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Rewatching 7-16 Out with the Old

I realized on this rewatch that this is a title I have a hard time remembering. It's the same as the name of the antique store, but does it mean anything else to the Winchesters?  I guess I'll be thinking about that while I write.

This is not particularly an episode where I am dying to make gifs, although the boys are super pretty - especially Dean, and those nice long coats - it is a memorable ep just for that.  I also noticed that not only does it snow in the ep, it also rains, and Sam and Dean of course are going around without umbrellas and not getting wet at all :P

I really like this episode.  I like how it combines Sam's Lucifer issues with Leviathans and also cursed objects, and I like the pretty and tired boys, and I also like the little town they use.  The coffee shop, the rows of quaint stores etc.  I like how they get a hint on what the Leviathans are up to as well.  It's an episode that stands out to me, for some reason, among all of the Leviathan eps. Oh.. by the way, this is also the ep where Frank is thought to have been eaten up. RIP Frank... unless he is in hiding somewhere of course.

Anyway,  I'd better get started.

"Swan Lake Theme" by Pyotr Tchaikovsky(plays while the ballerina dances herself to death)
"Saint Louis Rag" by Eric Gemsa (Kosinus)(plays on the gramophone as the kid is about to kill his mother)
"Start Me Laughing" by Dead Confederate(plays when Sam is driving in the car)
"Run for the Gold — Underscore" by Exit 380 (ReverbNation)(plays in the coffee shop Dean is doing research at)
"Bad Moon Rising" by Creedence Clearwater Revival (playing in Frank Devereaux's mobile home when Sam and Dean arrive to find it ransacked; also played in 1.22 Devil's Trap)

The ep starts with a gross scene of a rather snobby ballerina dancing herself to death.  Then, Dean talking on the phone with Frank... AGAIN.

And of course Frank hasn't found anything, and Dean is getting impatient, and ends up pissing Frank off so that Frank finishes the call abruptly.  (Finally someone that doesn't take Dean's shit :P) Can I just say, I love the scenery of this scene?  And I love Dean in the middle of it?  It has this Russian kind of feel that goes with the cursed ballet shoes to me.  Like one of those 007 movies.  I don't know if anyone has a clue what I'm talking about.

Sam comes up to Dean with a coffee in hand, a redeye most likely.

DEAN: What, are you going for, like, the Guinness record of caffeine consumption? That's like your fifth this morning.

SAM:Yeah, well, every time I close my eyes, Lucifer is yelling into my head. It's like I let him in once, now I can't get rid of him.

 He has a case though and Dean likes the idea of a case regarding ballerinas since he has seen Black Swan.  I haven't actually seen it, but from the explanation on Wiki, it is about a ballerina losing her sanity while competing for the Black Swan part in Swan Lake and she actually has a hallucination about having sex with this other girl so - that's what he means by this line -

DEAN:I saw "Black Swan." Twice. Hot tutu-on-tutu action? Come on, Sam. What's wrong with you?
Interesting also that even references to ballet has something to do with Sam's hallucinations and slowly going insane, unable to separate reality from his hallucinations.

They first go to the police station in their nice suits and coats to see the stuff found on scene.  The police officer at the front is rather rude but they finally get to the storage where another police officer is holding down the fort with his young ballerina daughter who is doing her homework while waiting for her dad - Interesting this little view of family carried over from last ep.  It all of a sudden reminded me of how my mom used to take me to her highschool to do my homework in the teachers office while she worked.  ... The donut I always bought on the way there... ANYWAY, this girl is influenced by the curse of the shoes right away and the shoes have somehow magically moved to the restroom she walks into.

She is drawn to put them on and as she does, they change shape to her size.  Just as she finishes getting them on, Sam and Dean burst into the room, and the shoes pop her up onto her toes and she starts going around and round.

Sam grabs her waist and Dean tries to grab at the shoes but she keeps kicking him in the face and appologizing and it's quite funny.  Finally they get the shoes off and Sam makes sure not to touch them as he dangles them carefully from one or two pens, I think, and then puts them in the trunk.  The trunk doesn't have enough mojo to keep them inside, though and as Sam and Dean get in the car and look in the back seat, they find the shoes there, changing into what looks like Dean's size.

SAM:Wait, a-are you –

DEAN:Getting the strong urge to Prince Siegfried myself into oblivion? Yes.
SAM:You really did see "Black Swan."

They go to talk with the owner of Out with the Old, an antique store in town, and find that the owner passed away and her son took several cursed objects out of a protective safe covered in sigils and also out of their protective boxes.

Now this is extremely interesting. How did the old owner get a hold of these objects, and who put them in these protective boxes and protective safe?? Was she a hunter? Who else would actually keep a bunch of cursed objects around in a safe? Or, maybe someone sold her the whole kaboodle ? But the only reason she would not have sold these objects herself is if she believed that they were really cursed aye? So whether she bought them or she found them as she was hunting, she must have been a hunter herself or a witch?... maybe she was a specialist in cursed objects. She never told her son what she was, nor did she tell him not to sell those things in the safe, which is too bad.

SCOTT:No, I-I just thought it was some of the junk that she had collected over the years. Like, I knew she was into some weird stuff, but I never thought that she would be, like...
Sam and Dean give him a good scolding - especially Sam because he is grumpy from being sleep depraved.
And Dean has a little incident there with the shoes:

SAM:Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
SAM:Geez! You okay there, Baryshnikov?

DEAN:Yeah. Yeah, I'm "pas de done."
They get a list of the other objects and go out to find them.

They are too late for one lady who kills herself with a teapot, but Sam is able to rescue a family from a gramophone, and Dean rescues a man from a skin mag  (:P). Sam has a little scene with the boy who tried to kill his mom on the gramophone's bidding here -

TIMMY:Hey. That's mine.
SAM:Kid, this would be a really good time for a lesson in gratitude. Lucky for you, I'm too tired.

Dean takes the skin mag to the antique store. The guy is feeling bad about pressuring his mom into selling, and wondering if that is what killed her. Dean feels there is something not so coincidental about her death the day after she signed to sell. But we have a nice little talk here

SCOTT:Car crash. You know, I keep thinking, if I hadn't pushed her, then...
DEAN:Hey, a little tip. Uh, feeling guilty ain't gonna bring 'em back. Best you can do is live your life the way that you think would make her proud. Or at least not embarrass the crap out of her.

And we are reminded of Dean feeling guilty for pretty much everything from not being able to save the world to the deaths of his loved ones. It reminds me also of a scene between Dean and Cas in Season 10 - Dean giving advice and not being able to follow it himself.

Anyway, Dean warns the guy not to touch anything in the safe and that they would come and U-haul it away later on as soon as Sam was back. He goes out the door and notices that there are posters up everywhere of properties/shops being sold to the same real estate agent. Dean then goes to a coffee shop to do some more research on the agent.

This is, as I mentioned, a very nice coffee shop and very "Oregon" to me, reminding me of similar atmospheres in Seattle and obviously Vancouver. He finds that the site is locked and he can't get in so he calls for Frank's help. He has to apologize first though :P

DEAN (on phone):Frank, hey, I don't mean to double-dip in your crazy sauce. No offense.
FRANK (on phone):None taken, fudge pop.
DEAN (on phone):But I think I found something.
FRANK (on phone):My silence is your cue, Dean.

Dean is eyeing some pie as he talks <3

Frank is sure he can get into anything. And he does.
FRANK (on phone):I figured out why you hit that firewall.
DEAN (on phone):My silence is your cue, Frank.

FRANK (on phone) :Oh, touché. So, you were trying to access the Geothrive internal site, and the reason why you couldn't is 'cause, if you dig down deep, it's all Dick.
Unfortunately, he is not careful enough in his poking around. As far as I can figure, this is what alerts the Leviathan of Frank, and possibly give them motivation to go and kill him. Of course we can also speculate that Frank figured out that his info had been leaked to them and he staged his own exit and is somewhere far away... where was it he said? Tromso, Norway - Where there is zero Leviathan activity. That would be super cool.

Anyway going back to the story at hand, Frank finds out for Dean that this real estate company is Leviathan related. He urges Dean to "get out of Dodge," but of course Dean feels they have to do something about it since they are there:

DEAN (on phone) :Well, we're not done here, okay, and, hey, we might get some answers.
FRANK (on phone) :Fine. Call me if you don't die.

(This is the last we hear of Frank :()

But first, they have to close the case on the cursed objects.

Sam is still on his way back by car and he is so sleepy, he falls asleep at the wheel and almost gets hit by a gigantic truck. He stops to get another cup of coffee and there is recognized by the Leviathan assistant of the main real estate agent. Now previous scenes have told us that the real estate agent really is quite a saddist and an awful boss as well as quite stupid and reckless in how she handles all these people who don't want to sell their shops. The assistant is threatened with just about everything including being eaten by her or being bibbed and is scolded for every single thing. Poor George, we sympathize a bit with him. I do anyway. As soon as he sees Sam, he assumes he can just make a meal out of him but the real estate agent, Joyce, puts him down again and tells him that of course it was her job to eat him. She couldn't trust George to do the job right, could she?

Sam gets to the coffee shop and joins Dean, where Dean tells him about the Leviathans in town but Sam is having a hard time listening. Dean urges him to find a motel and crash while Dean takes care of things.

SAM :It doesn't matter what I do, Dean. Lucifer will not shut up.
DEAN :Even now?
SAM :He's singing "Stairway to Heaven" right now.
DEAN :Good song.
SAM :Not 50 times in a row.

So we are reminded we have to go back to imagining Lucifer there instead of seeing him in the flesh like Sam is.

Then Sam gets a phone call from the antique owner Scott telling him that he had looked into some mirror that seemed to be cursed and was now trying to make him claw his face off. Sam and Dean believe him and rush over to help but find that the Leviathans are waiting for them. While the Levis are waiting for the brothers though, they are talking about how they are going to get rid of Scott, now that he knows their secret.

They can't keep on dropping bodies or Dick would have their neck for being in the papers. Instead, Joyce gleefully orders George to take Scott's place as the antique dealer for the rest of his life, while they'd kill the real Scott and eat the body so that no one would know. George is very unhappy to hear about this new demotion, even though he hated being under Joyce too. I guess he has a bit of ambition and possibly believes that without Joyce, he could run the show better. So when Sam and Dean come crashing through the door and Joyce starts throwing them around, George pretends to be doing the same, but he urges Sam to use the bucket of soap to dunk his head into then get the sword on the wall.

Just as Dean is about to be eaten, Sam comes from behind and, it is a very sharp sword despite being wall decoration, chops off Joyce's head. As they take care of Joyce's head and put it in the safe so that it can't get back together with the body, they tell Scott to leave town and don't come back.

Then they come at George, fully intent on killing him too, but first asking him why he helped them.

GEORGE :Because I am dying to know what that bitch tastes like.
DEAN :Wait, let me get this straight. You want to eat your boss?
GEORGE :You got a better way to make her stay dead?
SAM :So, what? So now you're – you’re on our side or something?
GEORGE:Yeah. No. But if Joyce is alive, then I spend the rest of my life cleaning her messes. Or worse, I get eaten. Or bibbed. So, thanks... for chopping her head off for me. Taking her on solo – yikes. So, really, thanks for the assist there. And, of course, you're welcome... for saving you... before she ripped into your ass like a Christmas present. Win-win, right? So how 'bout that head?

But Sam and Dean have more pressing questions on their minds, like what's with the land in Wisconsin and buying up land here?

DEAN :Listen to me, you gooey son of a bitch. You're gonna tell us what you're building here, or I'm gonna wash your mouth out with soap.
GEORGE :Hmm. I was hoping we could play nice. But if you must know... it's going to be a research center.
DEAN :Research for what?
GEORGE :Disease. This, gentlemen, is where we are going to cure cancer.

SAM :Wait. That doesn't make any sense. I mean, why would Dick Roman want to cure cancer?

GEORGE :'Cause we're only here to help.
So we find out later that the reason why they want to cure diseases is all related to increasing and improving their own food supply.

So... We never actually see George killed. Maybe they did, since there was no guarantee that he wouldn't tell on them after they left. He was going to eat Sam before Joyce stopped him, too. In that case, the poor guy probably never got the satisfaction of eating his boss aye? We do see Dean closing the safe for the curses and I guess we can assume the heads of the two leviathans are in there as well.  I could also very well imagine that George's information may have shocked them enough that they could have left him be... But it is a bit less likely.

As Sam and Dean drive away, we hear CCR's Bad Moon Rising again, and our bad feeling turns out to be right when they get to Frank's and find blood all over the place, and all Frank's computers and everything broken and scattered all over.

DEAN :Not good.

As to the meaning of the title, I've found a few similarities to the present situation.  This ep is about dangerous old objects being let out of their box and killing people right?  Which is very similar to what Cas did to the Leviathans without knowing how dangerous they were.

We can also say I guess that Lucifer was "let out" in Sam's brain and is now killing him slowly with his songs :P  Interesting similarity with the cursed objects is that each of the objects "tells" the people to kill themselves or others and that is basically what Hallucifer is doing to Sam as well.

Oh, and also Frank most probably got killed because he opened that dangerous "box" on the internet.

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