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Rewatching 7-15 Repo Man

It's true. I'm not that excited by this ep on rewatches. I do love the Sam/Lucifer scenes but that's pretty much it. I truely don't quite know exactly why.  It may be the coloring of the MoTW scenes.  It maybe that the focus is mostly on Sam and we don't even get any hurt Dean in the tied up scenes :P I did find some things to think about though - itsnotmymind suggested that it did show how Sam and Dean treated the victims of demons and that also made me consider the reason demons possess their victims to begin with.  And we did have a brief comment about Dean's need to save people, and the depression he is experiencing because he feels he has continually failed.  And we also see again how worried Sam is that Dean is going to die and leave him all alone.   Considering how worried he has been for the last several eps, I'm beginning to think that maybe it is not very unnatural for him to actually think Dean had died at the end of the season.

I guess I'd better stop babbling and get started.

First, I've labelled Lucifer's lines as "HALLUCIFER" in accordance with the transcript at Superwiki, but I've called him "Lucifer" for the rest of the review. Hallucifer is just too long to be using for the whole ep. LOL I think I've made it pretty clear though that Lucifer here is not the real Lucifer but Sam's hallucination and part of Sam.

The ep starts with a scene that happened 4 years ago - this would be while Sam and Dean were looking for Lillith in Season 5 - trying to find Lillith and save the world. They catch a demon with the help of a witch/wiccan and are interrogating it. The woman wants to see the demon she helped capture so she comes without invitation (stupid woman). The demon has been killing woman of a certain type and they weren't in time to save it's last victim which is lying on a table in another room. The demon taunts her when he sees her and she quickly runs away, unable to take the verbal abuse.

Sam and Dean go back to their interrogation and tell the demon that they are going to torture it until it tells them where Lillith is. The demon decides to pull out it's last card - letting it's human out to talk. As rewatchers, we note that the human has not been abused by the demon. He is alive for one. We have watched previous episodes where we've been told that demons often ride their victims so roughly that the victims are often dead from the abuse. This demon, however, is there to draw out the evil in the human it possesses and create future demons so it does not want to abuse the body - at least until it's finished creating the end product it wants. (I will come back to this later) We also know that the demon and human are in cohorts. So... why does Jeffrey tell them to torture the demon here...? It doesn't seem like the demon's last card was played right on first glance. Bringing Jeffrey out didn't help his cause as far as we can see. From previous eps, we expect demons to bring out the human in order to make the boys feel sorry for the human and go easy on the demon - exorcise him quickly without torturing him too much. But, receiving permission to torture him from Jeffrey, Sam and Dean use not only holy water but beat the body and cut him with the demon knife. Jeffrey says later: "I had three smashed fingers, five teeth out, a broken wrist, nose, cheekbone, collarbone. I had to get 160 stitches. " This may sound bad, but the demon stopped them before they started on the branding iron. I have a feeling that the demon was actually trying to save Jeffrey and not himself.

By bringing him out first, he gave Jeffrey a chance to survive - made Jeffrey look like a guy that had a conscience. I bet they had a little conversation inside Jeffrey's head about how Sam and Dean wouldn't stop until they got answers so Jeffrey needed to 1) show that he was alive and 2) pretend to be good so that they would let him go. Here's what Jeffrey and the demon say to Sam and Dean:

JEFFREY: Oh, the things he made me do to those women. Whatever you have to do... You have to do it. Please just stop this evil piece of...
JEFFREY, POSSESSED: And on and on and on. Frankly, he can get tedious with this whole "good and evil" thing.
DEAN: You know, you were right. I like Jeffrey. He's a decent guy. In fact, he just signed off on his temple.
(cutting, punching, splashing with holy water)
DEAN:She's got other lieutenants. We already know that.
SAM:We want names.
(DEAN holds up a branding iron.)
JEFFREY, POSSESSED:All right! All right! His name is Merrick! I swear! You'll find him in New Orleans!

The demon and Jeffrey are both trying to make Sam and Dean think that Jeffrey has a conscience, when he is actually the psycho killer without a conscience whatsoever.

Dean exorcises the demon right after this. We don't know if his information was correct. We know for a fact though that if it wasn't for Ruby Sam wouldn't have found the "cook" for Lillith. So, it probably wasn't as important. The demon lets them torture him for a bit, provides info to make it sound legit, then stops them before it it gets really bad. That's what I get from this.

And, from Jeffrey's talk with Dean later, we find that Jeffrey was clearheaded enough during this whole thing that he thought Dean and Sam were an interesting study. I wonder if the demon can stop a human from feeling pain while being possessed? They probably can if they want. Most demons would want the human to feel the pain, so if the victim were alive, they most probably would let the victim take all the abuse. But this one has a different agenda.

Anyway, when Dean leaves Jeffrey at the hospital ER entrance, Jeffrey can walk in himself. Dean takes him by himself while Sam stays behind to clean up the crime scene - probably burn the bones of the poor lady so people don't think they killed her.

OK, back to the present. Sam and Dean poke their heads into another grimy motel room - I'm guessing more grimy than usual because they are still in hiding.

They shrug and go inside, and it reminds me of the early seasons :D The difference being that Lucifer is there by the far wall, scratching "grime" from the walls. They get a call from Frank and Dean takes it while Sam suffers Lucifer in silence, checking out the info on this new case.

HALLUCIFER: Hmm, avocado grime.

As Lucifer picks the grime from his fingers and eats it *UG GROSS!!!!* Sam presses his scar on his hand and Lucifer flickers and disappears. So, this is really how we should be watching all the episodes of Season 7 before this. Every time we see him pressing his palm, Lucifer is probably saying something nasty and Sam uses his little trick to make him disappear for a while. Just for a little while, and then Lucifer is back again.

Frank still has nothing on the Leviathans. Sam and Dean talk about this case. Dean thinks they have more pressing matters but Sam tells Dean that it's on them - it's unfinished business from their Lillith hunting days and they have to take care of it themselves. But they can't understand why the demon has been let out so soon, because of what he told them. But we know on rewatch also that the present killings are not by the demon but by Jeffrey himself (just as the others were). The ritual killing, the women he chose even during his possession was all Jeffrey. The demon just gave him the "courage" to do what he fantasized about. It reminds me of what the demons told the boys in the early seasons. That humans had the evil in them already, that the demons just gave them a little push to make it a reality. So, if you think about it, there are two types of possessions. Ones where the people who are possessed are chosen for a specific purpose - to let their evil out and get more souls for Hell, and others where people are possessed just to give the demons a body to work with. The ones on a mission to corrupt the possessed humans would take care of their bodies, while the ones with missions outside of possession would not care if the human died or not.  Interesting stuff.

Next scene Sam and Dean are in bed and the radio receiver goes on. Dean of course doesn't get up, although we see his eyes open grumpily. Sam turns over and turns on the lamp, then gets up to look as well as listen to the report that the police have found another body.

When Sam and Dean get there with their FBI suits on, they flash their badges and the police let them in, but Dean tells Sam that every time they do it he wonders if today was going to be the day they found that the policemen were actually Leviathan. Then a detective there grabs Sam by the shoulder and *their hearts stop* recognizes them and even remembers their names from previously. Sam can't remember his name but Lucifer does. He's behind the guy, whispering the name loudly LOL. Sam ignores him and asks the detective for his name - Sutton- and we find out that Lucifer was right. The interesting thing about this ep is that we see Lucifer as being part of Sam's brain, just personified as his tormentor from Hell. Lucifer is trying really hard to make Sam slip up and recognize him - recognize the hallucinating "unreal" personification as real, which would break the control Sam has over his brain for good.

All season, Sam has been doing his best to ignore it like a craving for an addiction. He's been eating healthy food, running, meditating and working - all to maintain control and ignore the hallucinations. But of course a part of him (the Lucifer hallucinating part) is begging him to let go so it's a constant struggle as well. (All this is very similar to MoC Dean in Season 10.) In any case, they go and check out the car where the body was found and find sulfur there. I guess Jeffrey knew exactly what to do to make them think it was the demon again, aye? Although they still puzzle over how the demon got back, they seem to be more and more convinced.

The thing they worry about next is the fact that the demon knew the wiccan and might hurt her. They go to see her and find her quite all right. However, she does give them a hint that a demon might be more likely to use the same body the second time and that they should go check on Jeffrey.

NORA HAVELOCK:Have you found Jeffrey yet?
NORA HAVELOCK:The man who the demon possessed. The one you almost beat to death.

Now I think it is quite interesting the way Nora talks about Jeffrey here, like she is blaming them for not looking after Jeffrey, and that they almost killed him. Sounds like she listened a lot to Jeffrey's woahs, and got a rather exaggerated version. Does a person who you almost beat to death walk into the ER on his own? I'm not sure if that's possible. But Sam and Dean feel really bad about it anyway, of course.

They go, prepared to be dealing with a demon and scare the living daylights out of Jeffrey. ...But not really. I'm sure he was expecting them sometime soon. He tells them what a horrible life he's had since they expelled the demon.

While he talks with them in his room at the sort of half-way house, Lucifer is making little quips to Sam again which Sam is ignoring as usual.

SAM:Look, I know it must've been, um, hard.
HALLUCIFER:Do you even listen to yourself?

When they tell him that the demon is loose again, he acts panicked, and then he asks them the name of the victim. He has the list of potential victims memorized and knows exactly who is going to be targeted next. Sam goes to protect the next victim, while Dean stays with Jeffrey.

Jeffrey again goes on about how awful his wounds after their interrogation, then how depressed he was and how he started talking about the demon to people and was locked up. Dean is as sympathetic as he can be. Then Jeffrey suggests that he actually might recognize the demon's secret hideout where he might be keeping the bodies and such. He lures Dean into taking him alone. Taking the little dog that he just got permission to keep with him. When they get there Dean finds that his phone doesn't have any service (we know that Jeffrey has scrambled the signal on purpose). Inside the warehouse like place, Dean finds Nora's son tied up in the middle of the room, Jeffrey shoots Dean full of tranquilizer while he is bending over Nora's son and he goes down.

Sam on the other hand is watching the librarian who is supposedly next on the list. And Lucifer is keeping him company. As Sam sits down to "read", Lucifer purposefully gets in the way of watching the woman etc.

HALLUCIFER:Come on, Sam, talk to me. It's been months.
Then Sam starts hallucinating really badly and these people in the library start banging their heads against the tables and bleeding and... it's totally gross. But when Sam presses his scar, everything goes back to normal and Lucifer disappears.

There is one scare, where I guy comes in and goes purposefully after her, but Sam finds them making out in the history section. Lucifer says what Sam thinks -

HALLUCIFER:I'm pretty sure this guy's the boring sort of chubby chaser.
Sam has nada.  He tries to contact Dean but he can't and he starts to worry. Lucifer starts hinting that Sam should be studying the info more carefully and as Sam does, he finds the tranquilizer drugs in the autopsy reports. A demon has no use for drugs to subdue the women. Sam calls another one of Dean's numbers and gets the same result.

HALLUCIFER:Oh, no. That's every cellphone Dean's got. One of them should've picked up, right? Big brother's probably dead.
SAM:Shut up.

Faced with the fear of having lost his brother, Sam gives in and starts talking to his Lucifer self.

Sam sneaks into Jeffrey's room to search for some more clues. He finds the scrambler box and Lucifer suggests that maybe that is why Sam couldn't get a hold of Dean...

Then he finds some Latin spells. As he walks down the street looking at the spell, at first he is just talking to himself, but he then turns to Lucifer and asks him a question deliberately.

HALLUCIFER:No. But you've seen this type.
SAM:A demon summoning – why?

HALLUCIFER:Why? To summon a demon, jackass. Start looking at who.
SAM:Okay, what do you mean?
HALLUCIFER:Look at the page.

HALLUCIFER:You know this handwriting.
SAM:I know this handwriting.

It's the wiccan, Nora. Sam sneaks into her office and Lucifer is already there sitting at her desk. And as he is looking around, Nora comes up from behind and hits him in the head.

HALLUCIFER:Iay, caramba! Imi cabeza!

It's not enough to knock him out and as he gets up, he stops her from hitting him again and asks her about the spell. She tells him everything - that she had felt sorry for Jeffrey and sent him letters but he had never replied, then suddenly he had come and asked her for a spell to bring back the demon and when she refused, telling him to get some help, he took her son hostage. When she gave him a spell and it did not work (because the demon was being held in hell for his "crime" of telling Sam and Dean his info.), he cut off her son's ear and sent it to her, telling her to get a spell that worked or else, and finding out that the spell needed the blood of the exorcist, got her to lead Sam and Dean to him. It had all gone according to Jeffrey's plan.

All this she tells Sam after much threatening where Lucifer keeps telling Sam to hit her or hurt her - she knows where Dean is! And I think this is how Sam is actually feeling and he is resisting the urge.

Meanwhile Dean is finding it all out from the horse's mouth.

Jeffrey loved being possessed. He didn't want to be saved. Here's what Jeffrey says without Dean's interjections:

JEFFREY:No one asked you to get involved, to save me, to save anyone.
JEFFREY:Did you ever think that maybe I loved being possessed?
JEFFREY:Did you? I loved the connection, the power. And I loved him. Love of my life, actually.
JEFFREY:He liberated me.
JEFFREY:Started me on my true life mission.
JEFFREY:I was nothing before he found me – a shadow too scared to do what I was brought here to do. Too timid to live up to my true potential.
JEFFREY:For years, it was just a game I would play. Every time I'd walk by one of them in the street or see one on my mail route... There's a sound that comes from their brains. You know that? Only I can hear it, like an evil, little steam whistle. Every time I saw one, I'd follow her, take down her address.
JEFFREY:But I was never gonna do anything, not till he came along. He's the one who saved me. And you sent him to Hell.

Huh... That reminds me of demon!Dean... the fact that he felt liberated, and felt that the demon had saved him, how he had never asked for Dean and Sam to save him. This emphasis on being saved is actually important because of what Jeffrey says about Dean later.

Meanwhile, Sam threatens Nora into doing a tracking spell using the ear so they can find Dean.

SAM: Tracking spell – Bavarian, Egyptian. I don't care – dealer's choice. Use the flesh of the body to find the body and Dean. Do you want the ear or the kid?
HALLUCIFER:You're giving me the chills.

Then Jeffrey, talking about what he gleaned about Dean (and Sam) during the interrogation. Again, it seems like he was pretty lucid.

JEFFREY:I like to think I know you pretty well.
DEAN:Yeah, how do you figure?
JEFFREY:I watched you torture an innocent man to get out a demon. Pretty charged situation... revealing. You guys talked about a lot, showed a lot of character. God... you were so desperate to fix the world back then. It kills you...that people keep getting hurt... and you just can't stop it. Or I should's killed you, shouldn't I?

Now this is significant. I'm glad at least that we have this scene here because this is a theme with Dean this season. The fact that he is just so disillusioned by how he keeps losing people when he wants to save them. Cas, Sam, Bobby... loosing the Leviathan on the world... it's endless. Like Dean said in How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters, he is contemplating that maybe it is all meaningless. And as he says in Time After Time, maybe he is meaningless. That is Dean's suffering this season.

Anyway, Jeffrey cuts Dean, gets his blood, then proceeds to kill his dog and get it's blood... I think? Finishes the spell and they both wait with bated breath for the demon. Jeffrey (and probably Dean too) expects the demon to enter him, but instead, it enters Nora's son.

The demon itself seems a little psycho. Maybe it was the demon of a man who used to be psycho too, you never know. He dances with Jeffrey to show him his appreciation. He's not very happy when Jeffrey can't accept that the demon will not be entering him anymore. Jeffrey has all the skills. The demon doesn't need to be in him anymore, which is true. Interesting that despite that, Jeffrey thought he was nothing without the demon. Anyway, the demon knocks Jeffrey down when Jeffrey says "no" to him, then proceeds to talk to Dean.

DEAN:So, is this what you do – find postal workers, make 'em go postal?
DEMON:I talent scout. That's all. Looking for the next generation of superstars... Before they get to Hell, like Jeffrey here.
DEMON:He had all the raw material... just bubbling in there. All I had to do was loosen the lid on his jar, show him some practical know-how.

(This show has something against postal workers :P) This is very similar to what the demons say in the Magnificent Seven and Sin City.

Envy:My point exactly. And you call us sins. We're not sins, man. We are natural human instinct. And you can repress and deny us all you want, but the truth is, you are just animals. Horny... greedy... hungry... violent animals.

CASEY:You don't get it. All you got to do is nudge humans in the right direction. Some whiskey here, a hooker there, and they'll walk right into hell with big, fat smiles on their faces. Your kind is corrupt, Dean. Weak. Our will's stronger. That's why we'll win.

Dean asks about Nora's boy, whom the demon is now possessing - whether he has the same potential.
DEMON:This one? I don't think. Not much to work with. No natural gift. I'll probably burn this meat off on my way to Vegas.

So - as I mentioned earlier, two types of possessions. One where the demon cares about the human and keeping the human alive to become what it wants him/her to be, and one where the demon just uses the body to get around and find another victim.

Just then, Nora and Sam come in. Dean has sawed through his bonds and joins in. As Nora starts exorcising the demon, for whom they magically made a devil's trap... how did they do that??... Jeffrey comes at them to stop them possibly. Dean gets his gun (did he have that all along??) and kills Jeffrey. The demon is sent back to hell, shouting that he'd be back... back in black :P The show sure likes that song LOL.

Nora's son is alive and Sam and Dean watch as Nora cradles him in her arms.

The next scene - Sam and Dean have gotten back to their motel room and Dean is just crashing on his bed without even getting undressed or under the covers.

SAM:So, Jeffrey was just pretending to be the victim. Way back in that farmhouse during the exorcism...
SAM:...h-he was just... acting.
DEAN:He was a psychopath, Sam. That's what they do all the time, is act. Act like they're normal, act like they're not balls-to-the-wall crazy.

I was hit by this conversation this time around like a brick falling on my head. I realized that Dean, without knowing it, was actually talking about Sam as well. Sam was acting. Pretending. This whole time.

SAM:You going to sleep?
DEAN:Damn straight. Screw consciousness – that's what I say.
HALLUCIFER:No, no, Sam. No nap for you, Sammy.

And now... he can't pretend anymore. :'(
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