notice Kate, who is different from the rest of the girls.
But, as soon as she notices him, he pushes the camera at Michael to make him handle the awkward situation, which Michael does with charm, and Michael and Kate hit it off.

Kate says she likes guys with nice cameras, but when Brian points out that Michael doesn't know anything about cameras, Kate says he'll learn - in other words it's not really about the camera. The second scene, Kate and Michael are doing the love thing and Brian is in the other room (where he can probably hear everything), working on the computer and possibly seething inside at Michael for “stealing the girl” because of his looks. Later, Kate is shown spending time with Brian as he works - so they seem to have become buddies, with their similar interests. She seems to have bought him a new lense, which he tells her is lighter and easy to use.

Then we see Brian interviewing his two friends about their dreams - the scene is used by Kate again at the end of the video to show how becoming werewolves changed/ruined their lives - because this video is from Kate’s point of view. She probably put all the footage together after everything … maybe to piece together in her own mind what had happened. I bet she hadn’t seen much of the footage that Brian had taken until then.

KATE:Let's see. Five years from now? Hopefully passed the bar exam, practicing law. Nothing corporate, something, uh... something green, you know?
BRIAN:Green is good.
KATE:Oh, shut up.

BRIAN:Oh, geez. Uh, maybe, like, working for HBO or – or, like, Michael Moore. That'd be cool.
MICHAEL: Double hippie.
MICHAEL:I will be on a boat in the middle of the ocean with my beautiful girl by my side.
KATE: Aww... sap.

So they had some nice dreams, where they could have ended if things hadn’t turned out differently. We hear that Kate and Brian are interested in the same kind of work to do with various noble causes, while Michael sounds more interested in personal happiness. It is likely both boys are trying to please Kate in their own way. Brian by showing he is interested in social issues, and Michael by showing a romantic side, which may have appealed to Kate more.

Jump to English Lit class. Michael is sleeping while Brian is taking notes and taping the whole lecture, which he will share with Michael. Kate is also alert and trying to get Michael to wake up, but gives up after a while.

Lit class is studying Lord of the Fies and “Piggy” in particular, who is intellectual, but has various physical vulnerabilities. Because he does not have rapport with the guys or have leadership qualities, he can’t influence the group except through Ralph, for whom he acts as an advisor. This is very similar to Brian’s position with Michael, and Brian recognizes this and remarks on it later.

We on rewatch would remember that the teacher, who is actually a “pureblood” werewolf (Alpha or one close to Alpha), has noticed Michael being rude by sleeping in class. The prof. has a very bad opinion of Michael, which in the end leads to his rationale to turn him.

Walking down the stairs in front of the school building, Michael is asking Brian if he taped the class and Brian is like Who loves you? while Michael’s like I wish I knew how to quit you. Just then a guy bumps into Brian and Brian drops the camera. We see Michael standing up for Brian here - showing the kind of relationship they have. Scott, the guy who bumped into Brian, is about to have a fight with Michael but hurries away with a friend to a crime scene, where someone has apparently been killed. The three friends follow and we see a police scene with Sam and Dean asking questions.

Going back to their apartment, Kate is bothered by the murder and the FBI, while Brian is being annoyingly logical (It’s good that the FBI are here, right?). Michael on the other hand, tries to turn Kate's mind away from the situation by turning on a song that was playing in the cafe when they first met. It is also the song we hear at the beginning of the episode. We again see the difference between Michael and Brian’s personalities here, which are similar to the boys in The Lord of the Flies - Brian’s logical aspect and Michael’s social skills.

Right after this, Michael tells Kate that he’s going off with Brian to shoot some more footage for his “movie.” Brian is head of the club and he is intent on making a great movie to wow everyone. Kate complains about Michael spending time with Brian instead of her and we see how Michael perceives this relationship with his friend:

MICHAEL: I promised I'd help him test the new cameras.
KATE:Don't give me that crap. I know you two idiots are gonna go shoot cut scenes for "Jackass."
MICHAEL:Come on. We both know he has nobody else to do this with. Rain check.

Michael seems to be using Brian to make himself look like the nice guy to Kate. If Brian had seen this footage, he would not have felt very good about what Michael had said.  Like Michael was just spending time with him because he felt sorry for him.

This brings me back to how Sam perceives his and Dean’s relationship. Maybe at this point, he feels like Dean is just hunting with Sam because he feels sorry for Sam. Sam suggesting that Dean doesn’t need him in Heartache is not just about Sam wanting to quit. It’s about him feeling that Dean is with Sam just because they are brothers and he feels he has to, which is maybe part of the reason why he reacts to Benny the way he does.

Brian is climbing a tree and trying to tape upside down, Michael is telling him that’s dumb when they see Sam and Dean through the trees, having just talked with some neighbors about the incident.

SAM:All right. There is not a case here.
DEAN:There is a case here. You're rusty. We just got to dig a little deeper. Come on.
BRIAN:Dude, it's so crazy.
MICHAEL:Is it just me or are you getting a workplace-romance vibe from those two?

So we get a glimpse of Sam and Dean. This is only one ep after Heartache, where Sam hadn’t even wanted to get involved in another case. They’d just had that talk in the car about Sam hanging it up after they found Kevin and closed the gates. So Sam is really not interested in any case and is ready to dismiss this as no case. Dean is persistent, however, still hoping that Sam would get into the groove and start enjoying hunting again. The observation by Michael is cute and also pretty meaningful when we consider the situation.

Brian and Michael walk on and find a guy trying to make out with a girl by the bleachers at the football field. The girl pushes the guy away and there is a scuffle, which Brian videos again and again is noticed by the guy after the girl runs off. The guy is Scott, the mean tough guy who bumped into Brian earlier. Of course Brian drops the camera and runs, while Michael picks up the camera. He shouts at Brian to meet him somewhere and that makes Scott come after him instead. Michael gets away from Scott, but he also gets attacked by the Professor - the “pureblood werewolf.”
Michael is bit on the shoulder. Brian takes him home all panicked, but when they open the shirt to look at the wound, it is gone, and Kate has called emergency for nothing. Now, there should have been a mark at least, don’t you think? In Heart, Madison had a mark on her neck, right? Maybe it’s different because it’s a pure blood bite?

A few hours or day later we see Michael trying to going through a door and taking it off the hinges, then lifting Kate up one handed. Obviously, he has gained some power since his incident. They wonder, maybe he is a superhero all of a sudden. Maybe he got bit by an alien. Brian gets a brilliant idea. He starts putting cameras up everywhere around the house because now he has his movie - the origins of Michael the superhero. Kate reacts a little to that - like this is private business and Michael is not your movie.  But interestingly, she ends up going along with it and filming everything.  I guess just because she has a similar interest in cameras.

But that’s not enough for Brian. He wants the same thing to happen to him and so he brings it up with his pal.

BRIAN:I, um... I really want to be able to do what you do. So I-I think maybe we could go back out there and get that thing to bite me, and then we could both be superheroes.
MICHAEL:Stop! What? Are you serious?
BRIAN:Michael, you can't keep this to yourself.
MICHAEL: Keep what to myself? We don't even know what this thing is. Why the hell would you want it?
BRIAN:Michael... I don't – I don't want to be Piggy anymore, man.
MICHAEL:You're – you're not a pig, man. Brian, listen to me. There's nothing wrong with you. You've just got to figure out what it is you want and go after it. I'm telling you – you don't want this.
BRIAN:Right, 'cause I don't want to be super-strong or have a prayer of getting any ass this year or... Please, please.
MICHAEL:No, man! No.

“You can’t keep this to yourself” to me shows a deep seated distrust if not jealousy by Brian. Michael seems like a good guy here and of course Brian should have listened to reason - it would be smart not to jump into getting new powers like that without knowing the reason or consequences, and Brian is the logical one, so you’d think he’d be more reasonable - but his distrust/jealousy has possibly clouded his judgement.

Brian has taken Lord of the Flies Piggy to heart and he tells Michael he doesn’t want to be Piggy anymore. He doesn’t want to be the intelligence behind the brawn. He wants to have physical power as well. He is sure that this will change things for him.  Of course Michael has not even read the book so he doesn’t know what Brian is talking about. “You are not a pig.” He says. Obviously Michael is on the wrong page LOL

The “brawn” there reminded me of Dean’s speech later on in the season, saying that he was the brawn while Sam was the smart one, and Sam telling him that Dean was the most intelligent hunter he knew. Dean trying to take on the trials on his own and Sam asking Dean to let him do it to prove himself and show that he can lead them to the end of the tunnel. The situations are similar aren't they?  And the trials themselves are a mystery, just like the bite is to Michael and Brian at this point. It would have been wise to find out what the consequences of closing the gates would be before they started, but somehow logic escaped them, which is similar too isn’t it?

How Brian sees himself is, again, similar in a way to how Sam thinks of himself, in the sense that Sam is unhappy with his hunting abilities and feels he is not achieving anything. I also think that Sam has always felt that he has been in his brother’s shadow and wished to escape that situation and achieve something of his very own. I wonder if he felt a weight lift when Dean “died.” Like, maybe he didn’t have to live up to this high standard anymore. Or he could go after what he really wanted now that he wasn’t in Dean’s shadow.

ANYWAAAAY... finally Sam and Dean come to question the kids. Brian answers the door and he tells them he doesn’t know the guy that died (which he doesn’t) and that he hasn’t heard of anyone getting bit… which is a lie. Sam and Dean can’t tell that there is fishiness going on and they just tell Brian to contact them if he hears anything, and leave. But they stop in front of the door talking to each other, which Kate catches on camera.

DEAN:So, what do you think?
SAM:Well, based on what we've got so far, we could be dealing with another Mayan god.
DEAN:Ah, that's fantastic, 'cause the other one was such a joy.
SAM:Yeah. Campus dormitories?

The heart being ripped out is usually werewolf material, but the timing is wrong, which is why they are stumped. But this gives Kate and friends the wrong idea about what has happened to make Michael “supernatural.” Michael gets the idea that he is “a god.” And whether he is joking or not, they do have some fun with the idea for a short while.

While the others are asleep, Michael gets up and goes to the bathroom to look at himself in the mirror, saying “I am a golden god” to himself. His pupils dilate in the mirror, and then he starts developing canine teeth and claws and he panicks and breaks the mirror.  Scared, he goes and tries to find comfort from the sight of Kate... or maybe as a werewolf he is feeling even more protective of Kate (as his mate) than before.

He is also goddam hungry. He starts eating a ton of food and when he runs out, he goes out for more. While coming back from the store, he meets Scott and friends, filming their search for the killer. Scott picks on Michael so Michael runs, maybe so that Scott doesn’t notice his eyes or claws, maybe so he can avoid hurting Scott, but Scott goes after him, threatening to do something to Kate. That makes Michael wolf out and he kills Scott.

He comes back to Kate and Brian and tells them he probably killed Scott but he doesn’t remember anything of what happened after Scott threatened him about Kate. This is a lie. We find out from him later that he did actually remember ripping the guy’s throat out.

Kate and Brian go out to listen to police and Sam and Dean (the FBI) to find out what happened, and they find that the body was “shredded” and the heart was half-eaten.

When they come home, Brian is being super condemning while Kate is defending Michael. Brian taunts Michael, asking if he was going to eat Brian’s heart too, and Michael punches Brian, which makes Brian sail across the room.   Brian urges them to tell the police. I’m not quite sure what Brian is thinking here. Maybe he is just angry at Michael still for not biting him and turning him. All his talk about the police doesn’t stop him from wanting to be like Michael still.

Kate decides they should find out more about what the FBI know. They start following Sam and Dean and taping what they say. Sam has found a similar case 10 years ago, but they are dissuaded from the possibility of a werewolf because the time of month of the attack is different. They also do not say the word “werewolf” so the kids are still kept in the dark, until Sam and Dean are doing some research and Dean finally finds some new information about “purebloods” or possibly Alphas:

DEAN:Hey, check this out. "Werewolves that are turned up to four generations from pureblood..." Think he means Alpha? “...are less feral and can transform before, during, and after the lunar cycle." Boom.

So Sam and Dean decide they have to go after the pure blood (or person turned up to four generations from one) and kill it. Meanwhile Michael is freaking out.

MICHAEL:The FBI is trying to kill me.
KATE:Shut up! Everybody, shut up, okay? First things first, those guys – those guys aren't FBI, all right? I'm pretty sure that FBI agents don't say "awesome" that much. You know? And – and they definitely don't hunt and kill college kids.
MICHAEL:Did – did they say anything else?
BRIAN:Dude, they just sat and talked about how they have been apart for a year. You were probably right about that whole office-romance thing.
MICHAEL:I'm screwed. I'm screwed.

The little bit about Dean saying “awesome” so much is cute. Love how Dean shows he is bothered by it later :D Also Brian says that Sam and Dean sat and talked about being apart for a year, which is also interesting. It reminds us that there are things that they talk about off camera. Like, maybe they have talked about some of those touchy issues that people wish they would resolve, and we can’t just assume that they haven’t talked about them just because we haven’t heard it. I wonder what they talked about re being away from each other for a year. If it is enough for Brian to think that they may actually have some “office-romance” going, it must have been interesting to say the least.

Kate reassures Michael saying that Sam and Dean are after the pureblood who bit Michael and do not know about Michael himself. While Michael is still distraught and being comforted by Kate, Brian looks at the footage of Michael being attacked and finds something.   To his credit, he does turn around to tell them what he found, but they close the doors on him, and he decides to do something about it on his own.

He goes to the Prof.’s room and sets up a camera there to film his confrontation, where he threatens the professor into changing him but not before getting the whole story on camera. We see the footage of this when Brian comes back and shows Michael and Kate. The most important part of it of course is this line by the Professor.

PROFESSOR: Once you have a human heart, it's almost impossible to control the monster inside. But I did, until last week when I, uh... fell off the wagon, as they say. You have no idea – no idea – how hard it is. I've trained myself not to hurt anyone. I have – I have trained myself to... choke down those other hearts.

This is the theme that we are going to see reinforced in future episodes. Monsters who try to control their base instincts to live like a normal person in society are always struggling with the craving for human blood/flesh. Once they get a taste, it is a matter of time that they give into the craving again. By killing a monster, the hunter can be putting him out of his misery.

This is very important in terms of Benny and pretty much all the other monsters on the show. Just think of how many monsters Sam and Dean have let go and will let go hoping that they will walk the narrow path. (And it’s very interesting considering Season 12 and what the theme might end up being there - don’t you think??)  Benny essentially accepts Dean’s request to go back to Purgatory because he knows that one day he will give in to the urge and he would rather be killed then let that happen. The good thing about Benny - the beautiful thing - is that Benny, like Lenora, made the decision for himself and for his friend. The pure blood professor could not, so by killing him, Sam and Dean saved him from that eternal thirst for human hearts. As we see in the next scene, he actually thanks them for killing him.

The only thing I wish is that the monsters who wanted a peaceful life, like this pureblood and Benny, could have that when they died. Too bad they don’t have a heaven-like place where they can enjoy life-after-death separately in their own little paradise. Monsters who love humanity and monsters who live on instinct alone go to the same place - which goes to show that even while Sam (and Dean) might believe that it is what you do and not what you are… god doesn’t - or didn’t care about that when he created everything.

Wait...I wonder if there is a way to cure a monster, just like you can cure a demon. Then the soul could go to heaven couldn’t it? … That would be a nice idea for a fic or ep <3

After this line, the professor explains to Brian that he finally couldn’t take it any longer and killed the first victim. In order to cover his tracks, he made Michael into a werewolf to blame him for the killing because he didn’t think anyone would miss Michael, him who slept through his lectures. Brian asserts that he would miss Michael. Then he tells the Prof. that he doesn’t want to be piggy anymore, that he wants to be Ralph - the leader, and I guess the survivor. The prof tells him that people don’t get to choose who they are … which should be important to this season as well - maybe with regard to Sam trying to escape the hunter life.

Here, Brian stops showing the video and then shows Michael and Kate the bite he got from the Professor, telling them that the Professor was wrong, and that he had been able to choose what he wanted to be.

The camera continues to roll and we find that Sam and Dean had come in afterwards and killed the professor and also found the camera hidden in the room, which the Professor hinted about (by glancing in the general direction as he talked) before he died. Significant here is that the Professor both thanks Sam and Dean for killing him, and also hints at the camera to them so they could find Brian and the others.

Anyway, after watching the video, Kate points out that Sam and Dean saw the video and can now trace it back to Brian, and although Brian says he is trying to protect them, he actually is endangering them - or at least himself. But Brian has a brilliant idea.  He plans to put it all on Michael and escape with Kate.

BRIAN: Nothing's wrong with me.You told me that. I just... finally figured out what I want, and now I'm going after it. You thought I was hiding behind this? I was hiding behind you. I am done living in your shadow. I've always lived in your shadow. But now – now we're equals. Anything you can do, right?
MICHAEL:What? You think this is a game? Do you have any idea what you've done to yourself?

BRIAN:Well, you wouldn't bite me, so I had to –
KATE:You asked him to? [to MICHAEL] He asked you to bite him?
MICHAEL:I didn't, okay? [to BRIAN] I didn't want to hurt you. I would never hurt you, Brian. This thing inside of me – you don't want this.

Brian tells Kate that he knows what he wants, and he’s not going to hide behind Michael anymore. I think this is the first time we really see how unhappy Brian was in this relationship with Michael. So, Kate is what Brian wants, and to get her, he thinks he has to be bit as well. Of course he’s forgotten that Kate loved Michael before he was even bit and she loved him not because he was bit, but despite of it.

Michael tells Brian, “I would never hurt you, Brian,” and again, he seems like a nice guy, misunderstood through pure jealousy by Brian… but I can understand how Brian would take everything Michael said as dishonest and laugh in his face as he does - his unhappiness with himself makes him see Michael differently as well.

Well, after this Brian tells Michael that he’s weak and Kate needs someone strong to take care of her, and Kate goes, um excuse me, I can take care of myself. Then Michael pounces on Brian because Brian taunts him with a crybaby line, and Brian deals a killing blow with a silver knife.

This scene really reminds me of how Sam felt toward Dean in Season 4. The fight scene is directly parallel to Sex and Violence. Sam also called Dean weak and called him a crybaby. His feeling of inadequacy - of living in Dean’s shadow has always been there, and his wanting to use the Demon powers stems from that. That makes a whole lot of sense to me.

Michael and Kate have a Romeo and Juliet moment and then Brian tells Kate that she will understand that it’s the right thing as soon as he bites her and then he attacks and she is no match for him. The thing is, he had the wrong idea that being a hunk - being physically strong and capable, would solve all his problems. He let his jealousy grow so big that he started thinking that every good thing that happened to Michael was because he was physically well endowed. But he was wrong, and I guess we have to give Kate credit that she did not choose him soully because of his physical attributes.

Kate runs into the bathroom after being turned, and after freaking out for a bit, decides that now that she is a werewolf, she will get revenge for Michael. She pretends to agree with Brian and comes out, then attacks.
So Brian gets himself killed, just like Piggy gets killed in the Lord of the Flies when he tries to assert his right to leadership. The difference of course is that Ralph does survive and gets off the island, while Michael gets killed.

How does this ending to Brian and Michael compare to Sam and Dean this season? I do see a parallel between Brian getting himself bit and Sam taking on the Trials. Both take on something unknown to achieve something they would not have otherwise. Both do it to get out of another man’s shadow. Sam almost gets killed as well. That’s about it though. For one thing, their relationships are incomparable. Sam respects Dean so much more than Brian respects Michael, and Dean is so much more supportive, trusting and protective of Sam than Michael is of Brian. Dean is unable to say no when Sam begs to do the trials, and Sam is unable to say no to Dean when he begs Sam not to finish the trials. Unfortunately, Sam ends up feeling that he has failed again, and blames Dean for preventing him from making something of himself. It’s not Dean’s fault - Sam was the one unable to say no to Dean, but he still blames Dean for it, maybe because he is frustrated with his own weakness.   So... I guess it's more similar than I thought.

We then see Kate first go over to the dead Michael again to grieve, then she gets cleaned up and prepares the video for Sam and Dean.

KATE:I didn't finish Brian's movie to justify what happened. To be totally honest, I'm not really even sure if I understand it at all. I just wanted you to know that – that Michael wasn't always a monster. None of us were.
And she shows the scene where they are talking about what they want to be in the future - a peaceful scene full of hope which was dashed soon after by an event they had no control over. Then Kate reminds them that she hasn’t hurt anyone human and that she would survive on animal hearts so please don’t come after her.

SAM: Mm. [He sighs.] All right, so... [He looks at his watch.] What, she's got about a half-day jump on us?
DEAN:[quietly] Mm-hmm.
SAM:You all right?
DEAN:[quietly] Mm-hmm.
SAM:Look, Kate's right. She hasn't hurt anybody – well, anybody human at least.
DEAN:Yeah, she didn't – she didn't choose this. Let's give her a shot.

DEAN:Yeah, yeah.
SAM:And, look, if Kate pops back up, I mean, if she strays, then no questions asked. [He unplugs the hard drive and laptop on the desk and picks them up.] We do what we got to do and, um, we take her down.

Sam is the first to suggest going after her but it sounds very reluctant, and when Dean is not all gungho on the idea, he quickly switches to reasons they don’t have to go after her and Dean jumps on that. Sam then suggests that they can go after her if she strays, no questions asked. Isn’t this all very familiar and ironic? Familiar because it is in line with what Sam would usually argue for - giving the monster a chance. But ironic, because he does not act this way with Benny. I think we are supposed to see the difference here. It shows that Sam’s rejection of Benny is not based on the same thought process. Something else (his self-worth and worth to Dean) is bothering him, so that it is hard for him to accept Benny. On the other hand, Dean’s reaction to Kate can be seen as the result of his friendship with Benny. He has developed a sympathy for monsters from his time in Purgatory and possibly realized that they are not much different. Whatever the case, Kate’s video makes them sympathetic to her and they decide to let her try it on her own.

We find out later that she ends up turning her sister and her sister kills a whole bunch of people before she is taken care of.

Dean is still worrying about whether he says “awesome” a lot, and we have a cute little scene where he checks out Kate’s picture on the wall, and says it again, and Sam smiles as he hears it. That there is an office romance vibe if there ever was one!

Dean turns the music back on and Kate walks down the train tracks into the sunset… happy ending???
So this turned out to be so long. Thank you, thank you to anyone who actually read this till the end. I hope you enjoyed it!

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