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Rewatching 2-10 Hunted

So you want my reaction after my first rewatch? OMG, OMG, OMG....OMG! I think I made a mistake in rating this one at 5th. It is definitely my 3rd favorite episode so far in Season 2. Croatoan was just preparation for this - everything was in preparation for this.

Let's start with the music...


"White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane
(plays while Scott talks to his psychologist about the Yellow-Eyed Man through him walking home)
"Lonesome Stranger" by Carey Bell
(plays when Sam talks to Ellen at the Roadhouse)
"Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse
(plays when Ash gives Sam his search results at the Roadhouse)
"Swamp Thing" by Tim P. & Stephen R. Phillips (couldn't find this, sorry!)
(plays in the Roadhouse as other hunters are gearing up)

So, we start with a recap of dad lying to Sam about how he knew what the demon was planning and also Dean lying to him about dad having told Dean something before he died. We also have a recap of Sam telling Max that the demon has something planned... BUT WHAT?!

Then we're with another psychic as he tells his shrink how he can electrocute someone if he wants to... but he hasn't yet - just the neighbor's cat. The shrink says "I'll believe it if you believe it." but doesn't risk shaking hands. The boy tells the shrink about the YED, his whispers and his evil plans. Then, in a dark alley, before he can protect himself by using his powers, he's stabbed in the heart by an unknown assailant. All the while, "White Rabbit" drowns out what he says and marks a dramatic end.

Back to Sam and Dean - finally - we get to hear the terrible secret from Dean's mouth. Dean's hesitance to speak, Sam's dread as he listens...Sam is shocked and angry that Dean had kept it from him.
Season 2 disk 5 -1 18 Season 2 disk 5 -1 06
He said that I have to save you....And if I couldn't.... He said that I might have to kill you.

Sam wants to keep going and figure out what it means, but Dean is scared for Sam and wishes they could just wash their hands of the whole thing so that he could make sure...
Season 2 disk 5 -1 12
What?! That I don't turn evil? That I don't turn into some kind of killer?

Sam has been worried about this already and finding out what dad had said (and that Dean had kept it from him ) makes it so much worse. And Dean... so wants to keep Sam safe. He finally gets Sam to agree to give him some time to think.
Season 2 disk 5 -1 20
I'm begging you... Please.

But I guess that didn't mean Sam was going to stick around while Dean thought. He leaves, without telling Dean where he's going.

Well, what we see first is Ava's dream of Sam stealing a car, going to a warehouse and blowing up (OMG!!!). Yes, thank God it's a nightmare..... You know, this scene is just like that truck scene in Devil's Trap. Every time I see it, just the expectation/dread and the moment Sam's foot stumbles on the wire, Sam glancing at the bomb and then boooom! I never get used to it.

But Sam is actually at the Roadhouse and Ellen tells him Dean has been calling, wondering where he is. What's up between them? ooo, touchy question. Sam changes the subject. How's Jo? Ellen tells him how Jo had gone off on her own to hunt after she'd got a taste of it with them. Oh, Sam says, I guess I'm the last person you want to see...

What Ellen says in this episode is so important and although I had not remembered it consciously when I watched No Exit, I'm gratified to know that I was right about how Ellen felt. But first she tells him that Jo and she had had a fight and Ellen had essentially given Jo an ultimatum. Stay away from hunting or leave, and Jo had left. Does that remind you a little of what John had done to Sam? And what Dean does later on? This is never a good idea. Secondly, Ellen says she does not blame the boys for Jo going off on her own - or anything else.

Season 2 disk 5 -1 33
Sam, it's not your fault. None of it is.

And she tells him that she forgave John for what happened to her husband a long time ago - BUT that John had never forgiven himself.

When Sam tries to ask what actually happened, Ellen clams up again and changes the subject... So why are you here? Sam wants help finding other psychics, starting with those who had house fires. And to the music of Supermassive Black Hole, Ash re-enters the bar with the information he has gleaned (This is the music I've used for a Dean video previously and one of my favorites!).

There were four children who had house fires when they were babies, and the only one that Sam didn't know was Scott Carey in Lafayette Indiana, the psychic who just got stabbed in the beginning. When Sam gets up to go to Indiana, Ellen tells him she has to call Dean and tell him where Sam is headed but Sam asks her not to.

Season 2 disk 5 -1 35 Season 2 disk 5 -1 36
"I'm trying to find answers - about who I am. And my brother, he means well, but he can't protect me from that."

Sam goes to talk to Scott's father. He sees the back of the closet covered with yellow eyes and takes the medication to get more information from the shrink. (There's a SHOGUN book in his bookshelf! Good book!) Back at his motel, Sam senses someone coming up behind him - Ava - and slams her into the wall, demanding to know who she is.

I love this next scene - especially when I think of how many people Sam and Dean must have come across that think they are going nuts for what they saw and are surprised that Sam and Dean believe them. Ava insisting that she is normal, sane, while Sam's just standing there with that patient look on his face! "Just calm down..."

Season 2 disk 5 -1-13
I saw you die.

Sam, who can't believe a psychic just fell into his lap after all that searching, goes "I don't believe this" and Ava thinks Sam can't believe what she is saying. But when he refers to her as "one of us," she can't take that either. "One of WHO?" (I love the way she says that) And, no. She's just a normal secretary from Peoria. Despite of that, she wants to know what is going on with her and when Sam tells her it is her only chance, she goes along with him in his little scheme to break into the doctor's office and get Scott's file. Coming back from that little adventure, Sam is a little worried she might be freaking and asks, "How are you doing?"

Season 2 disk 5 -1-23
I just helped you steal some dead guy's confidential psych files. I'm awesome!

While that's happening, Dean's phoning Ellen and Ellen tells him she promised Sam she wouldn't tell - saying, "They say you can't look after your loved ones for ever." (reminding us maybe of how she had let Jo go...) Then... "Well, I say screw that. What else is family for?" and gives Dean directions. It is interesting from the point of view that Ellen does decide to go and watch Jo's back later on too. She realizes later what we have been seeing between Sam and Dean all through Season 1 and here, now in this episode. Ellen and Jo have already lost their husband and father. If they want to keep each other alive, they've got to stick together. Anyway, back to the present.

Dean catches up to Ava and Sam as they are listening to Scott's tape - the YED has told him that the psychics are supposed to be soldiers in the coming war... Now this is an interesting lie by the YED. In this case, I am assuming the YED gave Ava her dream to help save Sam and maybe to see if Sam and Dean could get rid of the threat - Gordon. It is also interesting to speculate why he would have said what he said to those psychics he was talking to in their dreams - not all the psychics, but maybe the potentially evil/weak ones like Weber and Scott? The demon that Gordon had captured had "let it slip" too... maybe for the elimination process? much like the house fires (I am assuming some children didn't make it out of that - remember how the baby's bed burned up in Salvation?) Maybe the demon wanted those hunters after the weaker psychics? As I said... Interesting.

Dean is relieved that Sam is ok... no, you sly dog... better than ok!
Season 2 disk 5 -1-34
(Dean, Sam's not like you)
Then all of a sudden shots through the window. One, two, three... and Dean catches up to Gordon.
Season 2 disk 5 -1-38
Dean: You do that to my brother, I'll kill you!

- Dean, you should have just knocked him out with his rifle... but he gets knocked out instead(headpalm...).

Sam comes up (pretty late, when we consider how much time it must have taken for Gordon to drag Dean off.) and finds traces of Gordon.
Season 2 disk 5 -1-41
These are .223 caliber. Subsonic rounds. The guy must have put a suppressor on the rifle.

This scene is rather cute aye? Sam almost excited by his knowledge, and Ava going..."Who ARE you??"
Sam's lame response... "I... just watch a lot of T J hooker." hahaha. Interesting though that he doesn't try to explain what he does. He pretends to just be a normal guy even after all that. And, it is also interesting that he decides to call Dean after "running away." He's in over his head already!

Season 2 disk 5 -1-43 Season 2 disk 5 -1-46
Dean:Yeah, I talked to Ellen. Just got here myself. It's a real funky town. You ditched me, Sammy.
Sam:Yeah, I'm sorry. Look, right now there's someone after me.

Seriously, Sam. That's all you have to say? Well, Dean is not in any situation where he can listen to a full apology anyway, being tied up and all. He gives Sam the code words "funky town" which mean he is being held at gunpoint.

Season 2 disk 5 -1-52
Sam: My brother's in trouble.
Sam:He gave me a codeword. Someone's got a gun on him.

So this is also something they have been prepared for - one of them being held at gunpoint. Also interesting after seeing their coordination in The Usual Suspects aye? Anyway, although Sam was the one who phoned Dean for help, it ends up that Sam is the one to try to save Dean exactly the way Ava saw Sam die. Ava and Sam both know it and instead of asking for Ava's help, Sam quickly tells her to go home where she will be "safe." (haha)

During this time, Gordon and Dean are having their own little conversation aye? First of all, Dean reminds us of Bloodlust when he brings up how they left Gordon for 3 days before sending someone to untie him - I guess. But surely that is no reason for tying Dean up like this?
Season 2 disk 5 -1-53
Dean:Well, we did leave you tied up in your own mess for three days. Which was awesome. Sorry, I shouldn't laugh.
Gordon:Yeah. I was definitely planning on whuppin' your ass for that.
But that's not what this is. This isn't personal. I'm not a killer, Dean. I'm a hunter. And your brother's fair game.

Dudun! Here it is. What Dean has been fearing all along since they went to the Roadhouse. We also find out how cold and cruel Gordon is when it comes to hunting. How he tortured and killed an innocent girl to get information out of the demon regarding the psychics, how he killed Scott Carey knowing he had not hurt anyone except for the neighbor's cat, and how passionate he was about killing Sam because of his "destiny" to "become a monster." I think this is the first time this word comes up - destiny. But as I said before, this is a key theme up to the end of Season 5: choosing to not believe in it and fighting against it. Gordon also adds that John would have "done the right thing" and asks, "... you're telling me you're not the man he is?"

John told Dean that he had to save him - and if he couldn't, he had to kill him. So John definitely did not intend to kill Sam before he really did go "dark side." But does this remind you of that line by Bobby? People sure like to pit Dean against dad. And I guess in this way as well, Dean finds a way to do things differently from what dad might have done.

Gordon puts two trip wires down when Dean tells him Sam would not fall for one... Dean! He is feeling more and more desperate as the situation becomes more and more out of control. Exactly the same situation as The Benders aye? Gordon puts a gag in Dean's mouth as they hear Sam approach and Dean can do nothing but pray.

Boom! The first grenade goes off. Then, Boom! the second. We are remembering Ava's dream, where Sam died in the first blast. We wonder - did Sam fall for the second one? Is ... he... dead? Oh, Sam. So smart!! Did he find the second wire and throw his shoe in to make it look like he was caught? Brilliant! But Dean is heartbroken... until Sam attacks Gordon and gets the better of him.
Season 2 disk 5 -2 33 Season 2 disk 5 -2 38
Gordon tells Sam to kill him - to show Dean that he is a killer after all... remind you of when Gordon is pouring Sam's blood over Lenora in Bloodlust? Trying to prove that Lenora could not resist drinking blood? "Show the killer you really are Sammy"... Sam resists - probably with his plan in mind - and knocks Gordon out. "It's Sam." (Sam really did not like it when Gordon called him Sammy - even in Bloodlust aye?!)

Then Sam goes to untie Dean. Oh joy! Dean grabs Sam and looks him over, then his anger at Gordon peaked, goes to find Gordon to end him once and for all. Sam stops him.
Season 2 disk 5 -2 41 Season 2 disk 5 -2 45
Dean: I let him live once. I'm not making the same mistake twice.
Sam: Trust me. Gordon's taken care of. Come on.

There is a scary moment once when Gordon comes out shooting, but they hide behind a log to see the show. And what a show it is! Gordon surrounded by police, the police going in his car and finding his stash of weapons (which Sam must have told them about!) Such a wonderful scene.

Season 2 disk 5 -2 55 Season 2 disk 5 -2 56
Sam:Anonymous tip.
Dean:You're a fine upstanding citizen, Sam.

After their adventure, Dean phones Ellen and tells her what happened. He accuses her or Ash/Jo of telling people about Sam's situation.
Season 2 disk 5 -2 59 Season 2 disk 5 -2 60

Ellen reminds Dean that there are many smart hunters around, and Gordon may have gotten his info from any of these that came to the Roadhouse; that Ellen and co. are loyal and would never have breathed a word; that she cannot control other hunters. We will be seeing quite a few of these crazy hunters in episodes to come aye?!

Another awesome scene at the end.

Sam and Dean in the car.
Dean: Dude, if you ever take off again...
Sam: What, you'll kill me?
Dean: That's so not funny.
(reminding us of The Benders again?)

Sam: What now?
Dean: One word. Amsterdam...
Dean still wants to get a way - especially after all that!

Sam :you're a hunter. I mean, it's what you were meant to do.
Although I think Sam meant that that was what Dean was good at, Dean takes it a little differently.
Dean: I wasn't meant to do anything, I don't believe in that destiny crap.
Sam: You mean you don't believe in my destiny.

This is such a touching scene ...

Sam: Look, Dean, I've tried running before. I mean, I ran all the way to California (scarecrow? not actually all the way, but anyway) and look what happened. You can't run from this. And you can't protect me.
Dean: I can try.
Sam:Thanks for that.
(heart squeeze...)

If Dean wants to protect him, he has to come with. What can he say? What can he do? If he doesn't want Sam running off and getting himself killed, he has to agree.


oooo! We hadn't heard that since... wait, Season 1 premier?!

And Sam's face.... I guess he's changed his mind about going off on his own (Sort of like he did in Scarecrow aye?)

But the episode doesn't end there. Sam is worried about Ava - who hasn't answered her phone. He has a bad feeling. They go to her house and find that 1) a demon has been there, 2) her fiance is dead, 3) Ava is gone - leaving her ring behind.

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