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Rewatching 7-13 The Slice Girls

When I convert my DVDs into a format I can use on the computer, they divide up into 3 files per DVD.  I don't stick them together because then I have two or three eps in one file and that's too long if I ever wanted to use it in a vid.

This episode The Slice Girls starts from the middle of the second file of Season 7, Disk 6.  Every single time I opened the file to watch this episode, I'd see Dean in that nice coat and suit from Time After Time at the beginning of the file... and I can't help but watch the end of that ep before watching LOL. And I noticed something really interesting that I didn't notice before.  You know when Dean goes to that house that Sam is sleeping in in the future to leave the note?  Well, you can hear the radio on in the background - grandpa is listening to it when he opens the door - and it's an ad for some kind of food and the food talks!  "I can do my part.  I am part of the effort." And the announcer says,"Our food is fighting!" which I thought was really interesting from various angles in connection with the Leviathan.  First the use of food by the Leviathan to dominate humans, and second, the humans who are the "food" fighting back.  I tried to get a transcript on SuperWiki, but I guess they didn't include it.  I would have liked to hear the rest properly.  MAN that is a good episode <3

Anyway...let's go on! Dean being reckless, and doing his best to enjoy life and drown his pain with sex and booze, Sam teasing Dean, Sam worried for Dean, Sam killing for Dean...  The best combination ever :D  So here we go.

"The Devil's Gotta' Earn" by Brett Detar (plays at the beginning of the episode)
"Words Collide" by Louden Swain (the band fronted by Rob Benedict who played Chuck; plays when Dean and Lydia are at The Cobalt Room)
"You Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC (plays during the sex/murder scene; also played in 4.01 Lazarus Rising)

First of all, the Then uses Dean's Family Theme, which is interesting and worth remembering when we think of the theme of this ep, which I guess is "Family."  Sam and Dean missing Bobby and trying to cope with that in their own ways, Dean being faced with his own daughter who just happens to be a monster that has no choice but to kill him, Sam killing her for Dean, because that is what family does... And finally the  last scene where Sam begs Dean to just "not get killed" because he wouldn't be able to handle that on top of everything else, because all they have is each other.  Family. :'(
(I was listening to the theme while I wrote that - so you can maybe forgive me for being a bit emotional.)

*switches music to You Shook Me All Night Long*

The ep starts with a guy being grossly carved up by his own Amazon daughter.  Then Sam and Dean are in the car, on their way to investigate.  Dean 's taking a nap, snoring away as Sam drives.  Waking up with a start, he slugs a drink from Bobby's flask and Sam makes worried fun of him for his method of dealing with his grief.  Dean tells him it's just the same as Sam jumping at every hunt they can find.  Dean doesn't really care for going on a hunt right now and wants to dismiss the whole thing as a wild goose chase without really listening to the details of the case.  Sam tells him that men were smashed into walls so hard that they went through walls, and their arms and legs were cut off. To Dean it doesn't really sound that Supernatural.  It could just be a serial killer with a fetish.  But Sam's right, they have nothing on Dick at this point, they might as well be working.

When they get there, they first attack the morgue and take a look at the symbol.  The forensics officer is a nice guy and very helpful.  He tells them that one of the victims even got skin in his nails from scratching the assailant, but the DNA doesn't match anyone, anywhere... it's not human.

DEAN: I’ll admit it could be in the general vicinity...of the ballpark of our kind of thing.
SAM: Yeah, uh, “didn’t match anything human” usually seals the deal for me.

Sam suggests they go back to the motel to research, Dean suggests he's going to go and mingle with the locals and find out what he can there.

SAM:You’re going to a bar.
DEAN:Wow. If you want to oversimplify it.

Sam knows Dean just wants to get a drink... and possibly get laid and is not very interested in the case at hand.

The seduction scene is pretty awesome.  The closeups of their eyes and their lips is very fun to watch and I don't think we see it again, in this context anyway.

LYDIA: You speak Japanese!
Love Dean speaking Japanese and his crinkly eyes and pretending to be a rich investment banker<3  They "move the conversation" to Lydia's home where Dean notices while busy smooching that there is no baby bed or diapers or anything kidsy of any sort.  WE at least notice that Lydia seems to like pushing Dean a lot, which we also see in parallel to how another guy is thrown against the wall and killed. Unfortunately, it totally ruins the hot scene... which is maybe the only thing that I disliked about the ep. I realize that they wanted to give us the idea that there was something terribly wrong, and they wanted to get in the fact that the two events were happening at the same time and maybe even related but, why ruin a perfectly good sex scene with blood and gore? I don't care if it's fancy cinematography. *grumbles* I'd totally skip over the gory stuff if I could but it's a bit difficult. Anyway, so here are some of the nicer scenes from that sequence which I actually can cut away from the gore using gifs :)  (Sorry the sizes are varied :P)

Next we see Sam and Dean investigating the scene of the crime the next morning. Dean is hung over and wrung out. Tired from his exhausting sex with the Amazon. And Sam hasn't found out what the symbol is about. He suggests they need an expert.

DEAN: Expert? Our expert's dead.
Dean's feeling their loss, not only of a surrogate father but their source for all their information.

Again the crime scene is the same as the one they checked out before. Nothing new, except the guy's friend from down the hall tells them that he had had a one night fling and his wife hadn't been very happy with him. However, they also meet a detective of the local PD who we know is one of the Amazons herself. She's civil enough here, since she doesn't know who they are, and she is pretty confident that they won't crack the case.

While they are talking about what Sam found out from the neighbor, Dean remembers he forgot Bobby's flask over at Lydias.

SAM: Lydia?
DEAN:My workout partner from last night.
DEAN: Now I've got to go get it.
SAM: So, not only do you know her name, you're actually gonna call her?

DEAN:Bite me.
SAM: Oh, how sweet – she gave you her number.
DEAN: They always give you their number.

Sam is totally teasing Dean. He phones her to see if he can pick it up and finds her to be brief with him, telling him she was busy and she would call if she found the flask. Sam thinks that's hilarious. Of course what is really happening is that Lydia's carrying and looks like she's about to give birth at any moment.

I was thinking about Lydia last night and how she would have grown up in three days and killed her own father too. What a screwed up life, to have to be all grown up in just three days. How can you learn everything in three days anyways? I'd think they'd have to be lacking in a whole bunch of vocabulary at least, and clueless with regard to their choices and how other children grow up. I also think the mothers would have to be in education mode the whole day they have the kids so that they can even talk decently when they leave. I wonder if they have some kind of sped up video they show the kids or something...LOL Let's get back to the story.

Lydia gives birth and the Amazons name her Emma. Sam and Dean are at the university talking to Professor Morrison who is a top expert in "the field." They need to pile on the remuneration in order for him to agree to help them.

DEAN: Professor, we have a serial killer on our hands.
SAM: Your government needs you.
Professor: Gentlemen, my housekeeper needs a greencard.

In the first scene with the forensics officer as well, Dean talks about having special health care benefits with the FBI. I wonder what kind of point the writers are trying to make by all these ideas people have about the FBI.

Dean is very unhappy with their specialist and is missing Bobby. Sam is more realistic. They don't have Bobby so they have to make do.

SAM: Dean, you know what? I wanna call him too, believe me. But Bobby's not here. So we're settling.
DEAN: Yeah, we sure are.

Thinking of Bobby, Dean can't stand another moment without the flask so he decides to go and get it.

When Dean gets to Lydia's Lydia either pretends or mistakes his name and calls him Don. She is very condescending regarding the flask as well.

DEAN: Yeah, well, guy it belonged to was beat up and old, too. But I was very close with him, and I'd, uh, I'd hate to lose it.

LYDIA: I'll get it for you.

Dean sees the baby in the other room and is engaging in social skills when he gets a call from Sam telling him to hurry up because they have an apt at the crime lab. While they are talking, Dean notices that Emma the baby and Lydia are talking with each other, which is totally weird because Emma's still looking like a one year old.

EMMA: Who's that guy in the other room?

Sam on the other hand is at the lab and the detective/Amazon is more than a little curious about why the feds are interested in this case. The forensics guy defends him and happens to give him some more vital information while he's at it, which is that the same kind of killing has happened in other places before, crossed state lines, and a reason why the Feds would be interested.

Sam calls Dean again and Dean tries to explain that there is something weird going on at Lydia's but Sam continues to make fun of his "excuses." He feels like Dean's head is not in the game. But it is. This reminds me of another ep... Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things. It takes ages for Sam to believe Dean there as well. Of course there are other eps along the way where both Sam and Dean have trouble believing each other but these two eps are especially similar because in both eps Sam thinks that Dean's emotional response to the death of his dad/surrogate dad is making him irrational and unable to do his job properly. We have a talk at the end of the ep which is also very similar to Sam's talk with Dean in CSPWDT.

Dean goes back to the motel all excited about seeing a girl called Emma now looking like a 5 year old(according to Dean - I'd think more 7 - 8), and being taken from her mother by some other women. Sam still doesn't believe it is serious.

SAM: You know George Foreman named all his sons George.
My husband does this to me sometimes. I really hate it.  Dean seems to deal with it a bit better than I would LOL
DEAN: This morning Emma was a baby, by sunset, she's Hannah Montana. Early years.
Just then Sam gets a call from the professor.

Emma is eating some human meat? of one of the kills? along with all the other children.

The professor gives Sam and Dean a lecture on the symbol and the Amazons while the detective Amazon finds out who they are.

Sam and Dean are back in their motel room. Sam is doing more research on the lore and finds stuff that the professor doesn't know because, as Dean points out, he doesn't believe in them. Sam starts rattling off the way the Amazon make an army, which sounds very familiar to what Dean had seen. Finally, Sam believes him, sort of.
SAM:Wow. So maybe you're – you’re, uh...

DEAN:Don't say it.
SAM:Look, if that kid's yours –

(I love Dean in black background<3)

SAM: If it's true, if it happened...
DEAN: I know, I've got to hang on to my hands and feet.

Emma is now being branded on her wrist as an Amazon.

Sam and Dean are at the motel, researching and trying to find something in Bobby's stuff. As Dean looks away from the papers on the bed for just a bit to talk to Sam and turns back, he finds that one of the papers has been moved. When he tells Sam, Sam starts the emf meter, which is all over the place but... there is a power line and a breeze through the window.

DEAN: Hey. Maybe, uh...
SAM: We burned him, Dean.
DEAN: So what?
SAM: So, what are you suggesting?
DEAN: I don't know. What are you?
SAM: Concentrate on something else.
DEAN: Why?
SAM: Because it's not Bobby!
DEAN: Could be.
SAM: No, it couldn't be.
DEAN: Why not?
SAM: Because we want it to be!

Sam wants so badly for it to be Bobby, just as much as Dean, but he shows it a bit differently. He denies it because he doesn't want to find out that it was just false hope.

DEAN: Maybe it's useful
SAM: It's in a pile of maybe it's useful. And it's in Greek. Nobody reads Greek.
DEAN: Except Greeks... oh, and Bobby.
SAM: ... and professor Morrison.

Interesting though that Sam does take this particular paper to the professor to get it checked out. He leaves Dean, telling him not to go anywhere.

The rest of this ep reminds me a lot of Defending your Life. Dean unable to defend himself, and Sam coming to the rescue.

PROFESSOR: The FBI isn't paying me enough for this.
SAM: Alright, I'll sweeten the deal. We'll remove your wire tap.

Dean is getting a visit from his daughter, who pleads with him to save her - take her away from the Amazons. She doesn’t want to become like them.

Funny thing I just thought of here. I was watching Adventure Time with the kids again tonight, and one of the eps was about Princess Bubblegum creating a successor for when she could no longer rule. She is a wiz with science and she is made up of candy so she mixes together all kinds of candy and her DNA to make this psychic being called Goliad. The leadership education goes bad though and Goliad turns “evil,” trying to control everything with her psychic power so Princess Bubblegum creates another being to fight her - her brother Stormo - who is made using Fin’s DNA. Because Fin (the human) is a “hero,” and Stormo has his DNA, he also becomes a hero and sacrifices himself to fight Goliad for all of eternity to save everyone.

What I’m trying to say is… it would have actually been pretty awesome if Dean’s child - because she does have his DNA - would have been a hero too. Different from the rest of the Amazons. And not (pretended to) run from them, but fought them.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t turn out this way and Dean is faced with the necessity to kill her if he doesn’t want to be killed himself. But he can’t.

While that is happening, Sam finds out that it’s not the woman the guys slept with that come to kill them, it’s their child. Suddenly Sam knows that that is just going to be too hard on Dean and that he might actually get killed. Or, maybe he thinks that Dean would be surprised by it and get killed.

Whatever the reason, he's about to rush back when he’s accosted by the detective and she smashes him into the doors. Thank goodness he keeps his head and his gun.

Very hot scene here where he shoots her in the heart and she dies. So, the Amazons are like regular humans, just have more power.

I love seeing Sam driving erratically! He gets back just in time.

Emma turns to him with her red eyes, then turns back to Dean looking human again and begs him not to let Sam kill her.

Dean has these lost eyes, like he totally doesn’t know what to do. Sam makes his decision and shoots Emma dead as Dean watches useless.

The next scene is of them going to the Amazon headquarters where they find that all the Amazons are gone. They only killed two Amazon (Dean’s daughter and the detective…) and were completely unable to damage the “organization” itself. Sam is brooding and Dean thinks it’s because they failed. But it isn’t. Sam is worried of how Dean has been acting and thinks that him being unable to kill Emma is part of his suicidal tendencies.

SAM: What did you say to me... when I was the one who choked? What did you say about Amy? "You kill the monster!"
DEAN: I was going to!
SAM: Oh, the hell you were! You think I'm an idiot?
DEAN: What, you think I am?
SAM: Dean, you were gonna let her walk!

I don't really get this talk by Sam about killing the monster. If the Amy incident told them anything it was that the brothers were there for each other to do things that the other could not do for emotional reasons. So it was Sam's turn to kill for Dean, just as Dean killed Amy because Sam couldn't. This is not the place to be angry at Dean because he looked like he was about to let Emma go.

DEAN: No, I wasn't. That's ridiculous!
SAM: Look, man, she was not yours. Not really.
DEAN: Actually, she, uh, she was, really. She just also happened to be a crazy man-killing monster. But, uh, hey.
SAM: You know what? Bobby was right. Your head's not in it, man. When Cas died, you were wobbly, but now...

DEAN: Now what? Oh, what, you're dealing with it so perfect? Yeah, news flash, pal – you're just as screwed up as I am! You're just... bigger.
SAM: What?!
DEAN: I don't know.

WVTS_01_3 62.jpg
SAM: Look... Dean, the thing is, tonight... It almost got you killed. Now, I don't care how you deal. I really, really don't. But just don't – don't get killed.

DEAN: I'll do what I can.
SAM: Well, what's that supposed to mean?
DEAN: It means I'll do what I can. All right? You can shut up about it.

WVTS_01_3 28.jpg
But the worry Sam has is real. He's worried that Dean, with his drinking and playing around, is just given up. He's worried that Dean will take a risk that will get himself killed. He doesn't want to lose Dean. It's very similar to Bobby's speech to Dean about how he isn't allowed to die before Bobby. It also shows Sam's vulnerability since Bobby's death, clinging to the only family he has left... which again reminds me of CSPWDT, "We've lost Dad, I've lost Jessica...Now I'm going to lose you too?"
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