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Rewatching 2-9 Croatoan

Here I go on my comments for Croatoan. This is an episode in which we find out, dear God, that there is even more to dad's death than that it was unnatural for Dean to be alive, or the fact that dad had sacrificed his soul for Dean. We also find a new development in the mystery of the Yellow Eyed Demon. And it's all intertwined in the legend of CROATOAN which the Americans among us must know all about since you took history right? right? OK, enough of that. Let's get started.

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The episode starts with another dream/vision - from which Sam wakes up on the floor where he must have fallen from his bed. It is a disturbing vision of Dean killing someone who does not look evil or a monster and is pleading for his life.


The visions have started again, and flashing through Dean's mind are most probably dad's words to him as well as possibly thoughts of evil brewing among the psychics. They know the location is River Grove, Oregon because of the poster of Crater Lake on the wall in the doctor's office, so they go to see if they can figure out why Sam had such a dream and find a clue as to what the YED had planned for Sam.

Sam at this point is very worried that Dean is going to make a mistake and kill an innocent man (showing how worried he is of Dean's state of mind) while Dean assures him that there must have been some really good reason for his actions.

When they arrive in River Grove, Sam finds a familiar face right away and they go talk to him. He seems to be reluctant to tell them anything until Dean eases it out of him after noticing the tatoo of the "Master Sargent" by telling him that his dad had been in the Navy. It is interesting to note that while Sam is good with some people, Dean seems to be able to get what he wants out of others. It could be that when Dean seems a little out of line he is just taking up the "bad cop" role so that Sam can make them talk.

Anyway, after assuring the Sarge that Duane was not in any trouble, they go on their way to his house to talk to him. Sam accidentally bumps into the telephone pole and finds the carved letters CROATOAN. It is kind of interesting that in the last episode they have Dean teaching Sam about Robert Johnson and his crossroad deal as well as noticing the flowers on the corners, and this episode we have Sam doing the same thing to Dean about the CROATOAN legend although, I think they could have played it a little better.

Season 2 disk 4 first half 08
Roanoke? Lost colony? Ring a bell? Dean, did you pay any attention in history class?

Season 2 disk 4 first half 09
Yeah! Shots heard 'round the world, How bills become laws . . .

I'm going with the firm belief that Dean is joking here. And Dean does remember the story, after some prompting. They agree that it probably is tied in with the YED and they are undermanned so they try to phone Bobby, Ellen for backup. All the phones are down. Dean notes, " If I was gonna massacre a town, that'd be my first step." (Dean's words and the situation both remind me of 5-2 Good God, Y'All)

Off to Duane's house where they find something fishy going on.
Season 2 disk 4 - 3 of 4 05
That was kind of creepy, right? A little too Stepford?

And they peek through the window to see if they can find something out.

They don't know it but they are just a bit too late and the mother has been infused with tainted blood. They go in to rescue her and Dean kills the dad without hesitation while Sam hesitates and lets the brother go.

Season 2 disk 4 - 3 of 4 07
It turns out to be a mistake just as Dean warns.

They quickly take the mother and dead dad to the clinic.
Season 2 disk 4 - 3 of 4 08
DR. Lee:Was he attacked too?
Dean: Uh . . . no, actually, he did the attacking and then he got himself shot.

So the doctor is all freaked that a fine outstanding member of the community has been shot for an unbelievable reason and although the mother verifies it, they still want the sheriff. But, the sheriff is nowhere to be found and of course the phones are down. Dean says he will go to the next town (Sidewinder - which is 40 miles down the road - exactly like in the Shining) to get help while Sam stays behind to "keep them save." "Keep us safe from what?" Yes, what indeed - and again Dean tells them "we'll get back to you on that."

We see people looking after him as he drives down the road to the bridge, and he also finds a car with bloody seats and no one inside.

When he gets to the bridge, well there's the escaped brother with a whole bunch of other folks looking pretty scary.
Season 2 disk 4 - 3 of 4 18

And a guy all of a sudden comes up to the car from behind - I love how Dean is so cool in this scene.
Season 2 disk 4 - 3 of 4 21
Man: Say, why don't you get out of the car and we'll talk a little?
Dean:Well, you are a handsome devil, but I don't swing that way, sorry.

And off he goes as guns blaze behind him.

On the way back to the clinic he finds the Sarge in the middle of the road, in panic - not being able to trust anyone in a town that's gone crazy. A funny scene here between the two (well, funny because we are rewatching aye?):
Season 2 disk 4 - 3 of 4 27 Season 2 disk 4 - 3 of 4 28
Sarge:My neighbor . . . Mr. Rogers, he —
Dean: You've got a neighbor named Mr. Rogers?
Sarge: Not anymore.

And Sarge pointing the rifle at Dean as Dean drives... is also a great scene.

While this is happening, Sam is finding out that the dad had sulfur in his blood, which shows that demons are involved somehow for sure. Then, Beverly - the mother- all of a sudden "hulks out" and attacks the doctor. By the time Dean and Sarge come in, she is locked in a storage room (don't ask me how...).

When Dean and Sarge come in (after a thrilling ride I'm sure), Sam tells Dean what had been going on. Sarge tells them that the infected people get stronger as time passes and they should kill her quickly before she does but, when he tries to kill her he can't because he knows her. Dean turns to Sam to confirm -

Season 2 disk 4 - 3 of 4 35
"You sure she's one of 'em?"

When Sam nods, Dean kills her without hesitation.

Then, while they are making bombs and preparing to make an escape if needed, in comes Duane. Dean is already suspicious of him because... well he felt the need to kill him in Sam's dream so he must have had good reason. And Sam is especially cautious - again because of his dream and the fear that Dean may have killed an innocent man. There is no way of knowing if Duane has been infected until he "hulks out" and everyone is hesitant. Sam and Dean have their little talk in another room and Sam begs Dean not to kill him until they know for sure. Although Dean locks Sam up so he can't stop Dean from killing Duane, he still hesitates - because he has faith in Sam. It kind of reminds me of Bloodlust. Maybe Dean is reminded of that time too, when he was wrong to trust Gordon over Sam. He can't do it.

Sam is curious (aren't we all?) and asks Dean later why he didn't but Dean doesn't answer and Sam is attacked by the nurse before we can find out.

Season 2 disk 4 - 3 of 4 36

Dean shoots her, but not before she infects Sam.

Now the tables are reversed. It is Dean's loved one who has "been infected" and he of course cannot kill Sam and he threatens to shoot anyone who does.

Season 2 disk 4 - 3 of 4 47
Dean: I'm gonna say this one time — you make a move on him, you'll be dead before you hit the ground. You understand me? I mean, do I make myself clear?!

Sarge: Then what are we supposed to do?

Season 2 disk 4 - 3 of 4 55

Just a face... makes my heart break.

He gives the keys to them and tells them all to leave. Sam tells Dean to give him his gun back so he can kill himself, but Dean refuses.

Season 2 disk 4 - 3 of 4 60 it's not about dad
Sam:Dean, I'm sick. It's over for me. It doesn't have to be for you.
Dean: Who says I want to?
Sam: What?
Dean:I'm tired, Sam. I'm tired of this job, this life . . . this weight on my shoulders, man. I'm tired of it.
Sam:So what, so you're just going to give up? You're just gonna lay down and die? Look, Dean, I know this stuff with Dad has —
Dean:You're wrong. It's not about Dad. I mean, part of it is, sure, but . . .

OK first, let me ask if my understanding is correct. Dean is staying with Sam so that when Sam does "hulk out" Dean can kill him and ... kill himself? Or get infected too and end up the same way?

If that is right, then in a way he is acting according to dad's instructions - except that he cannot kill Sam outright just on the possibility that he might go evil and he'd rather die trying to save him. (... which ties in with Hunted and several other future episodes.)

We don't get to hear the rest right then because the doctor comes back. They probably just went out and came almost right back after finding no one around. She tests Sam after a few hours I guess and finds him to be completely clean. She also sees that the blood of the others is clear of sulfur too. She tells Dean that Sam is free to go. Both Sam and Dean feel they've missed something important.

no signs of infection This is the one that got away
Sam:Why was I immune?
Dean: Yeah. You know what? That's a good question. You know, I'm already starting to feel like this is the one that got away?

So we have a scene of Duane and Sarge parking on the road before the bridge and Duane - who was a DEMON! - slitting Sarge's throat ("no one left behind" - I wonder if the doctor died somehow too??). And we find out that Dean would have been right to kill him - or at least exorcise him... So question. Do you think YED was using Sam's sympathy? Knowing Sam would react that way and knowing Dean would listen to him? Interesting aye? We also find out that it was some kind of test of Sam's immunity to the virus.

And we see Sam and Dean again. Beautiful scenery. Having a beer.
Sam just has to ask him what he was about to say in that room. Dean tells Sam, I promised dad I wouldn't say anything... but it is about you.... He cannot take the burden by himself anymore and he has to confide in him because who else is there that he can trust more? We end with a cliffhanger but the dreaded secret is revealed next episode.

**This is also where Dean suggests they go see the Grand Canyon because they've never seen it before. It is such an important cliffhanger - haha- scene that I think people remembered this part pretty well too aye? Now why didn't the writers??

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