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Rewatching 7-22 There Will Be Blood

The first thing I remember about this episode is the Alpha vamp scenes. I do like Sam and Dean’s interaction with him and I think the show does a good job of personifying him, sort of like they did with Eve and with the Phoenix. I also always have Vampire!Dean at the back of my head. Another scene that I remember is Dean complaining about the food, and how he’s a warrior and can’t survive on rabbit food. On rewatch, though I also enjoyed the Dean/Bobby scenes, Sam and Dean at the grocery store, and Bobby pacing the motel room trying to think of the lock combination.

As indicated by the title, this is mostly an episode about Sam and Dean collecting blood. They’ve got Cas’ blood last ep, but now they need the blood of an Alpha and of the King of Hell. And in order to collect blood from the Alpha, they end up collecting blood from a “corn-sugar stoned” guy. Sort of interesting to contemplate this importance of blood in both how the Leviathan are trying to control people and monsters on earth and how Sam and Dean can get rid of them.

"Why Can't We Be Friends?" by War (plays in the police car while Sam and Dean are taking blood from the guy drinking the "Mushy Slushy")

So the ep starts with Kevin, caught by Dick and forced to type out the translation of the tablet again - first he is bribed with a ticket to Princeton, then blackmailed with his mother's life. Here, we learn at least that Kevin is a good guy and is not going to give up the world for his own dreams, we learn he has backbone and courage, and finally, that he loves his mom very much.  I don't think many sons would let their mom be killed even for a good cause, still, this is the first instance we see of his love for his mom, which we will see again in future eps.

Sam and Dean are puzzling over the recipe for getting rid of the Leviathan that Kevin translated for them and there is a cute scene about finding a playboy in dad’s duffle - Sam’s seen this same playboy and they reminisce about how the best of them are dead…

Then Dean tells Sam what he thinks the puzzle means -

DEAN:Okay. Well, I think we both agree that, uh, the head is Dick. Right?
DEAN:So, bottom line is, we go grab the stuff, and we mix ourselves a weapon. End of story.
SAM:Look, I'm all for killing Dick. I'm just saying, what then? I mean, what about the rest of the Leviathan? What, are they gonna just... drop dead?
DEAN:I don't know. Maybe.

Sam is a bit worried about after. If they go in secretly and kill Dick, but get left with a whole bunch of Leviathan all around them… they’re not going to be able to get out of the building.

Dean goes to the “john” and, as he’s washing his face at the sink, he feels the air go cold and the mirror ice up. He turns around to find Bobby there and this is a very nice shot of Dean’s neck and side face.

Bobby is frustrated with Dean and Sam for not acting on the information that they have right away. He has already figured out that the king of fallen humanity is Crowley and the father of monsters …. is an Alpha. Dean points out that they killed all the Alphas, but Bobby argues that Cas might help with that... Cas is indisposed? how about Crowley? Get working on this, STAT! He gets so upset he cracks the mirror.

Dean goes back to Sam and lets him know that Bobby is hanging out in the john lately (“that’s awkward,” says Sam) and he has some ideas.

While they are sidetracked again, Bobby gets them back on track by banging the computer closed. So, they get moving.

They call Crowley and tell him what they have found out about the way to get rid of the Leviathan, and that they need his blood. They DON’T tell him that they have Cas’ blood, since as far as they know Crowley doesn’t know that Cas is alive, and probably wants to rip Cas to shreds at this point. Crowley has already been screwed over once on a spell involving blood with Cas and doesn’t want to give Sam and Dean his blood until they have everything else. Of course he is trying to make sure his own interests are being met, and that is also the possibility of double crossing them when the time comes if he can get a better deal somewhere else. I don’t know if he suspects Dick might call, but he sure wants to keep his options open.

He does, however, let them know that the Alpha Vamp got out of that facility before Cas killed all the monsters in it and he knows where he is - Keep your enemies closer… and all that.

He leaves before telling them where the Alpha is but makes the answer burn a hole in their table. Love Dean’s grumbling, "paper would have done well enough." LOL Why would they want to have a table with a place name burned into it, and why would Crowley want to leave a record of where they were going like that? Cool, but not cool.

So anyway, Sam and Dean are on their way and they get to the place where the Alpha is said to be and find it dark and lifeless. Bobby goes in to investigate and comes back saying that he found a whole bunch of dead vampires inside, so they go in and sure enough, all the vamps there are dead and seem to have been killed by something they ate.

Sam and Dean find that there is something odd about the wall and Bobby goes in to investigate while Sam and Dean find the lever to open the secret door. Sam finds it behind a book named "How to Serve Man" and I looked this up on SuperWiki - it is a book in an episode of Twilight Zone by the same name.  The story is of aliens who come saying they are friendly, and it is only at the end of the episode that the book is found to be a cookbook.  Sam here shows it to Dean as if he should recognize it, which is interesting in itself,... but it is also an interesting reference especially to the Leviathan and their plans, as well as the vampires (whose book it is afterall) and pretty much any monster on Earth.

When they open the door, they find a human girl inside. Sam and Dean both put away their machetes and tell her they are just there to talk, and that they don’t have fangs.

She looks to be in her late teens but she was abducted when she was eight, as she was playing in the playground. She talks of the vampires as if they are monsters but we know she is just pretending. She does tell them what happened as if she saw it herself, which I guess she did. The vamps taking care of her came back with an “easy meal” or a bunch of stoned humans from town and started to chow down. All the ones who ate died. One of them didn’t eat - pretty smart guy - and he went to find some animals instead and wasn’t back yet.

She also is a bit surprised by Sam’s cell phone… which may indicate that when she was abducted they at least didn’t look the way Sam’s does. When they ask after the Alpha Vamp, she tells them she remembers being taken somewhere and he might be there now as well. Pretty quick thinking on her part - even without knowing exactly where the Alpha is, she just guesses that these guys could find him with her directions and well, she’ll bring her daddy a present.

So, off they go, and while they do, our Levi friend Edgar is getting the Alpha Vamp's whereabouts from the vamp that came back from drinking animal blood.

Sam and Dean find the place pretty easily when the girl remembers a bell ringing very early in the morning near by. It’s a monastery, and when Sam tells Dean that they get up early for prayers, he’s like, they don’t get to have sex and they don’t even get to sleep? What kind of life is that? (LOL)When they find it, they decide to drop the girl off at a motel and go back to deal with the vamps later, during the day when most of them are probably sleeping.

On the way, they stop for supplies and while they are talking about what they are going to do with Bobby, Dean notices that everyone is out of it. There is a guy concentrating on piling mustard on his hotdog, a woman who can’t decided which drink she wants when they are all the same drink, a guy who is drinking a smoothy directly from the machine… It makes me wonder how they even got there if they were so stoned. Sam says it must be that corn sweetener from the company Dick took over just recently and it’s in practically everything. Even pie? Especially pie. Poor Dean has to go on a diet of veges and fruits like Sam.

As they are walking out with their bagged goods (I wonder who bagged them??) they see this guy out on a bench near parking drinking a pop, completely stoned. Wiki noted that this guy had on a Pluckies T-shirt on which I didn't particularly notice.  I did notice of course that the bench had an ad for Biggersons. They are talking about how they don’t have any deadman’s blood for the vamps when Dean realizes that the town is full of “deadman’s blood.” All they have to do is ask for some from one of the stoned people, like the guy on the bench.

So they go up to the guy and Sam tries to explain some nonsense about why they need his blood and he looks at him like, I can’t understand such difficult language.

Dean sits down beside him and just tells him to hold out his arm, they need his blood - and he does :D Sam sits down on the other side and puts the guy’s hand down on his knee, takes the syringe from Dean and pokes him for some blood right between his forefinger and middle finger… which was quite interesting to me.

The guy is like owwww…. And Sam and Dean quickly look around to see if anyone has noticed but they haven’t. The guy finally has found his voice and asks if it is for Hurricane Katrina and Dean’s like, yes. Of course.

The whole exchange is so hilarious. Also they hear a police car and find that even the police officer is stoned and playing the song "Why Can't We Be Friends" with his siren.

Then Sam and Dean start talking about Bobby again over the guy’s head and the guy continues to listen with this bemused smile on his face. They decide that they should leave Bobby at the motel with the girl while they go to the nest.

When they get to the motel, they sit the girl down in front of the TV and she watches fascinated, as if she didn’t have TV where she was. Dean puts the flask in the safe, telling Bobby it’s better this way, and they are about to go out the door when the door bangs shut on them.

It’s Bobby expressing his irritation with them, and the girl is surprised and Sam and Dean are like, it’s the wind… before they open the door again and go out. Bobby seems to be a bit weak at this point and can't stop them.

When they get to the house, Dean is all ready to take them all out and get the blood that way, but Sam’s like, how? When they captured the Alpha before it took more than a few hunters and most oof them didn’t even make it out alive. How about they just try to go in with a white flag and talk with the Alpha instead? Surely the vampires, once they knew that the Leviathans were trying to out them as well, would be agreeable to giving them the blood so that they could get rid of the Leviathans. And Dean always listens to Sam when it comes to this kind peace over violence kind of stuff - I just did my rewatch of the early Season 11 eps and it’s the same there.

The interesting thing here is that Sam is very careful to make the choice that doesn't get them killed, while Dean isn't really looking at the consequences - it's the same before at the cabin.  So they hide their machetes and deadman’s blood and go in empty-handed.

As soon as they open the door, Sam gets taken by one of the vamps inside, and Dean who goes in to help, also gets caught. But the Alpha wants them alive and the vamps don’t bite them at least. They take them to the Alpha. Sam explains that they just want to talk, and that they need the Alpha’s blood to get rid of the Leviathan, and the Alpha’s like, why should I trust you, you tortured me and almost killed me…and Dean says well, that was mostly our grandpa and one of the vamps behind Dean pushes him into the table.

Dean slowly gets up with a bloody mouth, wiping it slowly and telling the vamp, thanks for that - which is totally scary and cool but this is how they get droplets of Dean’s blood on the table for a later scene.

There is a scene here where the girl comes in all “daddy <3” and the boys find out that she is actually completely taken in by the Alpha and had sold them out. Sam tries to tell the Alpha that the Levis are not going to share with them, that they are lying and killing them off with this new formula just as the humans are being killed off - the Alpha asks whether they are now trying to save Vamp lives and Dean answers, “beats going down with you.”

While they are talking, a little boy comes in - another human virgin boy - the Alpha has a fetish it seems. The boy tells the Alpha that Edgar is here. Despite Sam and Dean's protests, the Alpha decides to hear the Levi side of the story before trusing Sam and Dean.

When Edgar comes in, he sees and recognizes the Winchester blood on the table.  The Alpha says you can take them, but we need to talk - my people are dying from the food additive, and you promised to fix it.  At first, Edgar pretends that of course they mean to keep their promises, but the Alpha points out that Dick has not come to talk in a while and his people have been dying off. Then Edgar tells him the truth. They have no intention of sharing the pie. There are not enough humans to share. The Alpha says we're practically brothers, and Edgar says well I knew Eve and she was a whore.  They push each other around, and then Edgar goes to attack the Alpha.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean have been locked in the “blood room.” Dean recognizes that the Alpha thinks he is strong enough to withstand the Levi because he has survived for so long, but he is going to get killed off. I guess that was Edgar‘s purpose all along, so that the Alpha wouldn’t give Sam and Dean his blood.

DEAN:I think any way you slice it, you got Pac Man and True Blood in the same room and that's bad news. I mean, he's not stupid. Why the hell do you think he locked us in here?
DEAN:I think you got the oldest monster on earth thinking that he can hold his own because he always has.
SAM:Edgar's gonna eat him alive.

Sam says what do we do, we don’t have any deadman’s blood - they took it all… but Dean has a stash in his boot <3<3 Sam is able to make a lock breaker with a needle on one of the blood transfusion machines and they get out. The vamp they shoot up with the stoned guy’s blood dies quickly.

DEAN:Friggin' vamptonite.

They rush in to the dining room where the Levi is about to eat the Alpha up, and chop off his head. Awesome scene.

By this time Dean is sick of this negotiation technique and decides to take the girl and get the Vamp blood by force.  The vamp flings Dean and tells him the girl has been through enough - I'll give you my blood because you saved me from Edgar.  Just go.  The guys just look at the Alpha open-mouthed.

But then, Sam doesn't take the blood.  Instead, he asks that they be allowed to take the boy too.  Dean looks at Sam like, "You serious? Let's get out of here!"  But he sees how determined Sam is and he looks at the Alpha like, "You better do what he says or I'll kill you, or die trying..."  And that change in expressions is awesome!

SAM:What about the little boy?
ALPHA VAMPIRE:Are you joking?

DEAN:Do we look like we're joking? How many other kids you got in here, you freak?

The Alpha agrees  - he doesn't want to fight them - and they go out.

Love this last scene where the Alpha suggests they must be pissed that they have to come back to kill him again, and tells them “I’ll see you next season.” It reminds me of Meg and her “I’m not a real nurse, I just play one on TV.” Allusions to the fact that this is in fact a TV show (breaking the fourth wall) are so much fun! <3<3

All this time, we also see Bobby pacing the room trying to figure out the combination to the safe. Dean’s birthday, Sam’s birthday, and finally he gets it. It’s his own birthday. Love how he makes the fire burn brighter! He gets it out, then takes advantage of the maid who came in wondering what all the ruckus was about, and possesses her.

The next scene Sam and Dean are walking back to their motel room - Dean’s saying he’s not doing that again, taking the boy to the police station and being accused of abducting him themselves. Sam of course is like, well we saved the boy didn’t we? It’s worth it. And Dean’s like, but we had to jump out the window!! LOVE these conversations because you know that Dean is happy to have been able to save the boy, but he loves to grumble LOL.

They get to the door and find it open. Getting their guns out, they go in slowly, expecting some monster or something and find the room a mess and Bobby’s flask missing. He’s gone.

DEAN: It's a good thing we got Crowley in our corner. Right? Seeing as how it all comes down to him. What could possibly go wrong?

Meanwhile, Dick traps Crowley in a devil’s trap and they start negotiating, which just goes to show that Dean is right to be wary of Crowley.

CROWLEY:Hello... Dick.
DICK ROMAN:Mr. Crowley, we have so much to talk about. Take a seat.

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