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Rewatching 7-20 The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

Hi everyone, I'm posting this at like 2 in the morning, and I could have waited and checked it again, but I just really really wanted to get this done so... sorry for any and all errors.  You can let me know if you find something that particularly bothers you.  Thank you for reading!

We are finally back on track with the Leviathan storyline! Sam and Dean have had NO luck whatsoever finding out what Dick is trying to do with his archeological digs and cancer centers but they finally have Bobby to explain what he had found out in Dick's office - and wow he found out a lot in that short time! Then Frank, also dead, steals Bobby's thunder and with the help of a pretty awesome girl, they are able to get their hands on the something that Dick has been digging for. Heee!!! Next ep I get to see Kevin!!! and crazy Cas!!! <3<3

But first, Charlie. In this episode Charlie shows us a joyful zest for life like no other character on the show. She's a computer wiz, a lover of fantasy and a Robinhood, finding courage through her beloved characters and helping the less fortunate by taking from the rich. She actually has a lot in common with both Sam and Dean when it comes to geekiness, and is very much like Dean when it comes to her "problem with authority." Her Robinhood activities are also not very different from how Sam and Dean get their funds for hunting.

And Vengeful Bobby. Just as the boys fear, Bobby has a hard time controling his anger when faced with Dick. He saves them all, but not before hurting Charlie by accident.

So here we go!

"Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves(plays while Charlie is walking into the building and in the elevator)
"Vistas" by Network Music Ensemble(plays over the SucroCorp commercial)

The ep starts with Sam and Dean back at the cabin, at a dead end. Dean takes out the flask and takes a drink, then suddenly Bobby appears, scaring them into almost shooting him and disappearing once when he is unable to concentrate properly. Finally he stabalizes and tells them Dick's plan for Leviathan to stay on Earth one-percenter style, feeding off of the human population and replacing humanity at the top of the food chain.

Bobby: This is about knocking us off the top of the food chain. This is about them Levis living here forever, one percenter-style, while we march our dopey, fat asses down to the shiny new death camps at every corner.
Then as they are talking, Sam gets an e-mail from Frank, who tells them that he's dead and someone is hacking into his hard-drive.

(Dean's reaction to Frank being dead :( )

When they track the location, they find that it is someone in one of Dick's companies.

Dean's reference to Star Wars <3
Then we jump 5 hours earlier, where Charlie has just arrived at work.

She gets her nice huge earphones on as she goes in and when she finds herself alone in the elevator, does a little happy dance.

NEVER among any of the victims or hunters or monsters or even innocent standersby have we ever seen this amount of fun. This sort of defiant joy. This sense in clothing, even. It kind of lights up the whole show. I must say they've introduced some really interesting characters this season in Frank, Garth,now Charlie, and later Kevin.

Alex, who's caught up with my rewatches finally, wondered what was the use of making sure she was alone in the elevator when everyone outside could see her.  It's completely seethrough!

When she gets to her floor, she blows a bit of hair out of her mouth and acts nonchelant as she goes to her little cubicle, which is totally cool.  I can't remember, but one of my flist showed a picture of her desk too, and this is a special thing about being in the computer line of work.  You can really show your colors, you know? People in areas that have to deal with clients etc., can't really do that because they have to reflect the company colors.  Anyway, this is not the only way Charlie shows her own colors.  As she explains later, she has a "problem with authority" and is a bit of a Robin Hood

She has a little conversation about scoring at a reproductive rights funtion with her co-worker/friend all the while diverting funds from a conservative political party to some sort of animal lovers organization.and telling her friend that she's been doing this for howmany years and she can cover her tracks fine thank you very much!

CO-WORKER:Oh, well, if Pete finds out, he's gonna fire you... or get you arrested.
CHARLIE:Teddy Bear Pete? Please. You know I've been doing this for like a month. I can cover my tracks, Harry. Trust me.

Then she suddenly gets called by the manager

PETE:My office. Now.
HARRY:I love you.

Charlie's first reference to Star Wars!

And when she gets to the office, there is DICK! Despite her confidence a few minutes ago, she mistakens Dick's talk to mean that he has called her because of her "unlawful activities." It's true Dick has found out about the fund diverting, but that's not why he's called her. He has an eye for finding talented individuals and Charlie is one of those that he cannot copy - I love Dick's "subtle" references to his Monster self.

Dick: You're kind of completing me right now, Charlie. You have that thing, that spark that makes humans so special. Not everyone has it, you know. Most people can be replaced, but people like you are impossible to copy.
He gives her Frank's HD and tells her to break the code in three days or she is fired.

CHARLIE: Is this real life?
Charlie goes back to her desk and tells Harry about the assignment, and we have another reference, this time to The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings
CHARLIE:It means the Eye of Sauron is on me.
HARRY:Well, if you need anything, I'll be back in the Shire.

And she couldn't have been more accurate.

Then we are back to that scene in the beginning where she tries to hack into Frank's drive and Sam and Dean are alerted of it. We have Dean's awesome line again as well. I really love all these references to Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and all kinds of awesome stuff! I also love that Dean doesn't know about Harry Potter but he makes all the references to Star Wars which Charlie also loves as we see from her exchange with her friend at the office.

Anyway, Sam and Dean are wondering how they are going to get in the Death Star when Bobby suggests they mail in the flask and he'd deal with it, since Dick wasn't going to be able to kill him twice. Actually, if he found the flask... he probably could LOL but they neither of them think of that excuse. Instead, Sam and Dean remind Bobby of what ghosts are capable of - turning vengeful so that they don't really care what happens to anyone except their vengeance.

SAM:Bobby, that's Dick's office.
DEAN:I think what Sam's trying to say is, what happens if you run into Dick and, you know... go vengeful. You know it's not something you can just shake off.
BOBBY:Come on. Give me some credit. What, I'm supposed to just ride the pine?
SAM:Sorry, Bobby.

Sam and Dean go out and we see Bobby with a very angsty face as he sees them leaving. Even my son knew he was sure to do something - Bobby wasn't going to listen to the boys.

While that's happening, Charlie has already cracked the hard drive and despite orders to bring it straight to Dick takes a peek inside.

She thinks it's pretty crazy stuff until she goes downstairs to find her manager and sees him get copied and eaten by a Leviathan that was with Dick. She quickly leaves the office and next we see of her she is already in her apartment packing her bag.  She opens her apt door to leave when Dean and Sam confront her. I guess they are thinking she might be a Leviathan herself and don't want to risk showing themselves until she looks like she's making a run for it.

Love this scene where she attacks them with a fake sword and Sam's like hey, don't hit me, ouch! LOL

Dean quickly calms her down by telling her that they are also not Leviathan and she must know that Leviathans sizzle in Borax and then pour Borax over their hands to prove they are not, then on hers just to make it even.

Then, of course she wants to know who exactly they are and they explain.

We also get an awesome commercial for the Leviathan food project, using corn products to make humans compliant and do what they want.

VOICE ON COMMERCIAL:America – a nation of greatness… a nation of hardworking individuals. And, rest assured, no one works harder for you than Sucrocorp. Here at Sucrocorp, your well-being is our number-one priority. Sucrocorp – eat well, live well.

 Love how the commercial also talks of America being a "great nation"  It reminds me that Dean called the country that last ep at the beginning while eating the Taco.  It may not be something a normal American citizen would think anything of.  I bet that is the kind of stuff that's on TV all the time, but as a Canadian, it kind of sticks in my throat... makes me gag ok... sorry. But, I think this word use by Dean and the Sucrocorp commercial was totally planned within the show.  Not quite sure what it's trying to say, maybe that the abundance of food makes people happy and think that their country is great? and that commercials about how great the country is the key to controlling people and making them compliant?  I know some people dislike Season 7 for this type of message but maybe it's the Canadian in me? I LOVE a little irony. Kudos to the writers (who are Americans) for pointing that out.

Charlie: I'm going to die. I should've taken that job at Google.
So first she thinks she can keep working but quickly realizes that Dick probably would kill her.  Second option, just erase the hard drive and keep working. That's difficult too because she is now on Dick's radar and under the eye of Souron. So, third option, erase drive and leave - disappear so Dick never finds her. But here, Sam asks her how long it took her to hack the HD and she’s like a day or so… and Sam’s like wow… can you hack into anything? How about Dick’s e-mail?

She tries but finds that it's not on the company server.

Meaning, it can only be accessed from his phone or his desk computer, which means someone like her has to go in - Sam or Dean could not hack it. Weeelll I’m not sure about that, Sam is pretty good at hacking e-mail, but she doesn’t know that. She then realizes what Sam and Dean are wondering and she’s like, no way, I’m not going in there.

Sam’s like, of course not, we understand, you didn’t volunteer for this, but then, Charlie’s defying destiny/authority spirit and feeling of responsibitliy now that she knows all her loved ones and friends could be eaten up by these monsters kicks in.

CHARLIE: Totally. Exactly. But now I volunteer.
CHARLIE:I got to go back in anyways to wipe Frank's drive. Might as well break into Dick's office, too.
SAM:Are you sure?
CHARLIE:No. But these things are gonna eat everyone I know. What kind of douchebag stands by for that?

Charlie's line here makes Dean admire Charlie and it reminds me of Sarah in Provenances, when Dean told Sam to "Marry that girl." :D

So they start planning how to get her into Dick’s office.

Meanwhile, we see Bobby standing in the corner, glowering at the indignity of not being included, and also planning how to get himself into the building as well.

The security cams have been set up on the computer and Sam and Dean are waiting at the monitor.  They talk about how Charlie only has 15 minutes to copy the files and get out.

DEAN:15 minutes ain't a lot of time.
SAM:No. She said if it took longer to hack his desktop, then she deserved to be eaten.
DEAN:I like her.

Finally it’s time to go and as they check the cameras, Dean notices that Bobby’s flask has magically transported itself to Charlie’s bag.

Dean contacts Charlie and Charlie is singing to herself.  She tells Dean not to judge, but Dean's like, "judgement free zone" and we also remember how Dean sang to calm down in the plane in Season 1.  Then he tells her about the flask, that it’s a goodluck flask and not to lose it.

When it’s time to go in, Charlie freezes up. She tells the boys she can’t do it, and she’s sorry. Trying to help, Sam calms her down by talking to her about her favorite Harry Potter character, Hermione. Dean can’t believe Sam is talking Harry Potter, and makes another reference to how geeky Sam is and expresses his doubt as to whether something like that would work.

DEAN: Seriously?
SAM: Shut up.

I have to mention here that this is the second time in a row that another character surprises Dean by doing something another way than he would have. Garth in Party On, Garth also used the sock and surprised Dean. This little pep talk also reminds me of The Real Ghostbusters and other episodes where the characters tell Sam and Dean how much Sam and Dean give them courage. “That’s what Sam and Dean would have done.” It seems like another salute to the fact that nonreal characcters (well to those of TRGB Sam and Dean were fictional too) can give courage and help people do what they could not have done otherwise. It’s also a salute to all of us Supernatural fans that receive courage from the show.

It’s also interesting to note that Charlie in Season 8 uses nonreal characters and worlds to escape and hide from her pain and fears… and I guess that is another real use of fiction and fictional characters. It’s not a bad thing.  It is sometimes necessary to escape for a while but we shouldn’t stay there forever aye?

Anyhoo...Charlie regains her courage and goes in, a bit nervous but without a hitch. Her ride in the elevator is less happy this time around, although she THINKS she is by herself. In actuality, Bobby is glowering at her from the other wall of the elevator.

When she gets to her own floor, she changes elevators, I think, to go to Dick’s floor. Here is where Sam and Dean switch the video footage so that it looks like the elevator is empty.  And Charlie puts a tape on her id card so she can get in.

When Charlie gets there, she sees that there is a guard and he’s not going anywhere. Dean suggests flirting her way by, but Charlie is not into guys and pretending he has boobs… just doesn’t cut it. Dean relents and tells her he’ll walk her through it, basically tell her what to say that would make a guy happy and let her through.

This part is so nerve-racking and embarrassing!! First of all, Dean talks to Sam while he is coaching her and Charlie copies this also by mistake. She quickly covers for the error but starts to ramble out of nervousness and even copies Dean’s admonition to stop talking! OMG. Finally she recovers and asks to use the bathroom. The guard totally thinks she has a thing for him and starts smelling himself to make sure he doesn’t stink LOL. He sits down agian with his magazine to wait.

Love the way the screen is divided here!

Charlie quickly goes over to the office and starts copying the files onto her memory stick. The guard gets suspicsious and decides to go looking for her at the bathroom and Bobby diverts him by closing an open door nearby… but that means the guard gets suspicsious of that door and the situation gets worse.

Somehow, Charlie realizes she better do something and quickly uses Dick’s bathroom to make it look like she made a mistake. When the guard comes into Dick’s office and sees her bag, she quickly comes back and distracts him from the computer which is almost finished loading the files by giving him her phone number - which is totally cute! - then snatches the stick and quickly leaves the office. So far so good. Now for deleting the HD and sending the email files to Sam and Dean.  While she's doing that she finds out about Dick's cargo.

She has a scare where the Manager - whi is now Leviathan - comes in. Dean tells her to get out, but she doesn’t want to look suspiscious so she stays and sends a mail to Dick about the cargo delay as Sam and Dean go to divert it.

LOVE this scene!  It totally reminds me of Nightshifter the way they disguise themselves.  I just love this kind of thing in any movie.  They have a look at the cargo afterwards and find a lump of clay - which we know contains the Leviathan tablet

Then Dick comes in to talk to Charlie with his totally scary smile and you KNOW he knows something. He is so scary! He tells her to show him what was in the HD but she’s already erased it and when he suggests whether she could findd out if anything was erased, she tells him rather defiantly that that would be impossible if the files had been erased “properly” - in other words, the way she would do it… And maybe he catches something there. He’s a bit suspicsious, I’m sure.

Bobby is doing his best to control himself and he is able to do it, but he still makes the air very cold which Dick remarks on... maybe Dick recognizes it somehow.

Then Dick's "package" arrives.  Dick tells Charlie to wait for him and I’m positive he plans to get rid of her after he comes back at that point.  Charlie quickly leaves.

The package is not what he had thought. Sam and Dean have diverted it with the help of Charlie and now it’s in their hands.  He's got a present from them instead.

Unfortunately, Dick is quick to act and rushes down to catch Charlie. Bobby helps by breaking the window and tooo bad Charlie didn’t just smash her way through there like the boys do in a second. In that moment of hesitation, Levi!Manager grabs her and maybe is about to eat her when Bobby smashes into them both, breaking Charlie’s arm. (I remember a bit of discussion about this and how Bobby saved her life by doing what he did.) Sam and Dean use the borken window to get in but they can’t do much except pour borax on the Manager guy. Bobby though can do a whole lot, and he attacks Dick. Sam and Dean just watch gaping for a while, but finally get it together and run*shakes head*

Love the fighting scene between Bobby and Dick!  Love Dick laughing and telling Bobby to come out and fight like the monster that he is!! I wonder if Dick knows it’s Bobby, or he thinks it’s another monster?? Anyway, it’s an awesome scene.

Charlie is in the back of the boys’ car as they drive away without anyone chasing them… which is pretty amazing. Dick has told his goons to catch the boys quickly and get the tablet away from them before they figure out what it is, AND he also eats the poor guy who didn’t realize he was carrying borax instead of the tablet.
LEVIATHAN:Please, sir, d-don't bib me.
DICK ROMAN:Bib you?! Why would I waste a perfectly good meal?

Before she faints, Charlie has a little line about big monsters needing a special sword to kill them… in which I remember the sword in the stone for the dragons LOL but also the “sword” they end up finding to defeat Dick. Sam looks thoughtful when she says it too, as if he never considered that before… the guys are pretty clueless this season aye?

Bobby glowers as he sits in the back with Charlie.

It’s daylight as Charlie and the boys come out of the bus terminal.  Charlie has a cast. They say their goodbyes and more - it’s totally adorable.

DEAN:Keep your head down out there, okay?
CHARLIE:This ain't the first time I've disappeared. You think my name is really Charlie Bradbury? Please. So, good luck saving the world.

DEAN:She's kind of like the little sister I never wanted.

Then Sam stops Dean before going back to the car to discuss what to do with Bobby. Dean is a bid defensive of Bobby while Sam is more worried and sure that Bobby is going vengeful. They decide to figure out what the block of clay is first, before worrying about Bobby.  Then they are on their way.


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