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Rewatching 1-4 Phantom Traveler


Let me continue with my rewatch comments... next is Episode 4.
Here are just a few scenes I would rewatch this episode for:

The first is that shot of Dean sleeping...

We find out that Dean is always on the alert even when he is sleeping. This time, we see he has a blade under his pillow, which he would have been ready to use if it had not been Sam coming in the door. We see similar scenes later on. Even when he is trying to "have a normal life," he has a gun and holy water under his bed. It's not fear... it's precaution. I don't know, but Sam doesn't seem to have that same awareness, which is interesting - since they grew up together.(At least there is no scene of it that I know of.)

They get a call from Jerry, whom Dean and dad had helped get rid of a poltergeist. When they visit him (my banner is from the scene where they are traveling over.) Jerry tells Sam that dad was proud of him and that he had talked about him a lot. Sam is surprised, since he thought that his running away to college had disappointed dad.(We find out later they had a big fight before Sam left.)This point is important in understanding Sam's relationship with dad - or more like Sam's misconception of Dad's love for him. In a way, this journey to find dad, is also a journey to find out about dad, to understand why he did what he did, and also to understand his love for his sons.

So, Sam and Dean find out that the wreckage is securely guarded, and they need some badges to get in. They get some nice suits to fit the part(Homeland Security)... and here is a funny scene that I (and many others) like...

Dean: Oh, man. I look like one of the Blues Brothers.
Sam: No, you don't. You look more like a seventh grader at his first dance.

And he does doesn't he?! He starts looking the part gradually, I guarantee it.

Here is another of Sam convincing the traumatized to talk. "Tell us what you thought you saw."

So they find out a demon is involved... a first for the show, and it seems a first for the guys too. They also find out that Japanese believe in demons behind natural disasters... Interesting note for a person living in Japan. That particular trivia is correct. Japanese people have gods/demons for everything - including disasters and those that prevent disasters. Everything is a god in the original Shinto religion. So, creating a demon that takes over airplanes is a very creative idea. Interesting they combine it with biblical numerology - 40 minutes into flight - 40 meaning death. Another bit of trivia from Japan. 4 in Japan can be said two ways and one is the same way one would say "death" (Shi). Many Japanese people will not buy anything in fours. In the old days, some buildings even skipped the 4th floor!!

Another important point here: Sam and Dean feel in over their heads with this first demon...
Dean: I wish dad was here.
Sam: Yah, me too.
This happens one other time that I can think of.

In any case, they try really hard to get to the plane on time to stop Amanda from flying.
Sam: We'll never make it.
Dean: Oh, we'll make it.
And they do. But they end up not being able to sway the waitress off the plane and need to get on too if they are going to try to save those people. It is here we find out Dean's weakness. He has a "problem" with flying! just like all of the victims of the demonic possession... He sings Metallica to try to keep calm...! It is amazing he doesn't get possessed. Sam's pep talk gets him focused though.
Sam: You need to calm yourself down right now. Good.
(He sounds like the older brother all of a sudden!)

I'm not saying Dean didn't do his part in this hunt, but it was Sam that came through while Dean fought his fears. Here are some photos of Dean "dealing" :

and Sam looking the hero after he finishes the exorsism.

In the end, they find out that dad has left a message for everyone on his phone to call Dean if they need help. It is a shock to them, after they had called him so many times and had not heard from him. They are probably wondering why he has cut himself off from them... And he expects Dean to keep hunting instead of looking for him.

Catasauqua, Pennsylvania
Nazareth, Pennsylvania
Lehigh Valley Airport
The hospital they visit - Riverfront Psychiatric Hospital

Black Sabbath-Paranoid (coming out of suit store and going to see wreckage: also scene of banner below)
Rush-Working Man (going to Nazareth/back)
Blue Sarenco-Load Rage (boy in plane with earphones)
Metallica - Some Kind of Monster
hummed by Dean on the plane

さて、  再観賞したコメントを進めると…次はエピソード4。



ディーン: 「やだな、ブルースブラザーズの一人みたいだ。」





ディーンの意地です。そして何とか間に合いますが、アマンダを飛行機に乗るのを止めることができません。ここでディーンの弱みがわかります。彼は飛行機に乗るのがとても苦手!他の悪魔に乗っ取られた人たちと同じです。落ち着くためにメタリカの歌を口ずさみますが、… 悪魔に乗っ取られなかったのが不思議です。サムが説教をしてなんとか落ち着かせます。



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