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Rewatching 2-7 The Usual Suspects

On to my comments on The Usual Suspects! This is, again, definitely an episode I would include in my first 10 favorite episodes of the season. It is the first time a death omen appears, it is the first time for Sam to work with a cop and we finally see Dean's past catch up with him in a very real way. It is also an episode where we really see how well Sam and Dean work together.... even when they are apart and have no contact with each other whatsoever.

The beginning of this episode kind of reminds me of Skin - especially this side view of Dean in the interrogation room...
Dean caugh
(Boy does he look hot... :P)

And then we have a swat team barging into Sam's motel room and Sam is caught as well. We've had Dean there before in the Pilot but this is the first time they are both being interrogated - and the police there have all the info on them from credit card fraud to the murder in St. Louis.

Sam's interrogation scene is really something to see - he is a little cheeky, properly indignant (being a prelaw and all) and the expressions on his face are just incredible.

First I've got to note the irony of the first exchange between Sam and the woman cop, Diana Ballard when she comes in with the coffee:
Sam: Okay, so you're the good cop. Where's the bad cop?
Diana: Oh, he's with your brother.

Diana goes on to tell us Sam's history (even people who have never seen the show before can follow after that) while Sam looks like he's just avoiding Diana's eye but is maybe looking for an escape route?
straight a student

Then Sam talks of having to take some time off after Jessica's death (reminding me of Skin again...)

I needed some time off

and how the road trip has been great! They saw the second largest ball of twine in the continental USA! (Sam all jovial) and when Diana suggests they might find stuff from his finger prints he laughs it off.

may I
May I? (pointing to coffee...)

And then Diana suggests that they are not really after him - they are after his brother because he's really bad. If Sam turns in his brother, then they would let him go. Her reasoning being, "We can't pick our family." And here's Sam's face ...
we can't pick our family

It almost looks like he is contemplating the proposition or maybe feeling hopeless - wondering how he is going to get out of it - it's all an act and oh, he's good!

Then he goes on to tell the story and we get flashbacks as to what really happened (finally!!) which is just a great scene as well. As Sam tells Diana that the murdered lawyer,Tony Giles, was an old friend, we have a flash back of Sam and Dean reading about him in the paper for the first time:

bultimore lawyer
What do you think Scully?
I'm not scully, you're scully
I'm not Scully, you're Scully.

And Dean's rejoinder, "No, I'm Molder. You're a redheaded woman."

As Sam describes how they went to see Karen to give their condolences... We see them as insurance agents questioning Karen on the circumstances of Tony's death -

the company is required
The company is required to do it's own investigation.

if you could tell us anything2

if you could tell us anything
If you could tell us anything...

- and finding out about the "dream" that Tony had before he died.

When Diana tells Sam that people saw them enter Tony's office and Sam explains that they went to get some photos and things for Karen (She gave us the key!), we see them breaking in, looking through files and cracking mail passwords to figure out who DANA SHULPS was...
working late 30 minutes
Well, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.(referencing the Shining)

We have a funny scene when Dean finishes earlier than Sam and sits down to wait.

And Dean goes to Karen's to see if he can glean anything else from her.

Diana tells Sam they got a 9-1-1 from Karen saying there was someone in the house and we get a scene of her in panic and the fax machine printing out the anagram, but we don't actually see the ghost. So she must have seen the ghost and her killer both during that short time aye? She didn't have any signs on her wrists when they visited her earlier.

Dean breaks into the house and finds Karen on the floor dead with the signs on her wrists before he is arrested by the police - and we are back to the present.

We find out 1) that Sam and Dean had exactly the same story 2)Diana and the "bad cop" Pete Sharidan have a thing and that Pete knew Tony.

I like this shot:

While Sam and Dean are left alone, they are thinking of their case. DANA SHULPS....
They both come to the conclusion separately that it must be an anagram and when Dean's lawyer arrives, Dean is able to confirm the street name: Ashland, get it to Sam as well as tell Sam to leave while he calls everyone over for a confession! Does that remind you of the Pilot again? When Sam called the police out of the building so Dean could escape? I'm not sure whether Sam escapes through the window or just makes it look like he escaped through the window and really left through the door... but in any case he gets out and goes to their agreed motel (first motel in the yellow pages) and checks in under their agreed name (Jim Rockford).

That confession scene...
and frisky women
My name is Dean Winchester. I'm an Aquarius. I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach, and frisky women. And I did not kill anyone.

I'm not joking paunch
I'm not joking Ponch.

lock his ass up
(notice his smile - his plan worked? But it also reminds me of that scene in the Pilot ;) )

So after all that excitement, Diana is doing some computer work and out pops that anagram on her report... and the ghost appears to her in the bathroom - writing the anagram on the mirror again. Do you think she was trying to warn Diana of her death? Or just trying to tell Diana about Pete or get justice? Good timing anyway. She must have been keeping track of Sam and Dean and figured Diana would go to them for help - or was just really lucky they were there. Diana would never have gone to Dean if he had not said anything in that confession. But, she does and while they are talking Dean notices the marks on her wrists and takes a calculated risk - is all I can say. He sends her to Sam. I love Sam's nonchalance too when Diana seems troubled by her moral dilemma... " You can arrest me later, all right? After you live through this."

In any case, they are able to figure out who the spirit is (Claire Becker) - but not why she is haunting Diana or why she might have killed the others. They go off to the building in Ashland street where she was last seen.
salt and burn the bones
We've got to go salt and burn her bones.

When they get to the building, Diana asks Sam what they are looking for and Sam replies
I'll let you know
I'll let you know when we find it.
(This is such a typical line that Sam and Dean often use, isn't it?)

Claire appears to Diana and Sam rushes down to help, but Claire is already gone.
she was over there

And Sam, who was already wondering what the deal was - why Claire didn't kill Diana right away, and how she seemed to be telling Diana something, figures out that Claire is not a vengeful spirit like they thought, but a death omen, who wanted justice. When Diana finds a necklace that is the same as the one she had received from Pete - Sam gently asks Diana how well she knew Pete...Suddenly everything clicks for her and they rush to confront Pete only to find he's taken Dean in a police vehicle - another interesting scene where Sam knows more about tracking police vehicles than Diana does! We find out that Pete had wanted to blame Dean for all his murders so he could get away with it -I guess he thought they didn't have much of a case so it might be hard to get Dean convicted the usual way.

Pete pleads to Diana saying he still loves her (ew) and she looks like she gives in, but as he turns around to shoot Dean, Diana shoots him in the leg. This scene would have been a little worrying as a first timer - wondering if she was actually going to let Pete kill Dean... I wonder what Sam was thinking. Or Dean for that matter...

Although Pete gets the upper hand one more time, the death omen Claire comes (I guess to tell Pete of his death?? or make sure he gets justice) and Diana kills him as he turns around to look at her behind him. I love the way Sam and Dean and Diana's mouths drop when they see the death omen, and make Pete turn around.

Diana lets the boys go and they walk off down the dirt road... Dean wondering where he saw her before and why he all of a sudden felt like eating pea soup.

I looked that reference up finally (it had been bugging me for a while... why pea soup??) So here it is. The lady who played Diana is well known for her character (a possessed teenager) in The Exorcist, who at one point vomits pea soup.

Here is our brothers walking off scene...

If you notice, Dean nudges Sam first, then Sam nudges Dean - a lot harder! I wonder what feelings they are expressing - relief that they are both ok, that they made it out of there alive?

banner 2
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