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Rewatching 1-3 Dead in the Water

Well my son is off to Canada on his own for a homestay and to visit relatives so I am on my own. I realized that I had skipped this episode with him by mistake. I will have to watch it again when he gets back a month from now - which is probably a good time to start over(!).

Here are some things I like and feel are significant about this episode:
Dean telling Sam: "We are allowed to have fun once in a while." Sam is still devastated by Jessica's death. Dean tries to get Sam on the way to recovery. (Dean Therapy- Have some fun with a girl(s)) This is a theme throughout season 1 and 2, I guess.

dean therapy

Sam is also still anxious to find dad, and frustrated that the search is getting nowhere. Dean needs to give him another pep talk. And off they are to their next job.

Another scene that's a favorite of many is where Dean tries to hit on the Sheriff's daughter and can't come up with a decent pick-up line(Kids are the best huh?). Sam teases him, saying "Name 3 children that you even know." Dean can't think of one... I totally cringe at his pick-up line. I feel embarrassed for him, I can't feel that its funny. Not one of my favorite scenes. But, it's important becaus he starts empathizing with children that they meet, starting from here. He finds a connection with them as he remembers how he felt when he was a kid.
dean and lucas
It's significant that it isn't Sam that talks with Lucas, but Dean. And it is Dean that makes the decision to go back and check on Lucas(a good thing too). When Dean tells Sam he can't leave town until he is sure the boy is ok, Sam says: "Who are you? And what have you done with my brother?"

Another theme: "worse than dying." All the people who lost their children in the episode say this. That is what helps Sam and Dean figure it all out. This is also a theme for Dean. He would rather die himself then see Sam die.

Then Sam uses his hypnosis, "Can you tell me? Tell me what happened. Everything."
The interesting thing about this episode is that Sam and Dean were not able to do anything to stop the ghost. They were able to save the daughter, and were able to save Lucas only because his grandfather sacrificed himself. They didn't really do anything except make the Sheriff and his daughter aware of the situation. They both feel like they failed. Sam comforts Dean saying, "Dean, we can't save everyone." But, he goes on to appologize to Andrea. Andrea tells them that the fact they were able to "save Lucas" was most important.
Dean has a bonding moment with Lucas and gets a kiss again ;)
Place - Lake Manitoc WI
Some songs used:
1) Round and Round(Ratt) - during the drive to Lake Manitok.
2) Movin' On (Bad Company)- at the end (driving away).






このエピソードで面白いのは、実際サムとディーンは霊を止めることは出来なかったこと。娘を救い出し、そしておじいちゃんが自分を犠牲にしたことから子供も助け出すことができたけれど、基本的に保安官や娘に事実を伝えることしかできなかった。サムもディーンも今回は失敗したとおもっています。サムはディーンを「みんなは救えないよ。」と慰めますが、自分もアンドリア(保安官の娘)に謝ります。アンドリアはルーカスをすっくってくれたことが一番大事。と言います。ディーンとルーカスはその特別な関係を改めて確認。そしてまたディーンはお礼のキスをゲット ;)

Tags: 1-3 dead in the water, bad company, movin' on, ratt, round and round, 「水辺の恐怖」, SPN、1-2
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