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Rewatching 7-18 Party on, Garth

I enjoyed this episode very much.  It was a good comic relief after some major heartbreak and seriousness.  Sam and Dean getting drunk was funny, the Japanese prayer over the sword was funny (especially to me ;)) and the magical way the sword flew back into Dean's hand, the way we find out in the end that it was really Bobby, was awesome.  Garth... is ADORABLE. He is so different from the boys in many ways - from his taste in music, to his physical description.  He is hilarious in his "faults", and yet he has his own unique strengths - the ability to delegate responsibilities, to find and point out the truth, his understanding and ability to get down to the kids' level, his total acceptance of himself as he is and last but not least the ability to soften the hearts of two rugged men who don't take any nonsense.  This episode especially, we will see a few similarities that Garth has with Dean with regard to his finding enjoyment in the NOW. We will see more of his strengths in Season 8.   I think they've done a very good job with personifying Garth in only a few episodes and yes, he gives us comic relief but to me, there is much more to him than that.

Anyway, let's get started.

"Poison" by Bel Biv Devo (plays when Garth drives up to the burger joint, after he burns Jenny Greentree's bones and when he drives away near the end of the episode)

The episode THEN is all about Garth.  We see Bobby talking to him on the phone, Dean working with him in Season Seven, Time for a Wedding etc.  One of those similarities with Dean I was talking about above is shown in a scene where he tells Dean he always looks at the comic page in the newspaper before going to the pages related to hunting.   This is his little happy place and his way of dealing with the dangers of the job - just as Dean watches porn, gets laid, eats his favorite meal or drinks.

In the NOW, we have the gruesome death of a drunk teenager after meeting his brother and friends who had been telling scary stories of the ghost of Jenny Greentree who had died there.  Then Garth is on the scene.  Let me tell you that I LOVE his entrance to the song Poison, the camera slowly panning up from his feet as they come out of the car, to rest at his tiny face with huge Top Gun sunglasses.

The girls talking at the entrance to what looks like a burger shop giggle and make fun of him, until he tells them he is with the army, at which time they show a bit more respect.  He questions them about the death, since these are the girls that were with the brother being told the scary story and they fall over each other trying to tell him what happened. and he can't understand what they are saying so - activate delegation skills! He stops them and points at one of the girls to talk.

GARTH:Whoa. You.  Go.

They are sure that it is the ghost that killed the boy.  And when Garth looks it up, he finds that there actually was such a woman, and she was buried in the town graveyard, so he goes and burns her bones.  Also LOVE watching this scene, so much more than I would any other hunter besides Sam and Dean.  Love the slow motion and just the general feel of Garth ENJOYING his work, digging up a grave and burning the bones is something he must often do, and on his own, not like Sam and Dean.  He doesn't have anyone to share the load with, but he sure has his little fantasy moment when he feels like a god - or hero at least.  Love how he has his own little word "Garthed" to describe it.

He is talking on the phone in front of a food van that night -

GARTH: Yeah, I clocked out. Put it to bed. Problem solved. And I'm headed your way, so, uh... fire up that hot tub.[Chuckles] No, I heart you more.

when he finds out from the police radio that there had been another death.

GARTHH:What?! No way. How is that possible? I Garthed her!

Can I just stop here and note that Garth here has a "girlfriend" that he goes back to and whom he *hearts* ? That is just too damn cute. And poor Garth can't go back for that hot tub with his girl tonight... but he tries to compensate for that later as we will see.

He is puzzled by this case and figures Dean owes him one for helping him with Sam's case in Time for a Wedding, so he phones Dean up to ask for backup.

Sam and Dean just happen to be in the car, Dean phoning up Meg to see how Cas was doing.  Sam and Dean have a little talk here about Cas and how Sam his feeling since being healed.

DEAN:By the way, how is your custard?
SAM:It's all right. It's getting better. Just wish it wasn't like the damn tape from "The Ring." I mean, I feel like I'm okay 'cause I passed on the crazy.
DEAN:No, you didn't. You heard what Cas said.
SAM:Let's – let's not. You know what?

I am sure that this is not nearly enough for those who wanted a bit more at the end of last ep, but to me, it seems very natural. They didn't have much time to talk because they had to clean up things at the hospital so Dean brings it up now as they are in the car. Interesting that here Sam says "It's getting better." What do you think that means? I've talked with bubblesbrnaid a bit about my speculations on what exactly Cas did back there. The theory I have now is that Cas took the part that was blowing Sam's memories out of proportion so that they blended with real life and made it difficult for Sam to tell the difference - basically the PTSD from his experience in Hell. It seems also from this statement by Sam that he is still a bit confused but it's something he can work out, and heal on his own. I'd suspect that would be the fear and trauma from the hallucinations and not the original trauma of his past hell memories.

Now onto something else that#39;s bothering me here. Sam is feeling guilty for "passing on the crazy" to Cas isn't he? It doesn't seem right to him that Cas is suffering instead of him. And Dean, what does he feel about it? I suspect he feels bad but is trying to justify it in his own mind. What exactly of Cas' words is Dean referring to here? Possibly Cas telling him that he had been wrong to do this to Sam in the first place. But then Sam tries to say something and is cut off by the phone call from Garth so I'm totally curious as to what Sam was trying to say!!!

 Can I just include here that since I finished my review for the last episode, I've been thinking how crazy the situation must have been at the end, and wondering how they got out of it.  One nurse dead in the basement, one patient (Sam) cured all of a sudden, one new mysterious crazy person (Cas) on the scene... How did Dean explain the situation to the doctor there? How did they get Cas admitted?  Did they pretend not to know him or did they take responsibility for his admittance? And how did they get Sam out right away like that? Did they just sneak out?  Very mysterious.

Anyway, back to Dean and Sam.  Hearing that Garth needs help, Dean and Sam are on their way.  They find Garth at the morgue, dressed up as a military corporal, the dead guy's cousin who had to see the body before the funeral because he was being shipped to AF mañana.

Sam and Dean have their eyebrows raised at the costume and  the little story behind it.  When they ask him why he wasn't dressed like FBI, he tells them matter-of-factly that he looks better in uniform than in a suit.  It totally makes sense, although the uniform is a bit doubtful as well.  He'd have to be on some technology team or something with how small he is.

Sam is looking up stuff on the computer and finds that the father of the two boys was the owner of the famous Thighslapper Ale - which was according to Dean, a Beverage for douchebags. I guess it was a bit on the expensive side ;D  As soon as Garth hears this, he goes into delegation mode:
GARTH:Right. I'll can the uniform, go Fed. See you at the brewery in 40.
Sam raises his eyebrows... Dean says weakly -

DEAN:He grows on you.
They go to the brewery and are talking with the daughter Marie who is also a Manager and shows them around and also tells them about how her father Jim Mcann and Mr. Baxter owned the company - ever since Dale died.

When they get to Randy Baxter's office, they hear him telling off an employee which we know to actually be his own son. Garth is the one that notices how strange it is that Randy is letting the guy off "easy" despite his reputation and keeps it in his head to research later. After noticing this, Garth decides he's going to go and talk to the owner and father of the two sons, Jim Mcann. Sam tags along, even though Garth makes as to go on his own. I thought this was interesting, that Sam decided to go with Garth here. I guess he just wants to make sure either he or Dean is with Garth so they don't miss anything, and at this point, he doesn't mind volunteering.  Nothing weird happens.

Garth doesn't ask any hard questions like he did with Dean in Time for a Wedding. Sam finds the box with the Japanese writing on the ledge curious and keeps it in his head for later. Jim is too distraught to talk, so Randy  takes over. They find out how he views the kids as being almost his own, since he doesn't have any, that Dale had taken his own life, and that they planned to sell the company.

Meanwhile, Dean is talking to Marie. He finds out that Jim blamed himself for Dale's death, and that Dale's wife was suing them:

DEAN:Really? Why?
MARIE:She's angry and grieving, and this is America?

(LOL!! That is super funny to me.)

Going on, Lillian, Jim's other child, is preparing a drink for herself and for her little girl. In her own, she adds some alcohol. Then she puts them both on the table thinking to come back right away to get the drink. Tess, the little girl, makes a mistake and takes her mom's drink, is surprised by the alcohol and puts it down pretending not to have drunk anything.

Grandpa comes in and they talk a little, Tess giggles as everything all of a sudden seems pretty funny in her drunk state and then she sees the "Shojo" out of the corner of her eye, wonders what it is and goes to check it out, turns around to see it right behind her mom and then kill her mom.

Back to the three hunters in a motel room. Garth is trying to fix his EMF meter, which seems to have been broken. The reason he thinks it is broken is that when he first checked EMF around the body in the morgue there was nothing, but when he checked again after Sam and Dean came, it had reacted. We know the reason is that the EMF meter is reacting to Bobby - who was there with them through his flask.

Dean remarks on the room that Garth got, which had a hot tub. Here we know Garth is trying to compensate for not being able to relax with his girl in the hot tub but this is also one of the ways in which he tries to find enjoyment in his life.

GARTH:Uh, you want a nice hot tub after a day at the office. It's the little things.
Dean should know this. But come to think of it, they haven't been able to stay in any proper motels for a while because they've been in hiding from the Leviathan, aye? By getting Garth to get the motel, they are able to stay in a proper place for once.

They are talking about Dale and Sam finds out that he was actually the Brew Master and a good one at that. Dean has to try the beer now.
DEAN:All right, that's it. No microbrew is worth… what was it – eight Food Magazine awards? Beer's not food. It's... whatever water is.

As he goes over to get the bottles of beer from the fridge, he puts Bobby's flask on the counter next to Garth and the EMF meter makes a sound. Garth is all puzzled again and goes back to trying to fix his meter.

Dean actually thinks the beer is awesome, but as he and Sam watch, Garth drinks a whole bottle of beer at once.

DEAN:Wow. Party on, Garth.
And Garth gets totally drunk. So here is where he is so opposite from Dean - while Dean considers beer to be the same as water, Garth never drinks beer and can get drunk just from one bottle. I'm not quite sure why he decided to drink the whole bottle at once when he knew he'd get drunk from it, but maybe he felt like he had to in order to fit in with the guys - since he just watched Dean chug it down, or maybe this is one of those "little things."

So the talk goes back to Dale and they begin to think that maybe it's Dale's spirit. Then they get the call on the police radio. Garth takes charge again and makes as if to go, when this time, Sam tells them that he's going to check out the widow while Dean goes with Garth. Sam obviously thinks it's Dean's turn to go with Garth after he went with him last time, but Dean doesn't like that he is being forced to go with Garth on his own and they have this little exchange of looks which I love.

When they get to the house, Garth takes out two EMF meters. His own, and Dean's which he "borrowed because mine is broken." Interesting to note that neither of the EMF meters make a sound. I'm not quite sure if we saw Dean leave the flask behind at the motel but very probably he did. They go in to talk to the little girl, who seemed to be hiding something when Dean questioned her before.

GARTH:I'm gonna take a run at her.
DEAN :A what?
GARTH:Trust me. My special lady has twins.

Awww. Something I didn't really listen for on my rewatches and only noticed in the transcript. Garth's girl has kids <3<3 So he has a lot of practice. So Garth takes out his little puppet Mr. Fizzles. Dean's like please, that's not going to work, but it does.  It seems that Tess had wanted to hide having drunk alcohol from the FBI because she was scared she'd have to go to jail, but having a buffer like Mr. Fizzles gave her the courage to tell the truth. So she tells them what she saw and the fact that she was drinking a grownup drink when she saw it. When Dean asks her if the drink was alcohol -

TESS :It was an accident. Don't let them arrest me, Mr. Fizzles.

And Garth is totally like, "See?"

Meanwhile, Sam is talking to the angry grieving widow, who describes the company/beer as "his baby." She doesn't know what her husband did. He had only told her that he is going to give his former colleges a present of some alcohol. What is curious about this, of course, is that he was very careful with the box and didn't even let her touch it. Sam remembers the box on the ledge in the office. (I love the shots of Sam here.  So pretty!)

On the way back to the motel, Dean and Garth are trying to figure out the similarities of the cases -
DEAN :"Grown-up drinks." Tess chugged her mom's, and vic number one was plastered.
GARTH :Right. So... Whoa. Monster you got to be drunk to see. Cool! Also... hard to fight.

Interesting when we consider how they killed the monster in the end - I'll come back to that later.

Then Garth and Dean have a little talk about the flask and Garth finds out that it's Bobby's. Something clicks. He tries to suggest that Bobby might be haunting them but Dean stops him, saying not in the middle of a job. The thing is, I think Dean has a very strong suspicion that it is Bobby but he's allowed Sam to dissuade him all the while getting more and more frustrated in Sam not taking it seriously. Sam on the other hand has tried stuff behind Dean's back. He has also suspected it. BUT he didn't want to put Dean's or his own hopes up so he tried to put it to rest on his own. All he did, turned up negative. And now here is Garth suggesting the same thing.

Now, they get a phone call from Sam, and Dean tells him they are on their way. But the next scene we see is of only Sam and Dean. I guess they have Garth waiting in the car. Sam shows Dean the box.

They open it and find a bottle of sake which has been opened. Dean also notices that there is a security camera in the room. Sam soon has the computer set up to see the feed. From Garth and Dean's findings they figure they have to be drunk in order to see the monster so Dean brings out the whiskey for Sam.

DEAN:All right. Party time.
Sam notes that whiskey probably doesn't get Dean drunk anymore, and we guess that's true because Dean goes to find something stronger. He finds it - maybe some gin? And they clink glasses and get to it.

By the time they see the "Shojo" they are completely drunk as can be seen from this conversation:

SAM :So, he – he let that thing out of the box, and it must have just followed him to the place with all the thingies.
DEAN :Yes. Yes. That's smart. I'm actually kind of drunk. What is this? Me likey. I miss these talks.

What, drunken talks? LOL (Room for more fics here!)

Just then, Randy comes in and finds them. They quickly turn off the feed and just as he's threatening that they explain themselves to the police, Garth comes from the back and stuns him with a stun gun.

We see the phone drop to the ground with the police on the other end of the line asking what the emergency was. I really wonder if they talked to the police and told them there was no problem, or left the phone as it was, or just turned it off and took it with them, which is probably the most likely.

In the next scene Sam and Dean are visiting the nearby sushi store and paying a chef to tell them what is written on the box. He tells them about the Shojo and how he's not superstitious but if they are they shouldn't open the box because this is a rather naughty monster. They pay him and he goes back to his work.

When they get back to the motel, they find Garth has Randy in the hot tub. Seems he lugged him there all by himself and tells them he's a lot heavier than he looks.

DEAN:You have the CEO of the douchiest microbrew in the US gagged in your hot tub? You really think that's gonna end well?
GARTH:I'm not feeling the love.

LOL Love this. But also respect for how Garth handles it - it's different from what Sam and Dean would have done, but it still works doesn't it?

Now, Sam looks up Shojo and finds out that it can be harnessed by a spell to do what you want - which in Dale's case was to take away their children just as his baby was taken away from him. The way to kill it is to use a samurai's sword consecrated with water blessed by a shinto priest.

Here Garth gives Dean back his EMF meter and it makes a sound again. This time it's in front of Sam and Garth tries his theory on Sam. Dean tries to stop him but he goes ahead anyway.

GARTH:I'm concerned that Bobby might be haunting you. I-I brought it up to Dean, and he shot me down.
DEAN:Garth! Leave it alone.
SAM:It's okay.
DEAN:No, it's far from okay.
SAM:I've already tried contacting Bobby. [DEAN looks surprised.] When that beer disappeared, I pulled out a talking board.
DEAN:Without me?
SAM:You know, I figured, why drag you in... when it's something I could just put to bed myself.
SAM:And if he was there, I'd have told you.

First of all, Dean refusing to contemplate it here is not because he doesn't believe it, but because it is in front of Sam, who has "shot him down" repeatedly every time he suggested it. He also, I suspect, feels that an outsider has no right talking about such a private issue for them. Sam here tells Dean that he secretly pulled out the board to see if Bobby had come back. This is, of course, because he is afraid to believe that it is true. It is also because he wants to continue to show Dean that he doesn't believe it. Suggesting to Dean that they bring out the weegie board would mean that he had to admit to believing that it might be possible aye? When he took out the board and found that Bobby didn't answer, he thought he proved himself correct. Now, we can put this down to Sam being paranoid because of Lucifer messing with him. We can also allow for some subjective thinking because this was about their surrogate father, Bobby. Otherwise, we'd be pretty upset with Sam for not admitting his suspicions to Dean, and for doing this on his own like he did. If he had been able to be truthful and honest with Dean, and they had done it together, they MAY have got different results, since one of the reasons it didn't work was that Dean was not there with the flask. With everything else burned[Spoiler for season 10 (click to open)](other than Bobby's hat which Sam kept until Season 10), the only probable means for Bobby to be back would be his belongings, which was the FLASK. He would have been sure to check the flask. Of course, another of the reasons Bobby may not have answered would have been the blanks in which Bobby disappeared because he used up too much energy with his antics. So, it may not have worked anyway if Sam had actually done it right after the incident.  What bothers me a bit is that they both discredit Garth's EMF meter AND Dean's meter going off constantly during this time and a person not as emotionally invested as they are suggesting that Bobby is haunting them.  It seems more and more that they just don't want to admit what is in front of their eyes - Especially Sam, but Dean a little bit too.

It's a very mixed up situation that is for sure, especially when we take into consideration Sam and Dean both as hunters and as sons who have lost their father. They both want him to be there, and don't want him to be there. They want to believe, and they don't want to believe. We'll see that a bit more later at the end.

Back to the story, Dean tells Sam to babysit the only child they think is left, Marie, while he goes to get the sword and get it blessed by a "shinto priest" - the sushi chef again. Garth is left behind with Randy.

We first stay with Garth as he interrogates Randy. He's already looked up the boy he was scolding and found that he was actually the son of a secretary Randy once had. Things look very fishy. Garth gets the truth from Randy, just like he did with Tess, and then taking a whole bunch of liquor from the cabinet in the motel, goes off to the brewery where Randy tells him the boy is. I guess Garth drinks on the way there and by the time he gets there he is drunk.

Let's go back to Dean with the sword and the sushi chef. Love how Dean makes do. I wouldn't even be sure that he actually has a real samurai sword but when the chef tells him running water is best, he pours water from a pet bottle while the chef says this way too simple (but totally Japanese) prayer. The white also symbolizes purity, so the fact that he is a sushi chef with white uniform is a nice touch.

JAPANESE MAN:Shichihukujin... Hito no teni yori korekara seitona yakuwari wo hatasu kono ken wo tataeru.
Basically he is praying to the 7 lucky gods, "I hereby bless this sword which will be used by a human hand for good purpose."  I like the fact that the monsters they use from Japan are so obscure and often blown out of proportion, but at least they've got the language right LOL

Dean quickly pays the guy and is about to rush back when he gets a phone call from Garth.
Garth is dropping the keys and the phone as he tries to get into the brewery. Love the little conversation Dean has with them.  "You dropped the phone, didn't you?" LOL Finally he gets in and thankfully picks up the phone and takes it in with him.

(Love these shots of Sam at the bar!)
Dean is on his way as soon as he hears where he is, but he also calls Sam, who is chugging down whiskey to get drunk so he can see the Shojo when she arrives at the bar where Marie is having a few. Dean tells him to hurry over, but of course Sam is not going to drive because he is drunk.

The commandeers a taxi and of course the driver is super slow. You think Sam would get there after Dean but he gets there first, I guess because he was closer to begin with LOL

Garth has tried to explain to the teenager why he is in danger but the guy doesn't believe him until he sees Garth fly across the room and crash through a window. Garth is OUT. The boy runs but the Shojo is close and teasing him by making scratch marks on the wall.

Sam comes in, but he is also thrown and loses consciousness for a bit.
uSupernatural s7 disk 9-2 91.jpg

Then in comes Dean but he's not drunk so he can't see the Shojo.  If Dean had also been drunk it might have been over, though, even with Bobby's help. At one point, the sword is thrown out of Dean's hand, and Bobby slides it back to him.  The boy is right in front of Dean when it happens so he sees the sword miraculously slide back to Dean as well but Sam is still out.

Sam then wakes up and tries to tell Dean where the Shojo is, but he doesn't do a very good job of it because he is drunk.  Finally the Shojo is right behind the boy and Sam is able to give Dean the right directions, and the boy is able to get out of the way just in time.
uSupernatural s7 disk 9-2 101.jpguSupernatural s7 disk 9-2 103.jpg
uSupernatural s7 disk 9-2 104.jpguSupernatural s7 disk 9-2 108.jpg
Finally everyone is able to see the Shojo as it screams and disappears.

The boy and Sam go to find Garth while Dean is still shaken by the blade shooting into his hand and stays behind to call to Bobby. Bobby doesn't answer - maybe because he vanished again, maybe because there was no way to answer - I don't quite remember what the situation was, but we will see it in one of the next few episodes. Sam comes back and hears Dean calling to Bobby.

Garth of course, comes to and asks if he missed anything LOL <3

Final scene, they are at the two cars, Garth asking if they want to go to the bar for a few beers and food.

GARTH:You sure you guys don’t want to hang out? Grab some brunch, maybe some brews?

They refuse and he comes and hugs them before he leaves, with the same music he entered with.  Then Sam asks Dean to tell him what happened back there in the brewery.

SAM:I just want you to be straight with me.
DEAN:The blade was across the room and then it was in my hand. And then my beer drank itself.Oh, and then that page magically appeared on the bed. And – and then Bobby’s book fell down and out popped the number of the guy who found Cas. Nothing, I’m sure.

DEAN:Well then what, Sam? Is Bobby here, or not?
SAM:You know what I think, Dean? I think that regular people, they see ones they lost everywhere too.
DEAN:Yeah, freakin’ ghosts!

SAM:Or they just miss ‘em a lot. I mean, they see a face in a crowd, we see a book falling off the table. Same thing, Dean. I did the talking board, I ran plenty of EMF. When that beer when poof – I went a little nuts.

DEAN:Yeah, why didn’t you tell me?
SAM:Like I said, little nuts at the time.
DEAN:All right, well, if it wasn’t Bobby, then what Jedi’d that sword into my hand?
SAM:The Shojo slammed the door from across the room. Maybe it was trying to grab the sword, too.

DEAN:[clears throat] Right. Right, I mean if it was Bobby, he would let us know. I mean, who knows more about being a ghost than Bobby? Instant Swayze, right?

DEAN:Okay. Okay, you – so your theory is that – that we’re practically regular people about something for once. All right. [They pick up their bags.] Well, you want to grab some brunch and some brews?
SAM:Ugh, no. I’m so hung over. Let’s just hit the road.
DEAN:All right.

I'm sorry for the long quote but seriously, every part of this is so meaningful when we consider how Sam and Dean have been thinking all this time. First off, I feel Dean is extremely frustrated that Sam doesn't admit that something is weird here.  That "nothing, I'm sure." is very sarcastic.  On the other hand, Sam's "Clearly" seems to say I admit, it's not nothing but it's not a ghost either.  It's us, finding ghosts where there are none.  Seeing things where there is nothing.
He tells Dean that he checked everything all on his own right after the beer incident, which is why, when Dean tells him about the piece of paper in Splice Girls, he denies that it is Bobby. And of course he has a normal reason for every single instance that Dean felt might be Bobby.

Dean gives in to Sam's "theory" that they are practically regular people - seeing things where there is nothing - which is interesting in itself.  When he has a feeling about something on a hunt, he doesn't give in however much Sam might say he's wrong.  But this is personal as well, and maybe he wants to believe Sam.  They have conveniently forgotten that Garth suggested that Bobby was haunting them without them mentioning anything to him - or maybe they disqualify it because they don't really see him as a hunter?  He is a "practically regular person" who goes out for brunch and brews?  That last suggestion by Dean seems to say that - doesn't it? Making a point that it's regular people who go out for brunch and brews?  OR, is Dean saying that maybe they can go join Garth now that they've settled this point about Bobby?  It could be.  That makes more sense, I guess.  Still a weirdly ambiguous conversation to me.

So they leave the room, and suddenly we see Bobby watching them leave the room, all frustrated and sad that they can't see him and keep talking as if they don't believe it is him.  Just thinking how he was listening to that conversation the whole time is enough to break my heart.

They are just about to take off when Dean remembers that he forgot the flask and goes back for it.  He opens the door and there is Bobby right in front of him and for an instant, it seems as if Dean sees him, the way he looks so loving and relieved.  But then he goes to pick up the flask, which was right next to Bobby, without acknowledging that Bobby was there, and Bobby's little hopeful smile turns down as he realizes that Dean can't see him.

Dean is about to leave the room, and Bobby speaks.

BOBBY’S GHOST:I’m right here, you idjit!
And Dean stops for a second but he just thinks he was hearing things, sort of like when Dean shouted at Sam and John in In My Time of Dying aye?
We know that he's there in the car with them (along with the flask) as they leave.

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